$5 Cover
Also known asFive Dollar Cover
Created byCraig Brewer
Directed byCraig Brewer
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
Executive producers
  • David Gale
  • Craig Brewer
  • Scott Bomar
  • Erin Hagee
  • David Harris
Production locationsMemphis, Tennessee
Running time6 to 9 minutes
Original networkMTV
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$5 Cover was an online series created by filmmaker Craig Brewer and produced by MTV. It is a fictional series created to complement the documentary series $5 Cover Amplified. The 15-part series debuted in May 2009 and feature artists from the city of Memphis, Tennessee, including Alicja Trout, Clare Grant, Jeff Pope, Amy LaVere, Al Kapone, Valerie June, Jack Oblivian, Brad Postlethwaite of Snowglobe, Muck Sticky, and Ben Nichols of Lucero. Each episode explores living and making rent in the historical, and still very active, Memphis music scene.[1]

The show is described in MTV's official press release as "a rough-and-tumble show set in the clubs, all-night cafes and no-tell motels of present-day Memphis. The series follows a cast of young musicians as they fight for love, inspiration, and money to pay the rent."

The show aired on MTV as 30-minute episodes and on MTV.com as short webisodes.

The show aired with a series of companion documentaries called $5 Cover Amplified.[2][3]

A Seattle edition was released online in 2010.[4]


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