DotGlobal logo.png
IntroducedMay 29, 2014
TLD typeGeneric top-level domain
RegistryDot Global Domain Registry Limited
Intended useGlobal entities
Registration restrictionsNone
Registry websiteNIC.global

.global is a generic top-level domain (gTLD)[1] and was delegated to the DNS root zone on June 6, 2014.[2] The application for the new top-level domain was approved on April 17, 2014,[3][4] and .global was made available to the general public on September 9, 2014.[5]


The path from application to launch was rather complicated, due to the name collision[6] concerns relating to the word "global" (as it is being used in many internal networks).[7] As a consequence, the .global registry had to block 60,000 domain names from registration for a couple of months, until the name collision issues had been fully resolved.


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