11th Flight Training Wing
Shizuhama AB Festival 静浜基地航空祭 (2536802818).jpg
11th Wing Fuji T-7s
ActiveJune 1, 1959
BranchJapan Air Self-Defense Force
Part ofAir Training Command
Garrison/HQShizuhama Air Base
Aircraft flown
TrainerFuji T-7

The 11th Flight Training Wing (第11飛行教育団 (dai-11-hikō-kyōiku-dan)) is a wing of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. It is also sometimes known as the 11th Flying Training Wing. It comes under the authority of Air Training Command. It is based at Shizuhama Air Base in Shizuoka Prefecture.[1][2]

It has two squadrons, both equipped with Fuji T-7 aircraft:


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