Discovered byNEAT
Discovery dateMarch 15, 2002
P/2002 EX12
Orbital characteristics
Epoch2022-08-09 (2459800.5)
Aphelion4.6014 AU
Perihelion0.60282 AU
Semi-major axis2.6021 AU
Orbital period4.1975 yr
Last perihelion2018 April 29[1]
2014 February 15[2]
2009 November 30
Next perihelion2022-Jul-09[1]

169/NEAT is a periodic comet in the Solar System. It is the parent body of the alpha Capricornids meteor shower in Late July. 169/NEAT may be related to comet P/2003 T12 (SOHO).[3] It comes to perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) on 9 July 2022.[1] On 13 July 2022 passed 0.1395 AU (20.87 million km) from Venus.[4] On 11 August 2026 it will pass 0.1672 AU (25.01 million km) from Earth and then come to perihelion on 21 September 2026.

169P is a low activity comet roughly a few kilometers in diameter.[5] 169P and the smaller body P/2003 T12 likely fragmented from a parent body roughly 2900 years ago.[5]


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