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1734 English cricket season

The 1734 English cricket season was the 38th cricket season after the earliest recorded eleven-aside match was played. Details have survived of seven matches.

Four counties and two clubs took part in all the known games. Records have been found of the earliest known match at the Vine Cricket Ground in Sevenoaks.

Recorded matches

Records have survived of seven matches. Five matches involved London Cricket Club whilst Kent sides played in four of the seven matches – two matches pitting the two sides against each other.[1][2]

Other events

A match between London and Sevenoaks arranged for 8 July on Kennington Common, was not played due to the non-appearance of the Sevenoaks team. The Whitehall Evening Post reported that according to the Articles of Agreement their deposit money was forfeited.[3] Articles of Agreement are first known to have been drawn up in 1727.

London issued a challenge to play any side in England. There is no evidence that any challenge game took place. The challenge specifically ruled out Croydon players being involved;[4] there was a dispute between London and Croydon after the latter apparently failed to attend an arranged match between the two clubs..[5]

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