1790 English cricket season

The 1790 English cricket season was the 19th in which matches have been awarded retrospective first-class cricket status and the fourth after the foundation of the Marylebone Cricket Club. The season saw 12 top-class matches played in the country.

Samuel Britcher, the MCC scorer, began his annual publication of A list of all the principal Matches of Cricket that have been played, a compilation of match scorecards which he published until after the 1805 season. His 1790 edition features fourteen scorecards, including six from matches played at Lord's Old Ground, the MCC venue.


A total of 12 top-class matches were played during the season.[1][2][3] Four county teams played first-class matches, with a Hornchurch side also playing at the top level.[2][3] A West Sussex side is recorded playing a non-first-class match,[4] whilst there is a record of cricket being played in Rutland for the first time[citation needed] during the season when an England side played one from Hampshire at The Park, Burley-on-the-Hill.[5]

First mentions

A number of players made their top-class debut during the season.


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