1802 United States elections
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Midterm elections
Incumbent presidentThomas Jefferson
Next Congress8th
Senate elections
Overall controlDemocratic-Republican hold
Seats contested11 of 34 seats[1]
Net seat changeDemocratic-Republican +5[2]
House elections
Overall controlDemocratic-Republican hold
Seats contestedAll 142 voting seats
Net seat changeDemocratic-Republican +35[2]

The 1802 United States elections occurred in the middle of Democratic-Republican President Thomas Jefferson's first term, during the First Party System. Members of the 8th United States Congress were chosen in this election. Democratic-Republicans picked up several seats in both chambers of Congress, solidifying their control over the House and Senate.

In the House, 36 seats were added following the 1800 census. Democratic-Republicans gained many seats, increasing their majority.[3]

In the Senate, Democratic-Republicans won major gains, increasing their previously-narrow majority.[4]

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