1845 United States House of Representatives election in Florida

May 26, 1845 1845 (special) →
David Levy Yulee - Brady-Handy.jpg
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Nominee David Levy Yulee Benjamin Alexander Putnam
Party Democratic Whig
Popular vote 3,608 2,373
Percentage 60.32% 39.68%

Elected Representative

David Levy Yulee

The 1845 United States House of Representatives election in Florida was held on Monday, May 26, 1845 to elect the single United States Representative from the state of Florida, one from the state's single at-large congressional district, to represent Florida in the 29th Congress. The election coincided with the elections of other offices, including the gubernatorial election, the senatorial elections, and various state and local elections.[1]

The winning candidate would serve a two-year term in the United States House of Representatives from December 1, 1845, to March 4, 1847.


Florida was admitted to the Union as a slave state on March 3, 1845, the last day of the 28th Congress, along with Iowa.[2] Neither state was represented in the 28th Congress. Florida held its elections on May 26, 1845.






General election


Florida's at-large congressional district election, 1845[3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic David Levy Yulee 3,608 60.32% N/A
Whig Benjamin Alexander Putnam 2,373 39.68% N/A
Majority 1,235 20.65% N/A
Turnout 5,981 100.00%


Because Yulee was jointly elected to both the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate and a person cannot hold both offices at the same time, he resigned from the House before taking his seat. A special election was held later in 1845 to elect his replacement, electing Whig Edward Carrington Cabell, though after a recount, Democrat William Henry Brockenbrough was found to be the winner instead.[4][5]

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