1850 United States elections
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Midterm elections
Incumbent presidentMillard Fillmore (Whig)
Next Congress32nd
Senate elections
Overall controlDemocratic hold
Seats contested21 of 62 seats[1]
Net seat changeDemocratic -2[2]
House elections
Overall controlDemocratic hold
Seats contestedAll 233 voting seats
Net seat changeDemocratic +17[2]

The 1850 United States elections occurred part way through Whig President Millard Fillmore's term, during the Second Party System. Fillmore had become president on July 9, 1850, upon the death of his predecessor, Zachary Taylor. Members of the 32nd United States Congress were chosen in this election. Democrats kept control of both houses of Congress.

In the House, Democrats won several seats from the Whigs, building on their control of the chamber. Several supporters of the Georgia Platform also won election as Unionists.[3]

In the Senate, Whigs lost a small number of seats to Democrats and the Free Soil Party. Democrats retained a strong majority.[4]

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