United States House of Representatives election in Florida, 1865

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Florida's single seat to the United States House of Representatives
Last election 0
Seats won 0
Seat change Steady
Popular vote 5,050

An election to the United States House of Representatives was held in Florida for the 39th Congress on November 29, 1865, shortly after the end of the Civil War.


On January 21, 1861, Florida's Senate and House seats had become vacant when the State seceded from the Union, subsequently joining the Confederate States of America. Florida had been represented in the Confederate Congress by two Senators and two Representatives. The Civil War had ended in April 1865, and Florida held its first post-War election on November 29

Election results

The party affiliations of these candidates are unknown.

1865 United States House election results[1]
Ferdinand McLeod 2,192 43.4%
D. P. Hogue 1,483 29.4%
J. W. Culpepper 518 10.3%
W. M. Ives 238 4.7%
W. H. Anson 147 2.9%
J. F. Johnston 141 2.8%
John W. Price 102 2.0%
Scattering 229 4.5%


Along with the other former Confederate States, Florida was not permitted to be represented in Congress until after Reconstruction. Florida was readmitted in 1868, and held its first post-Reconstruction election on May 5, 1868, representation resuming on July 1, 1868, after nearly 7 and a half years' absence from Congress.

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