1873 Chicago mayoral election
← 1871 November 4, 1873 1876 →
Nominee Harvey Doolittle Colvin Lester Legrant Bond
Party People's Party Citizen's Union
Popular vote 28,791 18,540
Percentage 72.92% 39.17%

Mayor before election

Joseph Medill/Lester L. Bond
Fireproof /Citizen's Union

Elected Mayor

Harvey Doolittle Colvin
People's Party

The Chicago mayoral election of 1873 saw People's Party (campaigning under the label "Democratic People's Union") candidate Harvey Doolittle Colvin defeated Citizen's Union (campaigning under the label "Law and Order") candidate Lester Legrant Bond by a landslide nearly 34-point margin.[1][2] Bond was the incumbent acting mayor, having taken office due to the extended absence of Joseph Medill.

The election took place on November 7.[1]

Bond was endorsed by all of the city's major newspapers, with the exception of the Chicago Times.[3]

The defeat of Bond led to the dissolution of the Chicago-based Citizen's Union Party.[2]


1873 Chicago mayoral election[4]
Party Candidate Votes %
People's Party Harvey Doolittle Colvin 28,791 60.83
Citizen's Union Party Lester Legrant Bond (incumbent) 18,540 39.17
Turnout 47,331


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