Elections to the Liverpool School Board were held on Friday 17 November 1882.

There were twenty-two candidates for the fifteen places on the school board.

Each voter had fifteen votes to cast.

After the election, the composition of the school board was:

Allegiance Members   ±  
Church of England 5
Catholic 4
Trademen 2
Nonconformist 2
Ratepayer 1
Temperance 1

* - Retiring board member seeking re-election


Allegiance Name Votes
Tradesmen H.S. Alpass
Ratepayers' Association A. Beatty
Catholic John Bligh
Nonconformist Samuel Booth *
Catholic Patrick Canavan
Nonconformist Anne-Jane Davies
Church of England H.B. Gilmoor
Church of England J.R. Gaskell
Church of England James Hakes *
Catholic John Hand
Church of England J.H. Honeyburn
Tradesmen William Hood
Temperance J.M. Howie
Catholic William Madden
Church of England Francis Mulliner *

Not Elected

Nonconformist William Oulton
Tradesmen James Pratt
Neutral R. G. Rathbone (Chair)
Tradesmen John Robson
Church of England Rev. Canon Rycroft
Catholic Joseph Walton *
Catholic Richard Yates



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