1882 United States elections
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Midterm elections
Election dayNovember 7
Incumbent presidentChester A. Arthur (Republican)
Next Congress48th
Senate elections
Overall controlRepublican gain
Seats contested26 of 76 seats[1]
Net seat changeDemocratic -1[2]
House elections
Overall controlDemocratic gain
Seats contestedAll 325 voting seats
Net seat changeDemocratic +59[2]
1882 House of Representatives election results

  Democratic seat
  Republican seat

  Independent seat

The 1882 United States elections occurred in the middle of Republican President Chester A. Arthur's term, during the Third Party System. Arthur had become president on September 19, 1881, upon the death of his predecessor, James Garfield. Members of the 48th United States Congress were chosen in this election. Democrats won control of the House, while Republicans won control of the Senate.

Following the 1880 census, the size of the House increased by 32 seats. Democrats won major gains, taking control of the chamber.[3]

In the Senate, Republicans picked up one seat, giving them half of the seats in the chamber.[4] Senate Republicans held a majority in a coalition with the Readjuster Party.

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