1892 United Kingdom general election in Ireland
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101 of the 670 seats to the House of Commons
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Justin McCarthy Edward James Saunderson John Redmond
Party Irish National Federation Irish Unionist Irish National League
Leader since March 1891 1891 October 1891
Leader's seat North Longford North Armagh Waterford City
Seats before Part of IPP 15 Part of IPP
Seats won 72 17 9
Seat change Increase72 Increase2 Increase9
Popular vote 227,007 50,730 70,251
Percentage 58.9% 13.2% 18.2%

Results of the 1892 election in Ireland

The 1892 general election in Ireland took place from 4–26 July 1892. This was the first general election in Ireland following the split in the Irish Parliamentary Party caused by Charles Stewart Parnell's relationship with Katharine O'Shea, who had been married at the beginning of their relationship. The ensuing scandal saw the Party split into rival wings; the anti-Parnellite Irish National Federation, and the pro-Parnellite Irish National League. Parnell later died in October 1891 of a heart attack.

In spite of the split within the Irish Nationalist parties their vote held up remarkably well, and together they received 297,258 of the 385,115 votes cast in Ireland, and 81 of Irelands 101 seats.

Irish and Liberal Unionists made small gains in Ulster and around Dublin, resulting in them winning a further 4 seats. It was the first election to be contested by the newly formed Irish Unionist Alliance under Edward James Saunderson.

The Irish Nationalist parties went on to support William Ewart Gladstone's attempt to form a minority Liberal government. As Prime Minister, Gladstone once again attempted to push for Irish Home Rule.

Not included in the totals are the two Dublin University seats, which were retained by the Irish Unionist party.


Party Leader Seats Votes
# of Seats % of Seats Seat Change # of Votes % of Votes Vote Change
Irish National Federation Justin McCarthy 71 70.3 New 227,007 57.7 New
Irish National League John Redmond 9 8.9 New 70,251 17.9 New
Independent Nationalist 0 0 Steady 2,180 0.6 New
Irish Unionist Edward James Saunderson 17 16.8 Increase2 49,330 12.5 New
Liberal Unionist Joseph Chamberlain 4 4.0 Increase2 29,933 7.6 Decrease3.7
Liberal William Ewart Gladstone 0 0 Steady 14,472 3.7 Increase2.8
Totals 101 100 393,173 100
Source: B.M. Walker[1]
Popular vote
Irish National Federation
Irish National League
Irish Unionist
Liberal Unionist
Independent Nationalist
Parliamentary seats
Irish National Federation
Irish Unionist
Irish National League
Liberal Unionist

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