United States House of Representatives elections in Florida, 1892

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Both of Florida's seats to the United States House of Representatives
  Majority party Minority party
Party Democratic Populist
Last election 2 0
Seats won 2 0
Seat change Steady Steady
Popular vote 30,781 4,641
Percentage 86.6% 13.1%

The 1892 United States House of Representatives elections in Florida were held on November 8, 1892, for two seats in the 53rd Congress. These elections were held at the same time as the 1892 presidential election and election for governor.


Florida's congressional delegation had been dominated by Democrats since 1884, with the Republicans losing every Congressional election since then. In 1890, a new party, the People's Party, also known as the Populists, had been established, winning nine seats in the House.

Election results

The Republicans did not run any candidates for Congress in 1892. The new People's Party made its first appearance in Florida's congressional elections this year. Democrat Robert Bullock of the 2nd district did not run for renomination.

1892 United States House election results
District Democratic Populist Other
1st[1] Stephen R. Mallory, Jr. (I) 16,113 99.2% Scattering 134 0.8%
2nd[2] Charles Merian Cooper 14,668 76.0% Austin S. Mann 4,641 24.0%

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