Elections to the Liverpool School Board were held in November 1897. These were held every three years, when all fifteen board members were elected. In 1897 there were twenty candidates for the fifteen board member positions.

Each voter had fifteen votes to cast.

After the election, the composition of the School Board was:

Allegiance Members   ±   Votes
Church of England 8 343,646
Non-Sectarian 4 171,881
Catholic 3 206,790
Socialist 0 23,270
Ratepayers 0 8,211
Total Votes cast 753,798
Electorate 101,644
Turnout 49%

* - Retiring board member seeking re-election


Allegiance Name Votes
Non-Sectarian Anne Jane Davies 48,768
Church of England James H. Goodyear 47,607
Church of England Rev. Canon T. M. Lester * 46,459
Non-Sectarian Thomas C. Ryley * 47,821
Church of England Colonel G. R. Morrison JP 45,388
Church of England Rev. W. J. Adams 43,984
Church of England Rev. George Howell 43,470
Church of England Hugh A. Bewley 41,253
Church of England Dr. H. A, Clarke 40,466
Non-Sectarian Dr. R. J. Lloyd 39,048
Catholic Michael Fitzpatrick 36,459
Non-Sectarian Richard G. Hough 36,244
Catholic Charles McArdle 35,138
Church of England Rev. J. Bell-Cox 35,019
Catholic Joseph P. McKenna 34,752

Not Elected

Catholic William J. Sparrow 34,520
Catholic Augustine Watts 33,336
Catholic James F. Taylor 32,585
Socialist Samuel Reeves 23,270
Ratepayers Robert A. Bellwood 8,211



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