1900 United Kingdom general election in Ireland

← 1895 29 September – 12 October 1900 (1900-09-29 – 1900-10-12) 1906 →

103 seats for Ireland of the 670 seats in the House of Commons
  First party Second party
Leader John Redmond Edward James Saunderson
Party Irish Parliamentary Irish Unionist
Leader since 1900 1891
Leader's seat Waterford City North Armagh
Seats before 80 (71 + 9) 18
Seats won 77 18
Seat change Decrease 3 Steady

  Third party Fourth party
Leader Tim Healy Joseph Chamberlain
Party Healyite Nationalist Liberal Unionist
Leader since 1895 1891
Leader's seat North Louth Birmingham West
Seats before 4
Seats won 3 3
Seat change New Party Decrease 1

The 1900 United Kingdom general election in Ireland was held in September and October 1900. Ninety-nine of the seats were in single-member districts using the first-past-the-post electoral system, and the constituencies of Cork City and Dublin University were two-member districts using block voting.

This election was the first fought after the separate organisations in the Irish Parliamentary Party re-merged after a split in 1891 between the Irish National Federation, which had opposed the leadership of Charles Stewart Parnell, and the Irish National League, which had supported his continued leadership. The IPP was now led by John Redmond of the smaller INL.

In the overall election result, the coalition of the Conservative Party, which included the Irish Unionist Alliance, and the Liberal Unionist Party, was returned and the Marquess of Salisbury continued as Prime Minister.


Party Leader Seats Votes
# of Seats Seat Change Uncontested # of Votes % of Votes Vote Change
Irish Parliamentary Party John Redmond 77 Decrease3 57
Irish Unionist Edward James Saunderson 18 Steady 10
Liberal Unionist Joseph Chamberlain 3 Decrease 1 3
Healyite Nationalist Tim Healy 3 New 0
Liberal Party Henry Campbell-Bannerman 1 Steady 0
Independent Nationalist 1 Increase 1 0
Independent Unionist 0 Steady 0
Independent Liberal Unionist 0 Steady 0
Total 103 Steady 70 100%
Source: B.M. Walker[1]
Parliamentary seats
Irish Parliamentary
Irish Unionist
Liberal Unionist
Healyite Nationalist
Independent Nationalist

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