1907 Montenegrin legislative election

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  First party
Lazar Mijuškovic 1916.jpg
Leader Lazar Mijušković
Party TPP + aligned Independents
Seats won
76 / 76

Prime Minister before election

Andrija Radović
People's Party

Subsequent Prime Minister

Lazar Tomanović

Parliamentary elections were held in Montenegro on 31 October 1907.[1]


The elections were boycotted by the People's Party (The Club members), which had complained of intimidation and claimed that they had been portrayed as hostile to Prince Nicholas.[2] The offices of the People's Party's journal in Nikšić was wrecked on two occasions, whilst a café known to be a meeting place of People's Party members was also attacked.[2] The newly-formed royalist True People's Party (The Rightists) were supported by the royal court and the army.[2]


The newly elected National Assembly of Montenegro (parliament) met for the first time on 21 November 1907.[1] Following the elections, 150 members of the boycotting People's Party (NS) were arrested for alleged treason.[3]


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