First American Football Homecoming Game
Kansas vs. Missouri
First homecoming football game, 1911
DateNovember 25, 1911
StadiumRollins Field
LocationColumbia, Missouri

The 1911 Kansas vs. Missouri football game was a college football game between the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri played on November 25, 1911[2] at Rollins Field in Columbia, Missouri.[3] It is widely considered, although contested, to be the first college football homecoming game ever played.[1][4][5][6]

The Missouri Tigers, under coach Chester Brewer entered the game with a record of 2 wins, 4 losses, and 1 tie.[2] The Kansas Jayhawks, led by Ralph W. Sherwin brought a record of 4 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie.[7] The game ended in a 3–3 tie and was the final game of the season for both schools.[8]

More than 1,000 people gathered in downtown Lawrence, Kansas to watch a mechanical reproduction of the game while it was being played. A Western Union telegraph wire was set up direct from Columbia, with information "broadcast" to Lawrence. A group of people then would announce the results of the previous play and used a large model of a football playing field to show the results. Those in attendance would cheer as though they were watching the game live, including the school's Rock Chalk, Jayhawk cheer.[3]

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