The 1927 All-Pro Team consists of American football players chosen by various selectors at the end as the best players at their positions for the All-Pro team of the National Football League (NFL) for the 1927 NFL season. Selectors for the 1927 season included the Green Bay Press-Gazette poll and the Chicago Tribune.[1]

Selectors and key

For the 1927 season, there are five known selectors of All-Pro Teams. They are:

GB = A poll conducted by the Green Bay Press-Gazette identified first and second teams. The selections were based on polling of league managers and reporters.[2][3]

CT = The Chicago Tribune selected by Wilfrid Smith[1][2]

JR = Jack Reardon, a game official from New York[2]

LA = LeRoy Andrews, head coach of the Cleveland Bulldogs[2]

RS = Ralph Scott, head coach of the New York Yankees. Scott chose separate teams of "power" (RS-P) and "clever" (RS-C) players.[2]

Players selected by three of the five selectors as first-team All-Pros are displayed in bold typeface. Players who have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame are designated with a "†" next to their names.

Selections by position


Player Team Selector(s)
LaVern Dilweg Green Bay Packers CT-1, GB-1, LA-1, RS-C
Cal Hubbard New York Giants GB-1, JR, RS-P
Ray Flaherty New York Yankees JR, RS-C
Carl Bacchus Cleveland Bulldogs CT-1
Chuck Corgan New York Giants LA-1
Tillie Voss Chicago Bears RS-P
Eddie Lynch Providence Steam Roller GB-2
George Kenneally Pottsville Maroons GB-2


Player Team Selector(s)
Bub Weller Chicago Cardinals JR, RS-P
Gus Sonnenberg Providence Steam Roller GB-1
Ed Weir Frankford Yellow Jackets GB-1
Century Milstead New York Giants GB-2, CT-1
Joe Kozlowsky Providence Steam Roller CT-1
Duke Slater Chicago Cardinals GB-2, LA-1
Ed Healey Chicago Bears LA-1
Dick Stahlman New York Giants RS-C
Link Lyman Chicago Bears RS-C


Player Team Selector(s)
Mike Michalske New York Yankees CT-1, GB-1, RS-C
Steve Owen New York Giants GB-1, JR [T], LA-1, RS-P [T]
Jim McMillen Chicago Bears CT-1, RS-P
Jack Fleischman Providence Steam Roller JR
Harry Connaughton Frankford Yellow Jackets JR
Milt Rehnquist Cleveland Bulldogs GB-2, LA-1
Hec Garvey New York Giants RS-P
Al Nesser New York Giants RS-C
Al Graham Dayton Triangles GB-2


Player Team Selector(s)
Clyde Smith Columbus Tigers GB-1, LA-1, RS-C
George Trafton Chicago Bears GB-2, CT-1, JR, RS-P


Player Team Selector(s)
Benny Friedman Cleveland Bulldogs CT-1, GB-1, JR, LA-1, RS-C
Ben Jones Chicago Cardinals RS-P


Player Team Selector(s)
Paddy Driscoll Chicago Bears CT-1, GB-1
Verne Lewellen Green Bay Packers CT-1, GB-1, JR, LA-1
Bill Senn Chicago Bears GB-2, LA-1
Tony Latone Pottsville Maroons RS-P
Wildcat Wilson Providence Steam Roller RS-P
Red Grange New York Yankees RS-C
Hinkey Haines New York Giants GB-2 [QB], RS-C
Eddie Tryon New York Yankees GB-2


Player Team Selector(s)
Ernie Nevers Duluth Eskimos GB-1, JR [HB], LA-1, RS-C
Jack McBride New York Giants GB-2, CT-1, JR
Barney Wentz Pottsville Maroons RS-P


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