The 1928 All-Pro Team consisted of American football players chosen by various selectors for the All-Pro team of the National Football League (NFL) for the 1928 NFL season. Teams were selected by, among others, the Green Bay Press-Gazette (GB), based on the results of a questionnaires sent to the league managers and reporters,[1] and the Chicago Tribune (CT).[2][3]

The Chicago Tribune picked quarterback Benny Friedman as the captain of its team, calling him "not only a great player but a magnificent showman," "a great passer and a field general par excellence."[2]


Position Player Team Selector(s)
Quarterback Benny Friedman Detroit Wolverines GB-1, CT-1
Quarterback Paddy Driscoll Chicago Bears CT-1
Halfback Verne Lewellen Green Bay Packers GB-1, CT-1 [fullback]
Halfback Wildcat Wilson Providence Steam Roller GB-1, CT-1
Fullback Wally Diehl Frankford Yellow Jackets GB-1
End LaVern Dilweg Green Bay Packers GB-1, CT-1
End Ray Flaherty New York Yanks GB-1
End Cal Hubbard New York Giants CT-1
Tackle Bill Owen Detroit Wolverines GB-1, CT-1
Tackle Bull Behman Frankford Yellow Jackets GB-1
Tackle Gus Sonnenberg Providence Steam Roller CT-1
Guard Mike Michalske New York Yankees GB-1, CT-1
Guard Jim McMillen Chicago Bears GB-1, CT-1
Center Clyde Smith Providence Steam Roller GB-1
Center Joe Wostoupal Detroit Wolverines CT-1


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