The 1932 All-Pro Team consisted of American football players chosen by various selectors for the All-Pro team of the National Football League (NFL) for the 1932 NFL season. Teams were selected by, among others, seven of the eight NFL coaches for the United Press,[1] Collyer's Eye (CE),[2] and the Green Bay Press-Gazette. [3]

Five players were selected for the first team by all three selectors: Portsmouth Spartans quarterback Dutch Clark; Chicago Bears fullback Bronko Nagurski; New York Giants end Ray Flaherty; Green Bay Packers tackle Cal Hubbard; and Chicago Bears guard Zuck Carlson.


Position Player Team Selector(s)
Quarterback Dutch Clark Portsmouth Spartans GB-1, UP-1, CE-1
Quarterback Arnie Herber Green Bay Packers GB-1, UP-1, CE-2
Quarterback Keith Molesworth Chicago Bears GB-2, UP-2, CE-2
Halfback Father Lumpkin Portsmouth Spartans GB-1, UP-1
Halfback Cliff Battles Boston Redskins CE-1
Halfback Red Grange Chicago Bears GB-2
Halfback Jack Grossman Brooklyn Dodgers GB-2, CE-2
Halfback Glenn Presnell Portsmouth Spartans GB-2
Halfback Bob Campiglio Staten Island Stapletons GB-2
Fullback Bronko Nagurski Chicago Bears GB-1, UP-1, CE-1
Fullback Clarke Hinkle Green Bay Packers GB-2, UP-2, CE-1
Fullback Ace Gutowsky Portsmouth Spartans CE-2
End Ray Flaherty New York Giants GB-1, UP-1, CE-1
End Luke Johnsos Chicago Bears GB-1, CE-2
End Tom Nash Green Bay Packers GB-1, CE-2
End Bill Hewitt Chicago Bears GB-2, UP-2, CE-1
End LaVern Dilweg Green Bay Packers GB-2, UP-2
Tackle Cal Hubbard Green Bay Packers GB-1, UP-1, CE-1
Tackle Len Grant New York Giants UP-1, CE-1
Tackle Turk Edwards Boston Redskins GB-1, CE-2
Tackle George Christensen Portsmouth Spartans GB-2, UP-2, CE-2
Tackle Jake Williams Chicago Cardinals GB-2
Tackle Lou Gordon Chicago Cardinals UP-2
Guard Zuck Carlson Chicago Bears GB-1, UP-1, CE-1
Guard Ox Emerson Portsmouth Spartans UP-1, CE-1
Guard Walt Kiesling Chicago Cardinals GB-1
Guard Joe Kopcha Chicago Bears UP-2, CE-2
Guard George Hurley Boston Braves GB-2
Guard Maury Bodenger Portsmouth Spartans GB-2
Guard Joe Zeller Green Bay Packers UP-2
Guard Butch Gibson New York Giants CE-2
Center Tim Moynihan Chicago Cardinals UP-1, CE-1
Center Nate Barragar Green Bay Packers GB-1, UP-2, CE-2
Center Mel Hein New York Giants GB-2


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