The 1935 All-Pro Team consisted of American football players chosen by various selectors for the All-Pro team of the National Football League (NFL) for the 1935 NFL season. Teams were selected by, among others, the NFL coaches (NFL),[1] the United Press (UP),[2] the Green Bay Press-Gazette (GB),[3] Collyer's Eye (CE),[4] and the Chicago Daily News (CDN).[4]

Players displayed in bold were consensus first-team selections. The following six players were selected to the first team by all five selectors: Detroit Lions quarterback Dutch Clark; New York Giants halfback Ed Danowski; Chicago Cardinals end Bill Smith; Chicago Bears end Bill Karr; New York Giants tackle Bill Morgan; and New York Giants center Mel Hein.


Position Player Team Selector(s)
Quarterback Dutch Clark Detroit Lions NFL-1, UP-1, GB-1, CE, CDN
Quarterback Ed Danowski New York Giants NFL-1, UP-1, GB-1, CE, CDN
Quarterback Arnie Herber Green Bay Packers NFL-2, GB-2 (halfback), CE
Quarterback Phil Sarboe Chicago Cardinals NFL-2, UP-2, GB-2
Halfback Ernie Caddel Detroit Lions NFL-1, UP-2, CDN
Halfback Gene Ronzani Chicago Bears NFL-2 [fullback], UP-1
Halfback George Sauer Green Bay Packers GB-1
Halfback Cliff Battles Boston Redskins NFL-2
Halfback Kink Richards New York Giants UP-2
Fullback Mike Mikulak Chicago Cardinals NFL-1, GB-1
Fullback Jack Manders Chicago Bears CE, CDN
Fullback Clarke Hinkle Green Bay Packers UP-1
Fullback Bill Shepherd Detroit Lions UP-2, GB-2 [halfback]
Fullback Ralph Kercheval Brooklyn Dodgers GB-2
End Bill Smith Chicago Cardinals NFL-1, UP-1, GB-1, CE, CDN
End Bill Karr Chicago Bears NFL-1, UP-1, GB-1, CE, CDN
End Tod Goodwin New York Giants NFL-2, UP-2, GB-2
End Don Hutson Green Bay Packers NFL-2, UP-2
End Eggs Manske Philadelphia Eagles GB-2
Tackle Bill Morgan New York Giants NFL-1, UP-1, GB-1, CE, CDN
Tackle George Musso Chicago Bears NFL-1, UP-2, GB-2, CE, CDN
Tackle Ade Schwammel Green Bay Packers UP-1
Tackle Turk Edwards Boston Redskins GB-1
Tackle Armand Niccolai Pittsburgh Pirates UP-2
Tackle Tony Blazine Chicago Cardinals NFL-2
Tackle George Christensen Detroit Lions NFL-2
Tackle Bill Lee Brooklyn Dodgers GB-2
Guard Ox Emerson Detroit Lions NFL-2, UP-1, GB-1, CE, CDN
Guard Mike Michalske Green Bay Packers NFL-1, UP-2, GB-1, CDN
Guard Joe Kopcha Chicago Bears NFL-1, UP-1, GB-2
Guard Potsy Jones New York Giants CE
Guard Phil Handler Chicago Cardinals UP-2
Guard Louis Evans Green Bay Packers NFL-2
Guard Bree Cuppoletti Chicago Cardinals GB-2
Center Mel Hein New York Giants NFL-1, UP-1, GB-1, CE, CDN
Center Clare Randolph Detroit Lions NFL-2, UP-2
Center Nate Barragar Green Bay Packers GB-2


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