The administrative county of Kesteven (1889–1974), shown within England.
The administrative county of Kesteven (1889–1974), shown within England.

Elections to Kesteven County Council were held on Saturday, 6 March 1937. Kesteven was one of three divisions of the historic county of Lincolnshire in England; it consisted of the ancient wapentakes (or hundreds) of Aswardhurn, Aveland, Beltisloe, Boothby Graffoe, Flaxwell, Langoe, Loveden, Ness, and Winnibriggs and Threo.[1] The Local Government Act 1888 established Kesteven as an administrative county, governed by a Council;[2] elections were held every three years from 1889, until it was abolished by the Local Government Act 1972, which established Lincolnshire County Council in its place.[3][4]

Results by division

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Division Candidate Party Votes
Ancaster Herbert Jones 395
Charles Scoffield 180
Bassingham Henry Collin
Billingborough Arthur Wilson 283
George Sandall 195
Fred Smith 155
Billinghay William Skinner
Bourne no. 1 Frederick George Wall
Bourne no. 2 Robert Arnold Collins
Bracebridge John Coalton Hall 332
George Baumber 247
Bytham John Turner
Caythorpe Henry William Newman Fane 282
Thomas Reynolds 245
Claypole John William Milner 328
Rev. Thomas Billingham 181
Colsterworth James Duke Hind
Corby Harry Adcock
Cranwell Rev. Alfred Richings Tucker
Deeping St James Charles Henry Feneley
Gonerby and Barrowby William Horace Brownlow
Grantham no. 1 Fred P. Digby
Grantham no. 2 Mrs Lilian Basford
Grantham no. 3 Mrs D. Schwind 381
Mrs S. A. Barnes Lab 357
Grantham no. 4 H. H. Quilter
Grantham no. 5 Gordon Foster
Grantham no. 6 Mervyn E. Osborn
Grantham no. 7 F. W. Topham
Grantham no. 8 E. K. Marsland
Grantham no. 9 S. T. Roberts
Grantham no. 10 E. S. Dunkerton
Heckington George Henry Goose
Leadenham John Cracroft-Amcotts
Market Deeping
Morton Herbert Charles Tointon
North Hykeham
Osbournby George Harold Schwind
Ponton Christopher Hatton Turnor
Rippingale Alfred Everett 397
Rev. John Smithson Barstow (Vicar of Aslackby) 173
Ropsley Rev. Cecil St John Wright
Sleaford no. 1 Henry Hine Foster
Sleaford no. 2 Herbert Hutchinson Brown
Sleaford no. 3 John William Pattinson
Stamford no. 1
Stamford no. 2
Stamford no. 3
Stamford no. 4
Stamford no. 5
Thurlby Thomas Goodwin Holmes 490
Archibald Ward Sharman 263
Welby Philip Henry Selby
Wilsford Rodolph Ladeveze Adlercron
Woolsthorpe Oliver Charles Earle Welby

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April 1937

Following the death of H. H. Foster, a Holdingham resident and county councillor for the Sleaford no. 1 division, W. Middleton was returned unopposed for his seat on the county council.[5]

May 1937

The county councillor for North Hykeham, George William Hackney, died in March 1937 after being kicked by a horse. This prompted a contest to fill the vacancy between George William Hutson of Hilldersden House and John Willam Clarke, a former police officer, of Park View, Newark Road. Hutson won with 342 votes against Clarke's 301 (there were 3 spoilt papers).[5][6][7]


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