1937 NFL Draft
General information
Date(s)December 12, 1936
LocationHotel Lincoln
in New York City
100 total selections in 10 rounds
First selectionSam Francis, RB
Philadelphia Eagles
Mr. IrrelevantSolon Holt, G
Cleveland Rams
Most selections (10)each team selected ten players
Fewest selections (10)each team selected ten players
Hall of Famers2
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1938 →

The 1937 National Football League Draft was the second draft held by the National Football League (NFL). The draft took place December 12, 1936, at the Hotel Lincoln in New York City.[1][2] The draft consisted of 10 rounds, with 100 player selections, two of which would later become members of the Professional Football Hall of Fame. Notable for this draft were the league's draft selections for a planned expansion team, the Cleveland Rams, who were admitted into the league prior to the 1937 season. The Philadelphia Eagles used the first overall pick to select back Sam Francis, but ended up trading him to Chicago Bears two months later.[3]

Player selections

= Hall of Famer

Round one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
1 Philadelphia Eagles Sam Francis Back Nebraska
2 Brooklyn Dodgers Ed Goddard Back Washington State
3 Chicago Cardinals Ray "Buzz" Buivid Quarterback Marquette
4 New York Giants Ed Widseth Tackle Minnesota
5 Pittsburgh Pirates Mike Basrak Center Duquesne
6 Boston Redskins Sammy Baugh Quarterback Texas Christian
7 Detroit Lions Lloyd Cardwell Back Nebraska
8 Chicago Bears Les McDonald End Nebraska
9 Green Bay Packers Eddie Jankowski Back Wisconsin
10 Cleveland Rams John "Zero" Drake Back Purdue

Round two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
11 Philadelphia Eagles Franny Murray Back Pennsylvania
12 Chicago Cardinals Gaynell Tinsley End LSU
13 Brooklyn Dodgers Clarence "Ace" Parker Back Duke
14 New York Giants Arthur "Tarzan" White Back Alabama
15 Pittsburgh Pirates Bob Finley Guard Southern Methodist
16 Boston Redskins Nello Falaschi Center Santa Clara
17 Detroit Lions Charley Hamrick Tackle Ohio State
18 Chicago Bears Marvin Stewart Back LSU
19 Green Bay Packers Ave Daniell Running back Pittsburgh
20 Cleveland Rams Jules Alfonse Tackle Minnesota

Round three

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
21 Philadelphia Eagles Drew Ellis Tackle Texas Christian
22 Brooklyn Dodgers Max Starcevich Back Washington
23 Chicago Cardinals Arthur Guepe Back Marquette
24 New York Giants Jerry Dennerlein Center St. Mary's (CA)
25 Pittsburgh Pirates Bill Breeden End Oklahoma
26 Boston Redskins Maurice Elder Back Kansas State
27 Detroit Lions Vern Huffman End Indiana
28 Chicago Bears Dick Plasman Back Vanderbilt
29 Green Bay Packers Charles "Bud" Wilkinson End Minnesota
30 Cleveland Rams Bobby Larue Tackle Pittsburgh

Round four

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
31 Philadelphia Eagles Walt Gilbert Back Auburn
32 Chicago Cardinals H.K. "Bucky" Bryan Guard Tulane
33 Brooklyn Dodgers Bill Kurlish Tackle Pennsylvania
34 New York Giants Ward Cuff End Marquette
35 Pittsburgh Pirates Elmo "Bo" Hewes End Oklahoma
36 Boston Redskins Dick Bassi End Santa Clara
37 Detroit Lions Bill Glassford Back Pittsburgh
38 Chicago Bears Henry Hammond Back Southwestern (TN)
39 Green Bay Packers Earl "Bud" Svendsen End Minnesota
40 Cleveland Rams John Wiatrak Center Washington

Round five

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
41 Philadelphia Eagles Alex Drobnitch Back Denver
42 Brooklyn Dodgers Bert Johnson Tackle Kentucky
43 Chicago Cardinals Ham Harmon Center Tulsa
44 New York Giants Mickey Kobrosky Quarterback Trinity (CT)
45 Pittsburgh Pirates Jack Frye End Missouri
46 Boston Redskins Chuck Bond Tackle Washington
47 Detroit Lions Maury Patt Center Carnegie-Mellon
48 Chicago Bears Bill "Red" Conkright Center Oklahoma
49 Green Bay Packers Dewitt Gibson Guard Northwestern
50 Cleveland Rams Inwood Smith Tackle Ohio State

Round six

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
51 Philadelphia Eagles Bill Guckeyson Back Maryland
52 Chicago Cardinals Phil Dickens Tackle Tennessee
53 Brooklyn Dodgers John Golemgeske Tackle Wisconsin
54 New York Giants Jim Farley Back Virginia Military Institute
55 Pittsburgh Pirates Walt Roach Back Texas Christian
56 Boston Redskins Jimmie Cain End Washington
57 Detroit Lions George Bell Tackle Purdue
58 Chicago Bears Del Bjork Back Oregon
59 Green Bay Packers Merle Wendt Tackle Ohio State
60 Cleveland Rams Chris Del Sasso Tackle Indiana

Round seven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
61 Philadelphia Eagles Herb Barna Guard West Virginia
62 Brooklyn Dodgers Fred Funk Back UCLA
63 Chicago Cardinals Herm Dickerson End Virginia Tech
64 New York Giants Jim Poole Back Mississippi
65 Pittsburgh Pirates Byron Haines Back Washington
66 Boston Redskins Rolla Holland Guard Kansas State
67 Detroit Lions John Sprague Back Southern Methodist
68 Chicago Bears J.W. "Buck" Friedman Tackle Rice
69 Green Bay Packers Marv Baldwin Tackle Texas Christian
70 Cleveland Rams Norm Schoen Tackle Baldwin–Wallace

Round eight

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
71 Philadelphia Eagles Nestor Hennon Back Carnegie-Mellon
72 Chicago Cardinals John Reynolds Center Baylor
73 Brooklyn Dodgers Steve Reid Tackle Northwestern
74 New York Giants Gene Meyers Back Kentucky
75 Pittsburgh Pirates Marty Kordick End St. Mary's (CA)
76 Boston Redskins Joel Eaves End Auburn
77 Detroit Lions Elvin Sayre Back Illinois
78 Chicago Bears Steve Toth Center Northwestern
79 Green Bay Packers Les Chapman Back Tulsa
80 Cleveland Rams Herm Schmarr Tackle Catholic University

Round nine

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
81 Philadelphia Eagles Paul Fanning Back Kansas State
82 Brooklyn Dodgers Ed Nowogrowski Back Washington
83 Chicago Cardinals Dwight Hafeli Back Washington (St. Louis)
84 New York Giants Dwight Scheyer End Washington State
85 Pittsburgh Pirates Matt Patanelli Tackle Michigan
86 Boston Redskins Bill Docherty Guard Temple
87 Detroit Lions Larry Kelley[4] Guard Yale
88 Chicago Bears Al Guepe End Marquette
89 Green Bay Packers Gordon Dahlgren Guard Michigan State
90 Cleveland Rams Ray Johnson Tackle Denver

Round ten

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
91 Philadelphia Eagles Ray Antil Back Minnesota
92 Chicago Cardinals Middleton Fitzsimmons Guard Georgia Tech
93 Brooklyn Dodgers Gil Kuhn Back USC
94 New York Giants Chuck Gelatka End Mississippi State
95 Pittsburgh Pirates Stan Nevers Tackle Kentucky
96 Boston Redskins Dom "Mac" Cara Guard North Carolina State
97 Detroit Lions Kay Bell Guard Washington State
98 Chicago Bears Ed (Red) Wade End Utah State
99 Green Bay Packers Dave Gavin Guard Holy Cross
100 [5] Cleveland Rams Solon Holt Tackle Texas Christian
= Hall of Famer

Hall of Famers

Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1963.[6]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1972.[7]

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler [8]
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Chicago Bears George Wilson  E Northwestern Big Ten
Cleveland Rams Chuck Cherundolo  C/LB Penn State Ind.
New York Giants Hank Soar  RB/LB Providence Ind.
New York Giants Bill Walls  E TCU SWC


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