1943 NFL Draft
General information
Date(s)April 8, 1943
LocationPalmer House Hotel
in Chicago, IL
300 total selections in 32 rounds
First selectionFrank Sinkwich, RB
Detroit Lions
Mr. IrrelevantBo Bogovich, G
Washington Redskins
Hall of Famersnone
← 1942
1944 →

The 1943 National Football League Draft was held on April 8, 1943, at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago, Illinois.[1][2] With the first overall pick of the draft, the Detroit Lions selected running back Frank Sinkwich. This draft is the first NFL draft not to produce a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Player selections

Round one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
1 Detroit Lions Frank Sinkwich[3] Running Back Georgia
2 Philadelphia Eagles Joe Muha Fullback VMI
3 Chicago Cardinals Glenn Dobbs Tailback Tulsa
4 Brooklyn Dodgers Paul Governali Quarterback Columbia
5 Cleveland Rams Mike Holovak Fullback Boston College
6 New York Giants Steve Filipowicz Fullback Fordham
7 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Daley Fullback Minnesota
8 Green Bay Packers Dick Wildung Tackle Minnesota
9 Chicago Bears Bob Steuber Halfback Missouri
10 Washington Redskins Jack Jenkins Fullback Vanderbilt

Round two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
11 Detroit Lions Dave Schreiner End Wisconsin
12 Philadelphia Eagles Lamar "Racehorse" Davis Back Georgia
13 Brooklyn Dodgers J.T. "Blondy" Black Back Mississippi State
14 Chicago Cardinals John Grigas Back Holy Cross
15 Cleveland Rams Tom Farmer Back Iowa

Round three

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
16 Detroit Lions Dick Ashcom Tackle Oregon
17 Philadelphia Eagles Roy "Monk" Gafford Back Auburn
18 Chicago Cardinals Don Currivan End Boston College
19 Brooklyn Dodgers George Ceithaml Back Michigan
20 Cleveland Rams Fred Naumetz Center Boston College
21 New York Giants Dewey Proctor Back Furman
22 Pittsburgh Steelers Jack Russell End Baylor
23 Green Bay Packers Irv Comp Back St. Benedictine
24 Chicago Bears Fred "Dippy" Evans Back Notre Dame
25 Washington Redskins Bill Dutton Back Pittsburgh

Round four

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
26 Detroit Lions Ralph Hamer Back Furman
27 Philadelphia Eagles Bob Kennedy Back Washington State
28 Brooklyn Dodgers Joe Domnanovich Center Alabama
29 Chicago Cardinals Al Hust End Tennessee
30 Cleveland Rams Chuck Taylor Guard Stanford

Round five

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
31 Detroit Lions Lloyd Wickett Tackle Oregon State
32 Philadelphia Eagles Al "Ox" Wistert Tackle Michigan
33 Chicago Cardinals George Hecht Guard Alabama
34 Brooklyn Dodgers Marty Comer End Tulane
35 Cleveland Rams Clyde Johnson Tackle Kentucky
36 New York Giants Val Culwell Guard Oregon
37 Pittsburgh Steelers Harry Connolly Back Boston College
38 Green Bay Packers Roy McKay Back Texas
39 Chicago Bears Ed Stamm Tackle Stanford
40 Washington Redskins Bob Dove End Notre Dame

Round six

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
41 Detroit Lions Jim Jones Back Union (TN)
42 Philadelphia Eagles Bruno Banducci Guard Stanford
43 Brooklyn Dodgers Harvey "Stud" Johnson Back William & Mary
44 Chicago Cardinals Al Klug Tackle Marquette
45 Cleveland Rams Les Horvath[4] Quarterback Ohio State
46 New York Giants Jim Reynolds Back Auburn
47 Pittsburgh Steelers Lou Sossamon Center South Carolina
48 Green Bay Packers Nick Susoeff End Washington State
49 Chicago Bears Derrell Palmer Tackle Texas Christian
50 Washington Redskins Wally Ziemba Center Notre Dame

Round seven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
51 Detroit Lions Paul Sizemore End Furman
52 Philadelphia Eagles Walt Harrison Center Washington
53 Chicago Cardinals Stan Mauldin Tackle Texas
54 Brooklyn Dodgers John Matisi Tackle Duquesne
55 Cleveland Rams Bill Henderson End Texas A&M
56 New York Giants Lou Palazzi Center Penn State
57 Pittsburgh Steelers Al Ratto Center St. Mary's (CA)
58 Green Bay Packers Ken Snelling Back UCLA
59 Chicago Bears Milt Vucinich Center Stanford
60 Washington Redskins Lou Rymkus Tackle Notre Dame

Round eight

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
61 Detroit Lions George Poschner End Georgia
62 Philadelphia Eagles Bruce Alford End Texas Christian
63 Brooklyn Dodgers John Ferguson End California
64 Chicago Cardinals Bill Godwin Center Georgia
65 Cleveland Rams Bill Parker End Iowa
66 New York Giants Larry Visnic Guard St. Benedictine
67 Pittsburgh Steelers Ray Curry End St. Mary's (CA)
68 Green Bay Packers Lester Gatewood Center Baylor
69 Chicago Bears Alyn Beals End Santa Clara
70 Washington Redskins Tony Leon Guard Alabama

Round nine

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
71 Detroit Lions Jack Irish Tackle Arizona
72 Philadelphia Eagles Rocco Canale Guard Boston College
73 Chicago Cardinals Moffatt Storer Back Duke
74 Brooklyn Dodgers Ray Rason Guard Southern Methodist
75 Cleveland Rams Al Solari Back UCLA
76 New York Giants Doyle Caraway Guard Texas Tech
77 Pittsburgh Steelers Ed Murphy End Holy Cross
78 Green Bay Packers Norm Verry Tackle USC
79 Chicago Bears Jim Jurkovich Back California
80 Washington Redskins Bob Motl End Northwestern

Round ten

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
81 Detroit Lions Jack Fenton Back Michigan State
82 Philadelphia Eagles Bill Conoly Tackle Texas
83 Brooklyn Dodgers Vic Schleich Tackle Nebraska
84 Chicago Cardinals Fondren Mitchell Back Florida
85 Cleveland Rams Homer Simmons Tackle Oklahoma
86 New York Giants Bill Piccolo Center Canisius
87 Pittsburgh Steelers Dick Dwelle Back Rice
88 Green Bay Packers Solon "Bobo" Barnett Guard Baylor
89 Chicago Bears Walt "Dub" Lamb End Oklahoma
90 Washington Redskins Walt McDonald Back Tulane

Round eleven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
91 Detroit Lions Dick Renfro Back Washington State
92 Philadelphia Eagles John Billman Guard Minnesota
93 Chicago Cardinals Emil Lussow End Dubuque
94 Brooklyn Dodgers Joe Sabasteanski Center Fordham
95 Cleveland Rams Tom Roblin Back Oregon
96 New York Giants Glenn Knox End William & Mary
97 Pittsburgh Steelers Al Wukits Center Duquesne
98 Green Bay Packers Bob Forte Back Arkansas
99 Chicago Bears Ray "Duke" Hammett Back Stanford
100 Washington Redskins George Perpich Tackle Georgetown (DC)

Round twelve

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
101 Detroit Lions Bob Kolesar Guard Michigan
102 Philadelphia Eagles Jack Donaldson Tackle Pennsylvania
103 Brooklyn Dodgers Lou Thomas Back Tulane
104 Chicago Cardinals Paul Hirsbrunner Tackle Wisconsin
105 Cleveland Rams Bill Vickroy Center Ohio State
106 New York Giants Walt Domina Back Norwich
107 Pittsburgh Steelers Joe Repko Tackle Boston College
108 Green Bay Packers Van Davis End Georgia
109 Chicago Bears Al Zikmund Back Nebraska
110 Washington Redskins Dan Wood Center Mississippi

Round thirteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
111 Detroit Lions Del Huntsinger Back Portland
112 Philadelphia Eagles Bill Erickson Center Georgetown (DC)
113 Chicago Cardinals Bill Baumgartner End Minnesota
114 Brooklyn Dodgers Bert Stiff Back Pennsylvania
115 Cleveland Rams Tom Alberghini Guard Holy Cross
116 New York Giants Don McCafferty Tackle Ohio State
117 Pittsburgh Steelers Pete Boltrek Tackle North Carolina State
118 Green Bay Packers Tom Brock Center Notre Dame
119 Chicago Bears Clark Wood Tackle Kentucky
120 Washington Redskins Harry Wright Guard Notre Dame

Round fourteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
121 Detroit Lions Ellard Dernoncourt End St. Louis
122 Philadelphia Eagles George Weeks End Alabama
123 Brooklyn Dodgers John Fekete Back Ohio
124 Chicago Cardinals Garrard "Buster" Ramsey Guard William & Mary
125 Cleveland Rams Sam Sharp End Alabama
126 New York Giants Jay Stoves Back Washington State
127 Pittsburgh Steelers Mort Shiekman Guard Pennsylvania
128 Green Bay Packers Ralph Tate Back Oklahoma State
129 Chicago Bears Loyd Arms Tackle Oklahoma State
130 Washington Redskins Oscar Britt Guard Mississippi

Round fifteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
131 Detroit Lions Dick Woodward End Colorado
132 Philadelphia Eagles Russ Craft Back Alabama
133 Chicago Cardinals Earl Doloway Back Indiana
134 Brooklyn Dodgers Floyd Rhea Guard Oregon
135 Cleveland Rams Dick Kieppe Back Michigan State
136 New York Giants Howard Currie Tackle Geneva
137 Pittsburgh Steelers Milt Crain Back Baylor
138 Green Bay Packers Don Carlson Tackle Denver
139 Chicago Bears Lyle Sturdy Back Wichita State
140 Washington Redskins Dick Weber Guard Syracuse

Round sixteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
141 Detroit Lions Marvin Bass Tackle William & Mary
142 Philadelphia Eagles Paul Darling Back Iowa State
143 Brooklyn Dodgers Bill Burkett End Iowa
144 Chicago Cardinals Nick Burke Guard Northwestern
145 Cleveland Rams Cullen Rogers Back Texas A&M
146 New York Giants N. A. Keithley Back Tulsa
147 Pittsburgh Steelers Max Kielbasa Back Duquesne
148 Green Bay Packers Mike Welch Back Minnesota
149 Chicago Bears Buddy Tomlinson Tackle Hardin-Simmons
150 Washington Redskins Joe Day Back Oregon State

Round seventeen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
151 Detroit Lions Vic Peelish Guard West Virginia
152 Philadelphia Eagles Walt Gorinski Back Louisiana State
153 Chicago Cardinals Bill Campbell Back Oklahoma
154 Brooklyn Dodgers Al Onofrio Back Arizona State
155 Cleveland Rams Walt Ruark Guard Georgia
156 New York Giants Jack Lister End Missouri
157 Pittsburgh Steelers Nick Skorich Guard Cincinnati
158 Green Bay Packers Ron Thomas Guard USC
159 Chicago Bears Pat Preston Tackle Wake Forest
160 Washington Redskins Frank Dornfield Back Georgetown (DC)

Round eighteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
161 Detroit Lions Chet Maeda Back Colorado State
162 Philadelphia Eagles Bob Friedman Tackle Washington
163 Brooklyn Dodgers Ken Schoonover Tackle Penn State
164 Chicago Cardinals Clarence Booth Tackle Southern Methodist
165 Cleveland Rams Bert Davis Center Utah
166 New York Giants Dwight Holshouser Back Catawba
167 Pittsburgh Steelers Jackie Field Back Texas
168 Green Bay Packers Jim Powers Tackle St. Mary's (CA)
169 Chicago Bears Hank Norberg End Stanford
170 Washington Redskins John Baklarz Tackle Arizona State

Round nineteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
171 Detroit Lions Bert Kuczynski End Pennsylvania
172 Philadelphia Eagles Johnny Bezemes Back Holy Cross
173 Chicago Cardinals Elvis "Boots" Simmons End Texas A&M
174 Brooklyn Dodgers Quentin Barnette Back West Virginia
175 Cleveland Rams Jay Fidler Tackle Brown
176 New York Giants Jim Lushine Tackle Minnesota
177 Pittsburgh Steelers Felix Bucek Guard Texas A&M
178 Green Bay Packers Hal Prescott End Hardin-Simmons
179 Chicago Bears Pat Lyons End Wisconsin
180 Washington Redskins Leo Mogus End Youngstown State

Round twenty

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
181 Detroit Lions Al Scanland Back Oklahoma State
182 Philadelphia Eagles Chet Mutryn Back Xavier
183 Brooklyn Dodgers Bill Bledsoe End USC
184 Chicago Cardinals Roy Ericson Guard Villanova
185 Cleveland Rams Carl Falk Tackle Washington
186 New York Giants Veto Berllus End Idaho
187 Pittsburgh Steelers Johnny Welsh Back Pennsylvania
188 Green Bay Packers Eddie Forrest Center Santa Clara
189 Chicago Bears Marion Butler Back Clemson
190 Washington Redskins Dick Secrest Back Rochester

Round twenty-one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
191 Detroit Lions Royal "Ace" Lohry Back Iowa State
192 Philadelphia Eagles Baptiste Manzini Center St. Vincent
193 Chicago Cardinals George "Locomotive" Smith Back Villanova
194 Brooklyn Dodgers Bob Coutchie End Arizona
195 Cleveland Rams Tom Coll End St. Mary's (CA)
196 New York Giants Fred Marshall Guard North Carolina
197 Pittsburgh Steelers Tony Compagno Back St. Mary's (CA)
198 Green Bay Packers Lloyd Wasserbach Tackle Wisconsin
199 Chicago Bears Al Santucci Center Santa Clara
200 Washington Redskins Don Nolander Center Minnesota

Round twenty-two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
201 Detroit Lions Percy Holland Guard Louisiana State
202 Philadelphia Eagles Bernie Gillespie End Scranton
203 Brooklyn Dodgers Don "Bull" Reece Back Missouri
204 Chicago Cardinals George Sutch Back Temple
205 Cleveland Rams Mark McCorkle Back Washington
206 New York Giants John Korczowski Back William & Mary
207 Pittsburgh Steelers Willie Zapalac Back Texas A&M
208 Green Bay Packers Mark Hoskins Back Wisconsin
209 Chicago Bears Orville Johnson Guard Southern Methodist
210 Washington Redskins Johnny Barrett Back Georgetown (DC)

Round twenty-three

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
211 Detroit Lions Mike Fitzgerald Guard Missouri
212 Philadelphia Eagles Jay "Mule" Lawhon Tackle Arkansas
213 Chicago Cardinals Cliff Kimsey Back Georgia
214 Brooklyn Dodgers W.J. Gibson End North Carolina State
215 Cleveland Rams Ed Moshofsky Tackle Oregon
216 New York Giants Gene Hoeman End Oklahoma State
217 Pittsburgh Steelers George Bain Tackle Oregon State
218 Green Bay Packers Earl "Jug" Bennett Guard Hardin-Simmons
219 Chicago Bears Wally Boudreau Back Boston College
220 Washington Redskins Tom Vohs Tackle Colgate

Round twenty-four

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
221 Detroit Lions Will Remington Center Washington State
222 Philadelphia Eagles Vince Zachem Center Morehead State
223 Brooklyn Dodgers Lou "Dude" Dent Back Colorado State
224 Chicago Cardinals Weldon Humble Guard Rice
225 Cleveland Rams Hal Adams Back Missouri
226 New York Giants Keith Beebe Back Occidental
227 Pittsburgh Steelers Harry Wynne Tackle Arkansas
228 Green Bay Packers George Zellick End Oregon State
229 Chicago Bears Bob Baumann Tackle Wisconsin
230 Washington Redskins Charlie Yancey Back Mississippi State

Round twenty-five

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
231 Detroit Lions Huel Hamm Back Oklahoma
232 Philadelphia Eagles Joe Schwarting End Texas
233 Chicago Cardinals Cal Purdin Back Tulsa
234 Brooklyn Dodgers Gene Lee Center Florida
235 Cleveland Rams Jim Shephard End Oregon
236 New York Giants Dave Brown Back Alabama
237 Pittsburgh Steelers Joe Cibulas Tackle Duquesne
238 Green Bay Packers Gene Bierhaus End Minnesota
239 Chicago Bears Elwood Holtscher Center Shurtleff
240 Washington Redskins Roman Bentz Tackle Tulane

Round twenty-six

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
241 Detroit Lions Irv Konopka Tackle Idaho
242 Philadelphia Eagles Bob Neff Tackle Notre Dame
243 Brooklyn Dodgers Harvey Hardy Guard Georgia Tech
244 Chicago Cardinals Eddie McGovern Back Illinois
245 Cleveland Rams Jack Stetler Back Pittsburgh
246 New York Giants Maurice Hail Guard Tulsa
247 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Yambrick Center Western Michigan
248 Green Bay Packers George Makris Guard Wisconsin
249 Chicago Bears Ben Keller Guard Duquesne
250 Washington Redskins Paul "Swifty" Berthold End Syracuse

Round twenty-seven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
251 Detroit Lions Chuck Fears Tackle UCLA
252 Philadelphia Eagles Art Macioszczyk Back Western Michigan
253 Chicago Cardinals Al Drulis Guard Temple
254 Brooklyn Dodgers Bob Green Tackle Arkansas
255 Cleveland Rams Jeff Davis Center Missouri
256 New York Giants Ed McNamara Tackle Holy Cross
257 Pittsburgh Steelers Jack Freeman Guard Texas
258 Green Bay Packers Pete Susick Back Washington
259 Chicago Bears Charley Block End Shurtleff
260 Washington Redskins Vince Pacewic Back Loyola (CA)

Round twenty-eight

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
261 Detroit Lions Bert Ekern End Missouri
262 Philadelphia Eagles Jim Arata Tackle Xavier
263 Brooklyn Dodgers Steve Poleshuk Guard Colgate
264 Chicago Cardinals Ken MacDonald Center Rutgers
265 Cleveland Rams Steve Pritko End Villanova
266 New York Giants Dick Drake Tackle Ohio Wesleyan
267 Pittsburgh Steelers Joe Goode Back Duquesne
268 Green Bay Packers Bud Hasse End Northwestern
269 Chicago Bears Ted Brannon Tackle Rice
270 Washington Redskins Joe Riccardi Tackle Ohio

Round twenty-nine

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
271 Detroit Lions Virgil Wagner Back Millikin
272 Philadelphia Eagles Wally Scott End Texas
273 Chicago Cardinals Bill Edwards Guard Louisiana State
274 Brooklyn Dodgers Al Sabo Back Alabama
275 Cleveland Rams Floyd Konetsky Guard Florida
276 New York Giants Stan Ritinski End Fordham
277 Pittsburgh Steelers Jack Durishan Tackle Pittsburgh
278 Green Bay Packers Dick Thornally Tackle Wisconsin
279 Chicago Bears Lou Wayne End Texas
280 Washington Redskins Johnny Jaffurs Guard Penn State

Round thirty

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
281 Detroit Lions Manny Kaplan Back Western Maryland
282 Philadelphia Eagles Stan Jaworowski Tackle Georgetown (DC)
283 Brooklyn Dodgers George Allshouse Center Pittsburgh
284 Chicago Cardinals Pete Hecomovich Back Idaho
285 Cleveland Rams Willie Miller Guard Louisiana State
286 New York Giants Clark Mollenhoff Tackle Drake
287 Pittsburgh Steelers Fritz Lobpries Guard Texas
288 Green Bay Packers Bob Ray Back Wisconsin
289 Chicago Bears Dick Creevy Back Notre Dame
290 Washington Redskins Frank Akins Back Washington State

Round thirty-one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
291 New York Giants Verlin Adams Guard Morris Harvey
292 Pittsburgh Steelers Art Jones Back Haverford
293 Green Bay Packers Brunel Christensen Tackle California
294 Chicago Bears Bill Buffington Back Purdue
295 Washington Redskins Bill "Mother" Corry Back Florida

Round thirty-two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
296 New York Giants Bob Brundage Back Pennsylvania
297 Pittsburgh Steelers Bob Ruman Back Arizona
298 Green Bay Packers Ken Roskie Back USC
299 Chicago Bears Woody Peterson Back Utah
300 [5] Washington Redskins Bo Bogovich Guard Delaware

Hall of Famers

None of the players selected in the 1943 NFL draft have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowl[6]
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Green Bay Packers Don Perkins  RB Wisconsin–Platteville WSTCC
New York Giants Bill Paschal  RB Georgia Tech SEC
Philadelphia Eagles Allie Sherman  QB/CB Brooklyn College Ind.
Philadelphia Eagles Bucko Kilroy  OG/DT Temple Ind.
Philadelphia Eagles Tom Miller  E/DE Hampden–Sydney Ind.
Pittsburgh Steelers Bob Thurbon  RB Pittsburgh Ind.


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