1949 NFL Draft
General information
Date(s)December 21, 1948
LocationThe Bellevue-Stratford Hotel
in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
251 total selections in 25 rounds
First selectionChuck Bednarik, C
Philadelphia Eagles
Mr. IrrelevantJohn Schweder, G
Philadelphia Eagles
Most selections (27)Los Angeles Rams
New York Bulldogs
Fewest selections (23)Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers
Hall of Famers
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The 1949 National Football League Draft was held on December 21, 1948, at The Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia.[1] The draft was preceded by a secret draft meeting held November 15, 1948, at the Hotel Schenley in Pittsburgh.[2]

This was the third year that the first overall pick was a bonus pick determined by lottery, with the previous two winners (Chicago Bears in 1947 and Washington Redskins in 1948) ineligible from the draw;[3] it was won by the Philadelphia Eagles, who selected center/linebacker Chuck Bednarik.

Player selections

= Pro Bowler [4] = Hall of Famer

Round one

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
1 Philadelphia Eagles (Lottery bonus pick) Chuck Bednarik Center Penn
2 Detroit Lions John Rauch Quarterback Georgia
3 New York Bulldogs Doak Walker[5] Halfback SMU
4 New York Giants Paul Page Halfback SMU
5 Green Bay Packers Stan Heath Quarterback Nevada
6 Pittsburgh Steelers Bobby Gage Back Clemson
7 Los Angeles Rams Bobby Thomason Quarterback VMI
8 Washington Redskins Rob Goode Back Texas A&M
9 Philadelphia Eagles Frank Tripucka Quarterback Notre Dame
10 Chicago Cardinals Bill Fischer Guard Notre Dame
11 Chicago Bears Dick Harris Center Texas

Round two

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
12 Detroit Lions John Panelli Back Notre Dame
13 New York Bulldogs Bob DeMoss Back Purdue
14 New York Giants Al DeRogatis Tackle Duke
15 Green Bay Packers Dan Dworsky Center Michigan
16 Pittsburgh Steelers Harper Davis Back Mississippi State
17 Los Angeles Rams George Sims Back Baylor
18 Washington Redskins Laurie Niemi Tackle Washington State
19 Philadelphia Eagles Frank Burns Back Rutgers
20 Chicago Bears Billy Grimes Back Oklahoma A&M
21 Chicago Cardinals Dick McKissack Back SMU

Round three

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
22 Detroit Lions Lou Kusserow Back Columbia
23 New York Bulldogs Phil Colella Back St. Bonaventure
24 New York Giants Bill Olson Back Columbia
25 Green Bay Packers Lou Ferry Tackle Villanova
26 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Walsh Center Notre Dame
27 Los Angeles Rams Jim Winkler Tackle Texas A&M
28 Washington Redskins Len Szafaryn Tackle North Carolina
29 Philadelphia Eagles Frank Ziegler Back Georgia Tech
30 New York Bulldogs Lynn Chewning Back Hampden–Sydney
31 Chicago Bears Red O'Quinn End Wake Forest

Round four

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
32 Detroit Lions Joe Sullivan Back Dartmouth
33 New York Bulldogs Huey Keeney Back Rice
34 Green Bay Packers Bob Summerhays Back Utah
35 New York Giants Bill Kay Tackle Iowa
36 Pittsburgh Steelers Joe Geri Back Georgia
37 Los Angeles Rams Norm Van Brocklin Quarterback Oregon
38 Washington Redskins Mike DeNoia Back Scranton
39 Chicago Bears Ben Bendrick Back Wisconsin
40 Chicago Cardinals John Goldsberry Tackle Indiana
41 Philadelphia Eagles Don Panciera Back San Francisco

Round five

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
42 Detroit Lions George Brodnax End Georgia Tech
43 Green Bay Packers Glenn Lewis Back Texas Tech
44 New York Bulldogs Mike Boyda Back Washington & Lee
45 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Long End Oklahoma A&M
46 New York Giants J. D. Cheek Guard Oklahoma A&M
47 Los Angeles Rams Dixie Howell Back Ole Miss
48 Washington Redskins Eddie Berrang End Villanova
49 Chicago Bears John Hoffman Back Arkansas
50 Chicago Cardinals Tom Wham End Furman
51 Philadelphia Eagles Terry Brennan Back Notre Dame

Round six

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
52 Detroit Lions Bob Meinert Back Oklahoma A&M
53 New York Bulldogs Albin Collins Back LSU
54 Green Bay Packers Joe Ethridge Tackle SMU
55 New York Giants Abe Gibron Guard Purdue
56 Pittsburgh Steelers Doug Brightwell Center TCU
57 Los Angeles Rams Charles Reynolds Back Texas Tech
58 Philadelphia Eagles Warren Huey End Michigan State
59 Chicago Bears Jerry Krall Back Ohio State
60 Chicago Cardinals Bernie Hanula Tackle Wake Forest
61 New York Bulldogs Sam Tamburo End Penn State

Round seven

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
62 Chicago Cardinals Myrl Greathouse Back Oklahoma
63 Los Angeles Rams Jerry Williams Back Washington State
64 New York Bulldogs Pete Wismann Center St. Louis
65 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Talarico Back Penn
66 New York Giants Frank LoVuolo End St. Bonaventure
67 Los Angeles Rams Jon Baker Guard California
68 Washington Redskins Chet Fritz Guard Missouri
69 Chicago Bears Wallace Jones End Kentucky
70 Chicago Cardinals Jim Cain End Alabama
71 Philadelphia Eagles Frank Gillespie Guard Clemson

Round eight

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
72 Chicago Bears Bones Weatherly Center Rice
73 New York Bulldogs Mike Rubish End North Carolina
74 Green Bay Packers Dan Orlich End Nevada
75 New York Giants John Salscheider Back St. Thomas (MN)
76 Pittsburgh Steelers George Brown Guard TCU
77 Los Angeles Rams John Waldrum Guard Sul Ross
78 Washington Redskins Bob Kennedy Back North Carolina
79 Chicago Bears Bill Wightkin End Notre Dame
80 Chicago Cardinals Joe E. Brown Back Georgia Tech
81 Philadelphia Eagles Bob Dean Back Cornell

Round nine

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
82 Detroit Lions Chuck Drazenovich Back Penn State
83 Green Bay Packers Ev Faunce Back Minnesota
84 New York Bulldogs Bernie Craig Tackle Denver
85 Pittsburgh Steelers Tom Brennan Tackle Boston College
86 New York Giants Joe Soboleski Guard Michigan
87 Los Angeles Rams Johnny Smith End Arizona
88 Washington Redskins Ed McNeil End Michigan
89 Chicago Bears Dolph Tokarczyk Guard Penn
90 Chicago Cardinals Hal Herring Center Auburn
91 Philadelphia Eagles Jonathan Jenkins Tackle Dartmouth

Round ten

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
92 Detroit Lions Bill Davis Guard Duke
93 New York Bulldogs John Geary Tackle Wesleyan
94 Los Angeles Rams George Buksar Back Purdue
95 New York Giants Gene Rossides Back Columbia
96 Pittsburgh Steelers Bob Hood End Alabama
97 Los Angeles Rams Max Minnich Back Bowling Green
98 Washington Redskins Vic Vasicek Guard Texas
99 Chicago Bears Lee Nalley Back Vanderbilt
100 Chicago Cardinals Bob Hecker Back Baldwin Wallace
101 Philadelphia Eagles Roy Lester End West Virginia

Round eleven

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
102 Detroit Lions Ernie Settembre Tackle Miami (FL)
103 Green Bay Packers Harry Larche Tackle Arkansas State
104 New York Bulldogs Edo Mencotti Back Detroit
105 Pittsburgh Steelers Al Sanders Center Mississippi Southern
106 New York Giants Dick Hensley End Kentucky
107 Los Angeles Rams Jim Cozad Tackle Iowa
108 Washington Redskins Homer Hobbs Guard Georgia
109 Chicago Bears Jerry Tiblier Back Ole Miss
110 Chicago Cardinals Stan Flowers End Redlands
111 Philadelphia Eagles Bobby Wilson Back Ole Miss

Round twelve

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
112 Detroit Lions Virgil Boteler Center New Mexico
113 New York Bulldogs Mornane Maenhout End St. John's (MN)
114 Green Bay Packers Rebel Roy Steiner End Alabama
115 New York Giants George Sundheim Back Northwestern
116 Pittsburgh Steelers Jim Finks Quarterback Tulsa
117 Los Angeles Rams Bill Renna Center Santa Clara
118 Washington Redskins Harry Varner Tackle Arizona
119 Chicago Bears George Blanda Quarterback Kentucky
120 Chicago Cardinals Billy Stone Back Bradley
121 Philadelphia Eagles Dale Armstrong End Dartmouth

Round thirteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
122 Detroit Lions Al Russas End Tennessee
123 Green Bay Packers Al Mastrangeli Center Illinois
124 New York Bulldogs Jim Dieckelman End Holy Cross
125 Pittsburgh Steelers R. R. Walston Guard North Texas State Teachers
126 New York Giants Bill Austin Tackle Oregon State
127 Los Angeles Rams Paul Barry Back Tulsa
128 Washington Redskins Ed Henke Tackle USC
129 Chicago Bears George Taliaferro Back Indiana
130 Chicago Cardinals Bob Todd Tackle Louisville
131 Philadelphia Eagles Lyle Button Tackle Illinois

Round fourteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
132 Detroit Lions Dale Panter Tackle Utah State
133 New York Bulldogs Ed Toscani Back Dayton
134 Green Bay Packers Bobby Williams Center Texas Tech
135 New York Giants Norb Adams Back Purdue
136 Pittsburgh Steelers Dave Moon Back SMU
137 Los Angeles Rams Ed Carmichael Tackle Oregon State
138 Washington Redskins Pat Haggerty End William & Mary
139 Chicago Bears Ernie Kelly Guard Texas Mines
140 Chicago Cardinals Tony Klimek End Illinois
141 Philadelphia Eagles Bobby Lund Back Tennessee

Round fifteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
142 Detroit Lions Bob Pifferini Center San Jose State
143 Green Bay Packers Ken Cooper Guard Vanderbilt
144 New York Bulldogs George Ramacorti Guard Boston University
145 Pittsburgh Steelers Ed Sobczak End Michigan
146 New York Giants Ralph Pickelsimer Center Otterbein
147 Los Angeles Rams J. C. Dodd Back Sul Ross
148 Washington Redskins Gene Frassetto Tackle California
149 Chicago Bears Hal Faverty Guard Wisconsin
150 Chicago Cardinals Bob McQuade Back Xavier
151 Philadelphia Eagles Carl Copp Tackle Vanderbilt

Round sixteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
152 Detroit Lions Kimball Merrill Tackle BYU
153 New York Bulldogs Jack Bruce Back William & Mary
154 Green Bay Packers Gene Remenar Tackle West Virginia
155 New York Giants Jerry Morrical Tackle Indiana
156 Pittsburgh Steelers Denvard Snell Tackle Auburn
157 Los Angeles Rams Joe Morgan Guard Mississippi Southern
158 Washington Redskins Dick Flowers Tackle Alabama
159 Chicago Bears Al Wahl Tackle Michigan
160 Chicago Cardinals Tom Murdock Back Appalachian State
161 Philadelphia Eagles Frank Reno End West Virginia

Round seventeen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
162 Detroit Lions Zealand Thigpen Back Vanderbilt
163 Green Bay Packers Paul Devine Back Heidelberg
164 New York Bulldogs Warren Beson Center Minnesota
165 Pittsburgh Steelers Veto Kissell Back Holy Cross
166 New York Giants Wally Teninga Back Michigan
167 Los Angeles Rams Dick Sheffield End Tulane
168 Washington Redskins Ross Pritchard Back Arkansas
169 Chicago Bears John Corbisiero Back Middlebury
170 Chicago Cardinals Eddie Rupp Back Denison
171 Philadelphia Eagles Leo Skladany End Pittsburgh

Round eighteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
172 Detroit Lions Bill Wehr Center Denison
173 New York Bulldogs Albie Gould End Boston College
174 Green Bay Packers Floyd Lewis Guard SMU
175 New York Giants Dick Nutt Back North Texas State Teachers
176 Pittsburgh Steelers Clint Shipman Tackle East Texas State
177 Los Angeles Rams Hillary Chollet Back Cornell
178 Washington Redskins Herb Siegert Guard Illinois
179 Chicago Bears Jim Moran Back John Carroll
180 Chicago Cardinals Webb Halbert Back Iowa
181 Philadelphia Eagles Russ Strait Back Muhlenberg

Round nineteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
182 Detroit Lions Wallace Triplett Back Penn State
183 Green Bay Packers Robert Folsom End SMU
184 New York Bulldogs Bob Reich Tackle Colgate
185 Pittsburgh Steelers Jack McBride End Rice
186 New York Giants Ken McCall Back Georgia
187 Los Angeles Rams Joe Leonard Tackle Virginia
188 Washington Redskins Bob Hainlen Back Colorado A&M
189 Chicago Bears Robert Mitten Guard North Carolina
190 Chicago Cardinals Dean Laun End Iowa State
191 Philadelphia Eagles Paul Odom Guard Rollins

Round twenty

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
192 Detroit Lions Joe Romano Tackle North Carolina
193 New York Bulldogs Frank Gaul Tackle Notre Dame
194 Green Bay Packers Larry Cooney Back Penn State
195 New York Giants Pat O'Sullivan Center Alabama
196 Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Mann Guard Ole Miss
197 Los Angeles Rams Lloyd Eisenberg Tackle Duke
198 Washington Redskins Oliver Fletcher End USC
199 Chicago Bears Bob Heck Back Pacific
200 Chicago Cardinals Earl Rowan Tackle Hardin–Simmons
201 Philadelphia Eagles Lloyd Brinkman Back Missouri

Round twenty-one

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
202 Detroit Lions Jack Lininger Center Ohio State
203 Green Bay Packers Ken Kranz Back UW–Milwaukee
204 New York Bulldogs Sammy Pierce Back Baylor
205 Pittsburgh Steelers Joe Jackura Center Georgia
206 New York Giants A. D. Cate Guard North Texas State Teachers
207 Los Angeles Rams George Teufel Back Lock Haven
208 Washington Redskins Tommy Hughes Back Duke
209 Chicago Bears Jim Duncan End Duke
210 Chicago Cardinals Leon Joslin Back TCU
211 Philadelphia Eagles Lou Futrell Back USC

Round twenty-two

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
212 Detroit Lions Gil Tobler Back Utah
213 New York Bulldogs Jim Lail Back Wake Forest
214 Green Bay Packers Jay Kordich Back USC
215 New York Giants Tom Fetzer Back Wake Forest
216 Pittsburgh Steelers Lloyd Johnson Back West Texas State
217 Los Angeles Rams Ed Hamilton End Arkansas
218 Washington Redskins Bill Clements End UCLA
219 Chicago Bears Dick Bertuzzi Back Kansas
220 Chicago Cardinals Bill Sprang Center Purdue
221 Philadelphia Eagles Harvey Kingry Back Colorado Mines

Round twenty-three

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
222 Detroit Lions R. B. Patterson Guard Mississippi State
223 Green Bay Packers Bill Kelley End Texas Tech
224 New York Bulldogs Nick Lanza Back Rice
225 Pittsburgh Steelers Jim Owens End Oklahoma
226 New York Giants Cletus Fischer Back Nebraska
227 Los Angeles Rams Walt Kersulis End Illinois
228 Washington Redskins Frank Pattee Back Kansas
229 Chicago Bears Harry Kane Center Pacific
230 Chicago Cardinals Bob Cox End North Carolina
231 Philadelphia Eagles Hank Kalver Tackle Oklahoma City

Round twenty-four

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
232 Detroit Lions Oswald Clark End Michigan
233 New York Bulldogs Joe Ponsalle Tackle Trinity (CT)
234 Green Bay Packers Jimmy Ford Back Tulsa
235 New York Giants Don McAuliffe Back Notre Dame
236 Pittsburgh Steelers Ivan Snowden Tackle Texas A&I
237 Los Angeles Rams Fred Klemenok Back San Francisco
238 Washington Redskins Jim Cullom Guard California
239 Chicago Bears Bernie Smith Tackle Texas Mines
240 Chicago Cardinals Stan Szymakowski Back Lehigh
241 Philadelphia Eagles Fred Leon Tackle Nevada

Round twenty-five

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
242 Detroit Lions Les Cowan End McMurry
243 Green Bay Packers Frank Lambright Guard Arkansas
244 New York Bulldogs Paul Girolamo Back Cornell
245 Pittsburgh Steelers Bobby Gaff Back Texas A&M
246 New York Giants Gene Degyanski End Baldwin Wallace
247 Los Angeles Rams Clay Matthews Tackle Georgia Tech
248 Washington Redskins Nick Sebek Back Indiana
249 Chicago Bears Stan Marczyk Tackle North Carolina
250 New York Giants Ralph Doran Back Iowa
251 [6] Philadelphia Eagles John Schweder Guard Penn
= Hall of Famer

Hall of Famers

Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1967.[7]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1971.[8]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1981.[9]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1986.[9]
Inducted: For his achievements as an Executive Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1995.

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler[4]
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Los Angeles Rams Vitamin Smith  HB Abilene Christian Texas
Los Angeles Rams Paul "Tank" Younger  HB Grambling State Ind.


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