Elections to the Labour Party's Shadow Cabinet (more formally, its "Parliamentary Committee") occurred in November 1951. In addition to the 12 members elected, the Leader (Clement Attlee), Deputy Leader (Herbert Morrison), Labour Chief Whip (William Whiteley), and Labour Leader in the House of Lords (Christopher Addison) were automatically members.

Uniquely, in 1951, the voting tallies were not released, only the ranks of the successful candidates.[1]

The results of the election are listed below:[2]

Member of Cabinet when Labour Party lost office following the 1951 election
Rank Candidate Constituency Votes
1 Jim Griffiths Llanelli
2 Glenvil Hall Colne Valley
3 Hugh Gaitskell Leeds South
4 Alfred Robens Blyth
5 James Chuter Ede South Shields
6 Richard Stokes Ipswich
7 James Callaghan Cardiff South-East
8 Hugh Dalton Bishop Auckland
9 Philip Noel-Baker Derby South
10 Edith Summerskill Fulham West
11 Manny Shinwell Easington
12 Arthur Greenwood Wakefield


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