1952 NCAA I
Baseball Tournament
Finals site
ChampionsHoly Cross (1st title)
Runner-upMissouri (1st CWS Appearance)
Winning coachJack Barry (1st title)
MOPJames O'Neill (Holy Cross)

The 1952 College World Series was the sixth NCAA-sanctioned baseball tournament that determined a national champion. The tournament was held as the conclusion of the 1952 NCAA baseball season and was played at Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha, Nebraska from June 12 to June 17. The tournament's champion was the Holy Cross Crusaders, coached by Jack Barry. The Most Outstanding Player was James O'Neill of Holy Cross.[1]

The tournament consisted of no preliminary round of play as teams were selected directly into the College World Series. From 1954 to the present, teams compete in the NCAA Division I Baseball Tournament preliminary round(s), to determine the eight teams that will play in the College World Series.[2][3]


School Conference Record Head coach CWS appearances CWS best finish CWS record Berth
Colorado State[a] RMC 15–7 Pete Butler 0
(last: none)
none 0–0 District VII
Duke Southern 30–6 Jack Coombs 0
(last: none)
none 0–0 District III
Holy Cross Independent 15–2 Jack Barry 0
(last: none)
none 0–0 District I
Missouri Big 7 17–5 Hi Simmons 0
(last: none)
none 0–0 District V
Oregon State PCC 27–10 Ralph Coleman 0
(last: none)
none 0–0 District VIII
Penn State Independent 15–4 Joe Bedenk 0
(last: none)
none 0–0 District II
Texas SWC 18–7 Bibb Falk 2
(last: 1950)
(1949, 1950)
8–1 District VI
Western Michigan MAC 16–5 Charlie Maher 0
(last: none)
none 0–0 District IV


First roundSecond roundThird roundSemifinalsPreliminary finalFinal
Penn State5
Penn State12
Oregon State7
Penn State2
Holy Cross5
Holy Cross15
Western Michigan1
Holy Cross0Penn State4
Colorado State1
Missouri3Holy Cross8
Lower first roundLower second round
Holy Cross7
Holy Cross2
Holy Cross15
Oregon State1
Western Michigan3
Western Michigan8Western Michigan5
Colorado State6

Game results

Date Game Winner Score Loser Notes
June 12 Game 1 Penn State 5–3 Texas
Game 2 Duke 18–7 Oregon State
Game 3 Holy Cross 5–1 Western Michigan
Game 4 Missouri 15–1 Colorado State
June 13 Game 5 Texas 10–1 Oregon State Oregon State eliminated
Game 6 Western Michigan 8–6 Colorado State Colorado State eliminated
Game 7 Penn State 12–7 Duke
Game 8 Missouri 1–0 Holy Cross
June 14 Game 9 Western Michigan 5–1 Duke Duke eliminated
Game 10 Holy Cross 2–1 Texas Texas eliminated
Game 11 Missouri 3–2 Penn State
June 15 Game 12 Holy Cross 15–3 Western Michigan Western Michigan eliminated
Game 13 Holy Cross 15–4 Penn State Penn State eliminated
June 16 Game 14 Holy Cross 7–3 Missouri
June 17 Final Holy Cross 8–4 Missouri Holy Cross wins CWS


  1. ^ Colorado State College is currently known as the University of Northern Colorado. Not to be confused with Colorado State University, then known as Colorado A&M.


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