The administrative county of Kesteven (1889–1974), shown within England.
The administrative county of Kesteven (1889–1974), shown within England.

Elections to Kesteven County Council were held on Saturday, 5 March 1952. Kesteven was one of three divisions of the historic county of Lincolnshire in England; it consisted of the ancient wapentakes (or hundreds) of Aswardhurn, Aveland, Beltisloe, Boothby Graffoe, Flaxwell, Langoe, Loveden, Ness, and Winnibriggs and Threo.[1] The Local Government Act 1888 established Kesteven as an administrative county, governed by a Council;[2] elections were held every three years from 1889, until it was abolished by the Local Government Act 1972, which established Lincolnshire County Council in its place.[3][4]

The county was divided into 60 electoral divisions, each of which returned one member. In 1952 there were contests in 13 of these, eight of which saw no change; Labour gained 4 seats.

Results by division

Division Candidate[5] Party Votes Retiring
Ancaster R. W. Chadburn r
Bassingham W. D. G. Battersby r
Bennington F. Winter r
Billingborough Rev. L. R. Swingler Ind 356
Mrs C. A. Baker Ind 207
G. Sandall Ind 103
Billinghay J. H. Brighton
Bourne no. 1 H. L. Hudson
Bourne no. 2 R. A. Collins r
Bracebridge Miss A. Rooke Ind 390 r
H. E. Hough Lab 377
Branston W. E. Young r
Bytham J. H. Turner r
Caythorpe J. W. Oxby Ind 483 r
A. W. Gray Ind 193
Claypole Brig. F. McCullum
Colsterworth J. D. Hind r
Corby The Earl of Ancaster r
Cranwell J. E. Mountain r
Deeping St James C. H. Feneley r
Dunston J. Ireson r
Gonerby and Barrowby J. E. Snell
Grantham no. 1 A. E. Bellamy
Grantham no. 2 W. Bevan
Grantham no. 3 J. W. Harrison
Grantham no. 4 K. H. Jennings Lab 506
T. A. S. Branston Lib 326
Grantham no. 5 Mrs J. W. Browse Con 356 r
R. E. Burnett Lab 432
Grantham no. 6 Mrs A. S. Chantry Lab 259
W. E. B. Read Ind 151
Grantham no. 7 A. E. Cooper Ind 439 r
D. H. Harrigan Lab 335
Grantham no. 8 Mrs D. Shipman Con 337 r
G. Waltham Lab 208
Grantham no. 9 M. W. Patterson Lab 1076
H. Wright Ind 741
Grantham no. 10 C. J. Redmile Lab 474 r
Mrs L. M. Ward Con 466
Heckington G. H. Dunmore r
Helpringham A. Burdett
Kyme E. L. Lamyman r
Leadenham Capt. H. W. N. Fane Ind 293 r
P. J. French Ind 231
Market Deeping F. W. Wade r
Martin J. F. Vickers r
Metheringham F. C. Townsend r
Morton A. F. Shaw
Navenby R. A. Mason
North Hykeham G. W. Hutson r
Osbournby Mrs N. Robson r
Ponton R. W. Newton r
Rippingale J. T. Emerson r
Ropsley Mrs J. P. Dixon
Ruskington A. J. Hossack r
Scopwick K. C. Irving r
Skellingthorpe R. C. Turner r
Sleaford no. 1 E. W. Elmore r
Sleaford no. 2 C. J. Barnes
Sleaford no. 3 W. Middleton r
Stamford no. 1 E. Ireson r
Stamford no. 2 H. Skells r
Stamford no. 3 Rev. J. D. Day
Stamford no. 4 P. K. Banks r
Stamford no. 5 A. E. Millett r
Swinderby P. W. Spray r
Thurlby G. A. Griffin Ind 454
A. W. Sharman Ind 346
Uffington Rev. R. Burman
Washingborough G. H. Applewhite r
Welby Brig.-Gen. R. L. Adlercron r
Wilsford Col. W. Reeve Ind 267 r
J. R. Shaw Lib 223
Woolsthorpe F. Wright r


Leadenham and Ruskington, May 1954

Cllrs S. J. Edwards (Leadenham) and A. J. Hosack (Ruskington) resigned prompting elections in their divisions. Polling took place on 22 May 1954. The results for Leadenham were:[6][7]

For Ruskington:

Hence, Kelway and Brighton were elected. The Leadenham electorate numbered 1,171, meaning the turnout was approximately 57%. The number of registered voters in Ruskington was 1,702, and the turnout was 65%.[7]

Corby and Navenby, July 1954

The elevation of the Earl of Ancaster (Corby) to the aldermanic bench, and the death of R. A. Mason (Navenby) prompted by-elections. Polling took place on 3 July 1954.[7]


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