1952 Maine gubernatorial election

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Nominee Burton M. Cross James C. Oliver Neil S. Bishop
Party Republican Democratic Independent
Popular vote 128,532 82,538 35,732
Percentage 52.08% 33.44% 14.48%

1952 Maine gubernatorial election results map by county.svg
County results
Cross:      40–50%      50–60%      60–70%
Oliver:      40-50%

Governor before election

Nathaniel Haskell

Elected Governor

Burton M. Cross

The 1952 Maine gubernatorial election took place on September 8, 1952. Incumbent Republican Governor Frederick G. Payne was term limited and seeking election to the United States Senate, thus did not run. Maine Senate President Burton M. Cross faced off against Democratic challenger, former Congressman James C. Oliver (who served in Congress as a Republican) and Independent Neil Bishop in the general election, easily defeating both men. Burton's election was the ninth consecutive victory for the Republicans in Maine gubernatorial races.

The period after the election itself was rather unusual. Cross actually became Governor about two weeks prior to the start of his elected term of office – the outgoing Governor, Frederick G. Payne had resigned on December 25, 1952, to prepare for his term in the United States Senate. Cross, as President of the Senate became Governor through constitutional succession. Cross himself resigned as Senate President (and Governor) at 10:00am January 6, 1953 and was replaced for the next 25 hours by Nathaniel Haskell. At 11:00am on January 7, 1953, Cross' official elected term of office began.


1952 Gubernatorial Election, Maine[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican Burton M. Cross 128,532 52.08% -
Democratic James C. Oliver 82,538 33.44% -
Independent Neil S. Bishop 35,732 14.48% -
Majority 45,994 18.64%


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