1953 NFL Draft
General information
Date(s)January 22, 1953
LocationBellevue-Stratford Hotel
in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
360 total selections in 30 rounds
First selectionHarry Babcock, DE
San Francisco 49ers
Mr. IrrelevantHal Maus, E
Detroit Lions
Most selections (33)Chicago Bears
Fewest selections (25)Washington Redskins
Hall of Famers
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1954 →

The 1953 National Football League Draft was held on January 22, 1953, at Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia.[1][2] Selections made by the folded Dallas Texans were assigned to the Baltimore Colts, since the Dallas team had moved to Baltimore.

This was the seventh year that the first overall pick was a bonus pick determined by lottery, with the previous six winners (Chicago Bears in 1947, Washington Redskins in 1948, Philadelphia Eagles in 1949, Detroit Lions in 1950, New York Giants in 1951, and Los Angeles Rams in 1952) ineligible from the draw;[3] it was won by the San Francisco 49ers, who selected end Harry Babcock.

Player selections

= Pro Bowler [4] = Hall of Famer

Round one

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
1 San Francisco 49ers (Lottery bonus pick) Harry Babcock End Georgia
2 Baltimore Colts Billy Vessels[5] Halfback Oklahoma
3 Washington Redskins Jack Scarbath Back Maryland
4 Chicago Cardinals Johnny Olszewski Fullback California
5 Pittsburgh Steelers Ted Marchibroda Quarterback Detroit
6 Chicago Bears Billy Anderson Halfback Compton CC
7 Green Bay Packers Al Carmichael Halfback USC
8 New York Giants Bobby Marlow Halfback Alabama
9 Los Angeles Rams (From Philadelphia Eagles) Donn Moomaw Center UCLA
10 San Francisco 49ers Tom Stolhandske End Texas
11 Cleveland Browns Doug Atkins End Tennessee
12 Los Angeles Rams Ed Barker End Washington State
13 Detroit Lions Harley Sewell Guard Texas

Round two

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
14 Baltimore Colts Bernie Flowers End Purdue
15 Chicago Cardinals Jim Psaltis Back USC
16 Washington Redskins Dick Modzelewski Defensive tackle Maryland
17 Chicago Bears Zeke Bratkowski Quarterback Georgia
18 Pittsburgh Steelers John Henry Johnson Fullback Arizona State
19 Green Bay Packers Gil Reich Back Kansas
20 Philadelphia Eagles Al Conway Back Army
21 San Francisco 49ers George Morris Center Georgia Tech
22 New York Giants Eddie Crowder Quarterback Oklahoma
23 Cleveland Browns Billy Reynolds Back Pittsburgh
24 Los Angeles Rams Rudy Bukich Quarterback USC
25 Detroit Lions Gene Gedman Back Indiana

Round three

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
26 Baltimore Colts Buck McPhail Back Oklahoma
27 Washington Redskins Paul Dekker End Michigan State
28 Chicago Cardinals Dale Samuels Quarterback Purdue
29 Pittsburgh Steelers Marv Matuszak Tackle Tulsa
30 Chicago Bears Bill Rowekamp Back Missouri
31 Green Bay Packers Bill Forester Tackle SMU
32 San Francisco 49ers Bob St. Clair Offensive tackle San Francisco
33 New York Giants Cal Roberts Tackle Gustavus Adolphus
34 Philadelphia Eagles Don Johnson Back California
35 Cleveland Browns Fred Bruney Back Ohio State
36 Los Angeles Rams Bob Fry Tackle Kentucky
37 Cleveland Browns Gene Donaldson Guard Kentucky

Round four

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
38 Baltimore Colts Tom Catlin Center Oklahoma
39 Chicago Cardinals Buck Martin End Georgia Tech
40 Washington Redskins Don Boll Guard Nebraska
41 Chicago Bears Joe Koch Back Wake Forest
42 Pittsburgh Steelers Lloyd Colteryahn End Maryland
43 Green Bay Packers Gib Dawson Back Texas
44 New York Giants Dewayne Douglas Tackle Florida
45 Philadelphia Eagles George Mrkonic Guard Kansas
46 San Francisco 49ers Ed Fullerton Back Maryland
47 Cleveland Browns Dick Tamburo Center Michigan State
48 Los Angeles Rams Willie Roberts End Tulsa
49 Detroit Lions Charley Ane Tackle USC

Round five

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
50 Baltimore Colts Jack Little Tackle Texas A&M
51 Washington Redskins Nick Carras Back Missouri
52 Chicago Cardinals Bill Shalosky Guard Cincinnati
53 Pittsburgh Steelers Bob Gaona Tackle Wake Forest
54 Chicago Bears Stan Jones Guard Maryland
55 Green Bay Packers Roger Zatkoff Tackle Michigan
56 Philadelphia Eagles Eddie Bell Halfback Penn
57 San Francisco 49ers Hal Miller Tackle Georgia Tech
58 New York Giants Buford Long Back Florida
59 Cleveland Browns Bob Van Doren End USC
60 Los Angeles Rams Tom Scott End Virginia
61 Philadelphia Eagles Rex Smith End Illinois

Round six

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
62 Baltimore Colts Jim Sears Back USC
63 Chicago Cardinals Tony Curcillo Back Ohio State
64 Los Angeles Rams Paul Miller Tackle LSU
65 Chicago Bears Art DeCarlo Back Georgia
66 Pittsburgh Steelers Tom Barton Guard Clemson
67 Green Bay Packers Bob Kennedy Guard Wisconsin
68 Chicago Bears Kline Gilbert Tackle Ole Miss
69 New York Giants Bob Peviani Guard USC
70 Chicago Cardinals Tom Higgins Tackle North Carolina
71 Cleveland Browns Don Steinbrunner End Washington State
72 Los Angeles Rams Howard Waugh Back Tulsa
73 Detroit Lions Ollie Spencer Tackle Kansas

Round seven

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
74 Baltimore Colts Bill Athey Guard Baylor
75 Chicago Bears Bucky McElroy Back Mississippi Southern
76 Philadelphia Eagles Jack Erickson Tackle Beloit
77 Pittsburgh Steelers John Alderton End Maryland
78 Chicago Bears Don Bingham Back Sul Ross
79 Green Bay Packers Jim Ringo Center Syracuse
80 New York Giants Don Branby End Colorado
81 Philadelphia Eagles Ray Malavasi Guard Mississippi State
82 San Francisco 49ers Paul Carr Back Houston
83 Cleveland Browns Gene Filipski Back Villanova
84 Los Angeles Rams Bobby Reynolds Back Nebraska
85 Detroit Lions Joe Schmidt Linebacker Pittsburgh

Round eight

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
86 Baltimore Colts Jim Prewett Tackle Tulsa
87 Chicago Cardinals Jerry Watford Guard Alabama
88 Washington Redskins Lew Weidensaul End Maryland
89 Chicago Bears John Kreamcheck Tackle William & Mary
90 Pittsburgh Steelers Lowell W. Perry End Michigan
91 Green Bay Packers Lauren Hargrove Back Georgia
92 Philadelphia Eagles Jess Richardson Tackle Alabama
93 San Francisco 49ers Doug Hogland Tackle Oregon State
94 New York Giants Don Beck Back Notre Dame
95 Cleveland Browns Carlton Massey End Texas
96 Los Angeles Rams Bob Morgan Tackle Maryland
97 Detroit Lions Lew Carpenter Back Arkansas

Round nine

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
98 Baltimore Colts Bob Blair End TCU
99 Chicago Cardinals Ed Husmann Guard Nebraska
100 Chicago Cardinals Avatus Stone Back Syracuse
101 Pittsburgh Steelers Pat Sarnese Tackle Temple
102 Chicago Bears Bruno Ashley Tackle East Texas State
103 Green Bay Packers Floyd Harrawood Tackle Tulsa
104 San Francisco 49ers Hal Ledyard Back Chattanooga
105 New York Giants Jim Gray Back Panola
106 Philadelphia Eagles Roger French End Minnesota
107 Cleveland Browns Bob McNamara Back Minnesota
108 Los Angeles Rams Brad Myers Back Bucknell
109 Detroit Lions Carlton McCormick Center TCU

Round ten

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
110 Baltimore Colts John Cole Back Arkansas
111 Chicago Cardinals Charley Berndt Tackle Wisconsin
112 New York Giants Darrow Hooper End Texas A&M
113 Chicago Bears Jimmy Moore Back Florida A&M
114 Pittsburgh Steelers Frank Holohan Tackle Tennessee
115 Green Bay Packers Vic Rimkus Guard Holy Cross
116 New York Giants Charlie Maloy Quarterback Holy Cross
117 Philadelphia Eagles Tom Brookshier Back Colorado
118 San Francisco 49ers Pete Brown Guard Georgia Tech
119 Cleveland Browns Elmo Natali Back California (PA)
120 Los Angeles Rams Mick Lakos Back Vanderbilt
121 Detroit Lions Dreher Gaskin End Clemson

Round eleven

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
122 Baltimore Colts Gene Rossi Back Cincinnati
123 Washington Redskins Alex Webster Back NC State
124 Chicago Cardinals Ed Woodsum End Yale
125 Chicago Bears Ralph Charney Back Kentucky
126 Chicago Bears Jim Slowey Center Georgetown
127 Green Bay Packers Joe Johnson Back Boston College
128 Philadelphia Eagles Bob Pollard Back Penn State
129 San Francisco 49ers Al Charlton Back Washington State
130 New York Giants Jim Ruehl Center Ohio State
131 Cleveland Browns Dick Hilinski Tackle Ohio State
132 Los Angeles Rams Jim Bailey Back Miami (OH)
133 Detroit Lions Elmer Messenger Guard Washington State

Round twelve

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
134 Baltimore Colts Kaye Vaughan Guard Tulsa
135 Chicago Cardinals Chuck Spaulding Back Wyoming
136 Washington Redskins Buzz Nutter Center VPI
137 Chicago Bears Jim Lawrence Tackle Duke
138 Pittsburgh Steelers Jerry Robertson Back Kansas
139 Green Bay Packers Dick Curran Back Arizona State
140 San Francisco 49ers Red Leach Guard Duke
141 New York Giants Joe Matesic Tackle Arizona State
142 Philadelphia Eagles George Porter Tackle San Jose State
143 Cleveland Browns Elmer Wilhoite Guard USC
144 Los Angeles Rams Chuck Doud Guard UCLA
145 Detroit Lions Larry Spencer Back Wake Forest

Round thirteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
146 Baltimore Colts Bobby Morehead Back Georgia Tech
147 Chicago Cardinals Frank McPhee End Princeton
148 Chicago Cardinals Ronnie Morris Back Tulsa
149 Pittsburgh Steelers Leo Davis End Bradley
150 Chicago Bears Larry Strickland Center North Texas State
151 Green Bay Packers Bob Orders Center West Virginia
152 New York Giants Jack McShulski End Kansas State
153 Philadelphia Eagles Ray Westort Guard Utah
154 San Francisco 49ers Bill Earley Back Washington
155 Cleveland Browns Galen Fiss Back Kansas
156 Los Angeles Rams Andy Matto Tackle Cincinnati
157 Detroit Lions Bob Thomas End Washington & Lee

Round fourteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
158 Baltimore Colts Frank Continetti Guard George Washington
159 Chicago Cardinals Dick Sprague Back Washington
160 Washington Redskins Ed Timmerman Back Michigan State
161 Chicago Bears Harland Carl Back Wisconsin
162 Pittsburgh Steelers Charley Montgomery Tackle Mississippi
163 Green Bay Packers Charley Wrenn Tackle Texas Christian
164 Philadelphia Eagles Roy Bailey Back Tulane
165 San Francisco 49ers Tom Fletcher Back Arizona State
166 New York Giants J. L. Hall Back Florida
167 Cleveland Browns Gern Nagler End Santa Clara
168 Los Angeles Rams Frank James Guard Houston
169 Detroit Lions Jack Barger Tackle New Mexico

Round fifteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
170 Baltimore Colts Buddy Sutton Back Arkansas
171 Washington Redskins Dave Suminski Tackle Wisconsin
172 Chicago Cardinals Nick Chickillo Guard Miami (FL)
173 Pittsburgh Steelers Bob O'Neil End Notre Dame
174 Chicago Bears Ralph Jecha Guard Northwestern
175 Green Bay Packers Gene Helwig Back Tulsa
176 San Francisco 49ers Charley Genthner Tackle Texas
177 New York Giants Dick Bowman Guard Oklahoma
178 Philadelphia Eagles Willie Irvin End Florida A&M
179 Cleveland Browns Johnny Carson End Georgia
180 Los Angeles Rams Tom Carroll Back Oklahoma
181 Detroit Lions Ted Topor Back Michigan

Round sixteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
182 Baltimore Colts Jim Currin End Dayton
183 Chicago Cardinals Jimmy Lear Back Mississippi
184 Washington Redskins Jim Slay End Mississippi
185 Chicago Bears John Hatley Tackle Sul Ross
186 Pittsburgh Steelers John Zachary Back Miami (OH)
187 Green Bay Packers John Hlay Back Ohio State
188 New York Giants Bill Skyinskus Guard Syracuse
189 Philadelphia Eagles Bud Wallace Back North Carolina
190 San Francisco 49ers Fred During End Bowling Green
191 Cleveland Browns Eric Kuykendall Back Illinois
192 Los Angeles Rams Ben DeLoe Tackle Mississippi State
193 Detroit Lions Bob Volonnino Guard Army/Villanova

Round seventeen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
194 Baltimore Colts George Rambour Tackle Dartmouth
195 Washington Redskins Bob Haner Back Villanova
196 Chicago Cardinals Earl Heninger Back Purdue
197 Pittsburgh Steelers Reed Quinn Back Florida
198 Chicago Bears Bob Beal End California
199 Green Bay Packers Bill Georges End Texas
200 Philadelphia Eagles Tony Rados Back Penn State
201 San Francisco 49ers Hugh Latham Tackle San Diego State
202 New York Giants Don Rhoden Center Rice
203 Cleveland Browns George Bean Back Utah
204 Los Angeles Rams Harland Svare End Washington State
205 Detroit Lions Ray Green Tackle Duke

Round eighteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
206 Baltimore Colts LeRoy Labat Back Louisiana State
207 Chicago Cardinals Joe Yukica End Penn State
208 Washington Redskins Jim Turner Back Texas Tech
209 Chicago Bears Jim Shirley Back Clemson
210 Pittsburgh Steelers Carl Holben Tackle Duke
211 Green Bay Packers Jim Philee Back Bradley
212 San Francisco 49ers Stan Wacholz End San Jose State
213 New York Giants Phil Suwall Back Western Maryland
214 Philadelphia Eagles Marv Trauth Tackle Mississippi
215 Cleveland Browns Dick Batten Tackle Pacific
216 Los Angeles Rams Lew Jones Tackle Wabash
217 Detroit Lions Ed Mioduszewski Back William & Mary

Round nineteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
218 Baltimore Colts Bill Powell Back California
219 Washington Redskins Tom Flyzik Tackle George Washington
220 Chicago Cardinals Tom Donahue Center Wake Forest
221 Pittsburgh Steelers Jim Williams Back Louisville
222 Chicago Bears Bill Byrus Tackle Iowa State
223 Green Bay Packers Bill Lucky Tackle Baylor
224 New York Giants Hal Lehman Tackle Southern Mississippi
225 Philadelphia Eagles Pete Bachouros Back Illinois
226 San Francisco 49ers King DuClos Tackle Texas-El Paso
227 Cleveland Browns Tom Cain Guard Colorado
228 Los Angeles Rams Jack Ellena Tackle UCLA
229 Detroit Lions Paul Held Back San Diego State

Round twenty

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
230 Baltimore Colts Pete Russo Tackle Indiana
231 Chicago Cardinals Len D'Errico Guard Boston University
232 Washington Redskins Bill Link Guard Wake Forest
233 Chicago Bears Tom Mahin Tackle Purdue
234 Pittsburgh Steelers Will Lee Hayley End Auburn
235 Green Bay Packers John Harville Back Texas Christian
236 Philadelphia Eagles Rollie Arns Center Iowa State
237 San Francisco 49ers Ray Huizinga Tackle Northwestern
238 New York Giants Dick Christiansen End Arizona
239 Cleveland Browns Chuck Noll Linebacker Dayton
240 Los Angeles Rams Bob Morford Back College of Idaho
241 Detroit Lions Gerry Hart Tackle Army/Mississippi State

Round twenty-one

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
242 Baltimore Colts Frank Kirby Tackle Bucknell
243 Washington Redskins Jim Dublinski Center Utah
244 Chicago Cardinals Joe Curtis End Alabama
245 Pittsburgh Steelers Don Earley Guard South Carolina
246 Chicago Bears Wayne Martin End Texas Christian
247 Green Bay Packers Bob Conway Back Alabama
248 San Francisco 49ers Ken Bahnsen End North Texas State
249 New York Giants Gene Bullard Tackle Louisiana College
250 Philadelphia Eagles Hal Brooks Tackle Washington & Lee
251 Cleveland Browns Bill Crockett Guard Rice
252 Los Angeles Rams Dick Gordon Tackle Toledo
253 Detroit Lions Bob Tata Back Virginia

Round twenty-two

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
254 Baltimore Colts Merlin Gish Center Kansas
255 Chicago Cardinals Hal Lokovsek Tackle Washington State
256 Washington Redskins Ed Pucci Guard USC
257 Chicago Bears Wayne Wood Tackle Memphis State
258 Pittsburgh Steelers Ed O'Connor Tackle Maryland
259 Green Bay Packers Bill Turnbeaugh Tackle Auburn
260 New York Giants Mike Kelley End Florida
261 Philadelphia Eagles Laurie LeClaire Back Michigan
262 San Francisco 49ers Laverne Robbins Guard Midwestern State (TX)
263 Cleveland Browns Byrd Looper Back Duke
264 Los Angeles Rams George Porter Tackle Southwest Texas State
265 Detroit Lions Pete Retzlaff Tight end South Dakota State

Round twenty-three

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
266 Baltimore Colts Mike Houseplan Guard Tulane
267 Washington Redskins Ed Bierne End Detroit
268 Chicago Cardinals Jim Root Back Miami (OH)
269 Pittsburgh Steelers Ray Correll Guard Kentucky
270 Chicago Bears Jim Mask End Mississippi
271 Green Bay Packers Bill Murray End American International
272 Philadelphia Eagles Jeff Knox End Georgia Tech
273 San Francisco 49ers Travis Hunt Tackle Alabama
274 New York Giants Ted Kukowski Center Navy/Syracuse
275 Cleveland Browns Ronnie Kent Back Tulane
276 Los Angeles Rams Larry Willoughby Back Fresno State
277 Detroit Lions Carl Karilivacz Back Syracuse

Round twenty-four

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
278 Baltimore Colts Monte Brethauer End Oregon
279 Chicago Cardinals Brad Glass Guard Princeton
280 Washington Redskins Stan Butterworth Back Bucknell
281 Chicago Bears Paul Hatcher Center Arkansas City J.C.
282 Pittsburgh Steelers Bob Schneidenbach Back Miami (FL)
283 Green Bay Packers Jim Haslam Tackle Tennessee
284 San Francisco 49ers Ed Morgan Back Tennessee
285 New York Giants Charley Kubes Guard Minnesota
286 Philadelphia Eagles Eli Romero Back Wichita State
287 Cleveland Browns John Labends Tackle Wittenberg
288 Los Angeles Rams Marlow Gudmundson Back North Dakota State
289 Detroit Lions Truett Grant Tackle Duke

Round twenty-five

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
290 Baltimore Colts Joe Szombathy End Syracuse
291 Washington Redskins Art Hurd Guard Maryland
292 Chicago Cardinals Haywood Sullivan Back Florida
293 Pittsburgh Steelers Vic Hampel End Houston
294 Chicago Bears Clyde Pickard Guard Wake Forest
295 Green Bay Packers Ike Jones End UCLA
296 New York Giants Dan Drake Back Rice
297 Philadelphia Eagles Johnny Michels Guard Tennessee
298 San Francisco 49ers Ernie Stockert End UCLA
299 Cleveland Browns Jim Ellis Back Michigan State
300 Los Angeles Rams Ed Clemens Center Dayton
301 Detroit Lions Marv Brown Back East Texas State

Round twenty-six

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
302 Baltimore Colts Scott Prescott Center Minnesota
303 Chicago Cardinals Don Ringe Tackle Idaho
304 Washington Redskins Walt Ashcraft Tackle USC
305 Chicago Bears Bob Evans Tackle Pennsylvania
306 Pittsburgh Steelers Jack "Goose" McClairen End Bethune-Cookman
307 Green Bay Packers George Bozanic Back USC
308 Philadelphia Eagles Harvey Achziger Tackle Colorado State
309 San Francisco 49ers Harley Cooper Back Arizona State
310 New York Giants Bill Wetzel Back Syracuse
311 Cleveland Browns Charlie Hoag Back Kansas
312 Los Angeles Rams Louie Yourkowski Tackle Washington
313 Detroit Lions Jim Dooley Center Penn State

Round twenty-seven

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
314 Baltimore Colts Ray Graves Back Texas A&M
315 Washington Redskins John Zanetti Tackle John Carroll
316 Chicago Cardinals C. O. Brocato Center Baylor
317 Pittsburgh Steelers Jack Delaney Back Cincinnati
318 Chicago Bears Marvin Wahlin Back Arizona State
319 Green Bay Packers Jim McConaughey End Houston
320 San Francisco 49ers Ralph McLeod End Louisiana State
321 New York Giants Roosevelt "Rosey" Brown Offensive tackle Morgan State
322 Philadelphia Eagles Earl Hersh Back West Chester
323 Cleveland Browns Jack Sisco Center Baylor
324 Los Angeles Rams Lou Welsh Center USC
325 Detroit Lions Jackie Parker Back Mississippi State

Round twenty-eight

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
326 Baltimore Colts Joe Sabol Back UCLA
327 Chicago Cardinals Mike Prokopiak Back New Mexico
328 Washington Redskins Bob Buckley Back USC
329 Chicago Bears Jim Caldwell Tackle Tennessee State
330 Pittsburgh Steelers Joe Cimini Tackle Mississippi State
331 Green Bay Packers Zack Jordan Back Colorado
332 New York Giants Joe Ramona Guard Santa Clara
333 Philadelphia Eagles Joe Gratson Back Penn State
334 San Francisco 49ers Tom Novikoff Back Oregon
335 Cleveland Browns Ray Verkirk Tackle North Texas State
336 Los Angeles Rams Jim Murray Tackle Montana
337 Detroit Lions Laurin Pepper Back Southern Mississippi

Round twenty-nine

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
338 Baltimore Colts Jack Alessandrini Guard Notre Dame
339 Washington Redskins Pat Shires Back Tennessee
340 Chicago Cardinals Earl Wrightenberry Tackle Clemson
341 Pittsburgh Steelers Art Massaro Back Washington & Jefferson
342 Chicago Bears Jack Lewis End Wake Forest
343 Green Bay Packers Henry O'Brien Guard Boston College
344 Philadelphia Eagles Ralph Paolone Back Kentucky
345 San Francisco 49ers Don Stillwell End USC
346 New York Giants Bob Griffis Guard Furman
347 Cleveland Browns Clell Hobson Back Alabama
348 Los Angeles Rams Ray Lewis End Boise J.C.
349 Detroit Lions Harley Rector Tackle Wayne State (NE)

Round thirty

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
350 Baltimore Colts Tom Roche Tackle Northwestern
351 Chicago Cardinals Bill Gaudreau Back Notre Dame
352 Washington Redskins Bob Mathias Back Stanford
353 Chicago Bears Bill Brehany Quarterback Virginia Military Inst
354 Pittsburgh Steelers Lou Tepe Center Duke
355 Green Bay Packers Al Barry Guard USC
356 New York Giants Stavros Canakes Guard Minnesota
357 Philadelphia Eagles Chuck Hren Back Northwestern
358 Cleveland Browns Andy Myers Guard Tennessee
359 Los Angeles Rams Fritz Phren Back College of the Ozarks
360 [6] Detroit Lions Hal Maus End Montana
= Pro Bowler [4] = Hall of Famer

Hall of Famers

Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1973.[7]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1975.[7]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1981.[8]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1982.[8]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1987.[8]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1990.[9]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1991.[9]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1993 as a coach.[9]

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler[4]
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Baltimore Colts Bill Pellington  LB Rutgers Ind.
Los Angeles Rams Don Burroughs  S Colorado State MSC
Los Angeles Rams Eugene Lipscomb  DT    
Philadelphia Eagles Hal Giancanelli  RB Loyola Marymount
Pittsburgh Steelers Leo Elter  RB Villanova Ind.
Pittsburgh Steelers Willie Thrower  QB Michigan State Ind.

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