The administrative county of Kesteven (1889–1974), shown within England.
The administrative county of Kesteven (1889–1974), shown within England.

Elections to Kesteven County Council were held on Saturday, 2 April 1955. Kesteven was one of three divisions of the historic county of Lincolnshire in England; it consisted of the ancient wapentakes (or hundreds) of Aswardhurn, Aveland, Beltisloe, Boothby Graffoe, Flaxwell, Langoe, Loveden, Ness, and Winnibriggs and Threo.[1] The Local Government Act 1888 established Kesteven as an administrative county, governed by a Council;[2] elections were held every three years from 1889, until it was abolished by the Local Government Act 1972, which established Lincolnshire County Council in its place.[3][4]

The County Council was divided into 60 electoral divisions. 45 independents and 15 Labour candidates were returned in the 1961 elections.[5]

Results by division

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Division Candidate[5] Party Votes Retiring member?
Ancaster Robert William Chadburn Ind r
Bennington Christopher Ullyatt Lab
Billingborough Leslie Ronald Swingler Ind r
Billinghay Bertie Tomlinson Ind
Bourne no. 1
Bourne no. 2
Bracebridge Herbert Edward Hough Lab 453
Miss Alice Rooke Ind 416
Caythorpe John William Oxby Ind 443 r
Mrs Dorothy Lily Pamblett Ind 203
Colsterworth Charles Bulstridge Bailey Ind 327
Mrs Constance Lily Jacques Ind 226
Gordon Suter Lab 100
Cranwell John Edwin Mountain Ind
Deeping St James
Gonerby and Barrowby Philip Newton Ind 371
John Edward Snell Lab 335 r
Grantham no. 1
Grantham no. 2
Grantham no. 3
Grantham no. 4
Grantham no. 5
Grantham no. 6
Grantham no. 7 Arthur Syddall Ind 440
George Ernest Waltham Lab 222
Grantham no. 8
Grantham no. 9
Grantham no. 10
Heckington George Henry Dunmore Ind r
Helpringham Sydney Percy King Lab r
Kyme Ernest Leonard Lamyman Ind r
Leadenham William Reeve Ind
Market Deeping
Metheringham Frederick Cooling Townsend Ind 439 r
Frederick Archie Burgon Lab 332
Morton Jack Manton Lab 311
Alan Shaw Ind 265 r
Navenby Richard Baden Naylor Ind
North Hykeham Sydney Roe Ind 567 r
Frederick Albert Baker Lab 401
Osbournby Mrs Nellie Robson Ind r
Rippingale Harold Scarborough Lab 304
John Alexander Galletly Ind 278
Ruskington Benjamin Ebenezer Brighton Ind r
Scopwick Horace Waudby Ind r
Sleaford no. 1 Edgar Wilfred Elmore Ind r
Sleaford no. 2 Cecil John Barnes Ind 502 r
John Mathieson Klingberg Lab 458
Sleaford no. 3 William Middleton Ind r
Stamford no. 1
Stamford no. 2 William Arthur James Darnes Lab 459
Harry Skells Ind 173 r
Stamford no. 3
Stamford no. 4
Stamford no. 5
Welby Herbert Vian Clark Ind 426
Reginald Edgar Burnett Lab 260
Wilsford Henry Pryor Kelway Ind




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