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List of years in television (table)
In radio

The year 1955 in television involved some significant events. Below is a list of television-related events during 1955.


Elvis appears in Louisiana Hayride



Programs ending

Date Show Debut
January 27 So You Want to Lead a Band 1954
March 11 The Jack Carson Show
Stories of the Century
April 6 Norby 1955
April 8 Dear Phoebe 1954
April 22 The Ray Bolger Show 1953
June 4 The Mickey Rooney Show: Hey, Mulligan 1954
June 16 Willy
June 23 The Public Defender
June 25 The Imogene Coca Show
June 26 The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse 1953
July 1 Hawkins Falls 1951
July 15 Flash Gordon 1954
July 26 Who Said That? 1948
August 24 My Little Margie 1952
September 1 Life with Elizabeth
September 13 Place the Face 1953
September 17 Musical Chairs 1955
Unknown Frankie Laine Time
Muffin the Mule (UK) 1946
The Jo Stafford Show 1954
That's My Boy


Date Name Notability
January 6 Rowan Atkinson English comic actor (Mr. Bean, Blackadder)
January 9 J. K. Simmons Actor (The Closer, Oz, Law & Order)
January 10 Jimmy Vivino Band leader
January 14 Bill Flanagan Radio host
January 18 Kevin Costner Actor
January 20 Wyatt Knight Actor (died 2011)
January 21 Jeff Franklin Producer
January 22 John Wesley Shipp Actor (The Flash, Dawson's Creek)
February 2 Michael Talbott Actor (Miami Vice)
Kim Zimmer Actress (Guiding Light, One Life to Live)
February 7 Miguel Ferrer Actor (Crossing Jordan, NCIS: Los Angeles) (d. 2017)
Rolf Benirschke American former professional football player
February 8 Ethan Phillips Actor (Benson, Star Trek: Voyager)
February 11 Bianca Ferguson Actress
February 14 James Eckhouse Actor (Beverly Hills, 90210)
February 15 Christopher McDonald Actor (Family Law)
February 19 Jeff Daniels Actor
February 21 Kelsey Grammer Actor, comedian (Cheers, Frasier)
February 28 Adrian Dantley NBA basketball player
Gilbert Gottfried Actor, comedian (Saturday Night Live, Aladdin, Cyberchase) (d. 2022)
March 3 Darnell Williams British-born soap opera actor (All My Children)
Andy Breckman Writer
March 6 James Saito Actor (Eli Stone)
March 7 Anupam Kher Actor
March 17 Gary Sinise Actor, producer, director (CSI: NY)
Mark Boone Junior Actor
March 19 Bruce Willis Actor (Moonlighting)
March 23 Moses Malone NBA basketball player (died 2015)
March 28 Reba McEntire Singer, actress (Reba)
March 29 Marina Sirtis Actress (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Christopher Lawford Actor (died 2018)
April 7 Alexandra Neil Soap opera actress
April 11 Michele Scarabelli Actress (Alien Nation)
April 17 Kristine Sutherland Actress (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
April 24 John de Mol Jr. Dutch media tycoon television producer
April 28 Todd Waring Actor
April 29 Kate Mulgrew Actress (Star Trek: Voyager, Orange is the New Black)
May 5 Melinda Culea Actress (The A-Team)
May 6 Tom Bergeron American game show host
May 7 Peter Reckell Actor (Days of Our Lives)
May 10 Larry "Flash" Jenkins Actor (The White Shadow) (d. 2019)
Rick Steves Television personality
May 11 Shabba Doo Television actor (d. 2020)
May 12 Scott Brazil Television producer (d. 2006)
May 15 Lee Horsley Actor (Matt Houston, Paradise)
May 17 Bill Paxton Actor (Twister, Big Love) (d. 2017)
May 23 Ken Michelman Actor (The White Shadow)
May 25 Connie Sellecca Actress (Flying High, The Greatest American Hero, Hotel)
Bobby Slayton Actor
May 27 Richard Schiff Actor (The West Wing)
June 2 Dana Carvey Comic actor (Saturday Night Live)
June 6 Sam Simon Writer and director
June 8 Griffin Dunne Actor and director
June 10 Andrew Stevens Actor (Dallas), producer, director
June 15 Polly Draper Actress (thirtysomething)
Ted Harbert American broadcasting and television executive
June 16 Laurie Metcalf Actress (Roseanne)
June 18 Leon Herbert Actor
June 21 Leigh McCloskey Actor (Dallas)
David Marshall Grant Actor
June 24 Betsy Randle Actress (Boy Meets World)
June 28 Jim Nelford Golfer
July 3 Bob Thiele Jr. Musician
Bruce Altman Actor
July 9 Jimmy Smits Actor (L.A. Law, NYPD Blue, The West Wing)
Yvonne Hudson Actress (Saturday Night Live)
July 19 Toborr Kristina Tomlinsen Actress (voice of Rinna Raccoon on the Rocky Raccoon cartoon series)
Tudi Roche Actress (wife of Richard Karn)
July 22 Willem Dafoe Actor
July 28 Mike Merritt Musician
August 2 Tim Dunigan Actor (Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future)
August 3 Corey Burton Voice actor
August 7 Wayne Knight Actor (Seinfeld, 3rd Rock from the Sun)
August 14 Gillian Taylforth English actress (EastEnders)
August 16 Jeff Perry Actor
August 19 Peter Gallagher Actor (The O.C., Covert Affairs)
August 27 Diana Scarwid Actress (Truman, Wonderfalls)
September 2 Linda Purl Actress and singer (Matlock)
September 3 Steve Jones Actor and singer
James Duff Writer
September 7 Mira Furlan Actress (Babylon 5, Lost) (died 2021)
September 9 Edward Hibbert Anglo-American actor (Frasier)
September 12 Peter Scolari Actor (Bosom Buddies, Newhart) (died 2021)
September 18 David Mirkin Producer
September 20 Betsy Brantley Actress
September 21 Rebecca Balding Actress (Soap, Charmed)
September 29 Gwen Ifill Journalist (died 2016)
October 8 Darrell Hammond Actor (Saturday Night Live)
October 9 Linwood Boomer Actor
October 15 Tanya Roberts Actress (Charlie's Angels, That '70s Show) (died 2021)
October 16 Ellen Dolan Actress (Guiding Light, As the World Turns)
October 26 Jonathan Murray American television producer
October 27 Michael Shamus Wiles Actor
October 30 Shanna Reed Actress (Major Dad)
November 13 Whoopi Goldberg Actress, comedian, talk-show host (The View)
November 17 Bill Macatee Sportscaster
Yolanda King Activist (died 2007)
November 23 Peter Douglas Actor
November 27 Bill Nye Educator (Bill Nye the Science Guy)
November 29 Howie Mandel Actor, host (St. Elsewhere, Deal or No Deal)
November 30 Kevin Conroy Voice actor (Batman: The Animated Series)
December 2 Dennis Christopher Actor
December 3 Melody Anderson Actress (Manimal)
Steven Culp Actor (JAG, The West Wing, Desperate Housewives)
December 6 Steven Wright Actor
December 16 Xander Berkeley Actor (24, The Mentalist, Nikita)
December 18 Joel Surnow American television writer
December 21 Jane Kaczmarek Actress (Malcolm in the Middle)
December 23 Stefan Arngrim Actor
December 24 Clarence Gilyard Actor
December 27 Barbara Olson Television commentator (died 2001)


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