1957 NFL Draft
General information
Date(s)November 26, 1956 &
January 31, 1957
LocationWarwick Hotel &
The Bellevue-Stratford Hotel
in Philadelphia, PA
360 total selections in 30 rounds
First selectionPaul Hornung, HB
Green Bay Packers
Mr. IrrelevantDon Gest, E
New York Giants
Most selections (35)Los Angeles Rams
Fewest selections (26)Chicago Cardinals
Hall of Famers9
← 1956
1958 →

The 1957 National Football League draft had its first four rounds held on November 26, 1956, at the Warwick Hotel in Philadelphia and its final twenty-six rounds on January 31, 1957 at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel also in Philadelphia.[1][2]

This was the 11th year that the first overall pick was a bonus pick determined by lottery. With the previous ten winners ineligible from the draw, only the Chicago Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers had an equal chance of winning.[3] The draft lottery was won by Green Bay, who selected halfback Paul Hornung.

Player selections

= Hall of Famer = Pro Bowler [4]

Round one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
1 Green Bay Packers (Lottery bonus pick) Paul Hornung[5] Halfback Notre Dame
2 Los Angeles Rams Jon Arnett Halfback USC
3 San Francisco 49ers John Brodie Quarterback Stanford
4 Green Bay Packers Ron Kramer End Michigan
5 Pittsburgh Steelers Len Dawson Quarterback Purdue
6 Cleveland Browns Jim Brown Fullback Syracuse
7 Philadelphia Eagles Clarence Peaks Fullback Michigan State
8 Baltimore Colts Jim Parker Guard Ohio State
9 Washington Redskins Don Bosseler Fullback Miami (FL)
10 Chicago Cardinals Jerry Tubbs Center Oklahoma
11 Los Angeles Rams (From New York Giants) Del Shofner Back Baylor
12 Detroit Lions Bill Glass End Baylor
13 Chicago Bears Earl Leggett Tackle LSU

Round two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
14 Los Angeles Rams Jack Pardee Back Texas A&M
15 San Francisco 49ers Abe Woodson Back Illinois
16 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Michael Tackle Ohio State
17 Cleveland Browns Milt Plum Quarterback Penn State
18 Green Bay Packers Joel Wells Back Clemson
19 Philadelphia Eagles Billy Ray Barnes Back Wake Forest
20 Baltimore Colts Don Shinnick Linebacker UCLA
21 Washington Redskins Joe Walton End Pittsburgh
22 Chicago Cardinals Tom Maentz End Michigan
23 New York Giants Sam DeLuca Tackle South Carolina
24 Detroit Lions John Gordy Tackle Tennessee
25 Chicago Bears Jim Swink Back Texas Christian

Round three

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
26 Los Angeles Rams Billy Ray Smith Tackle Arkansas
27 Los Angeles Rams George Strugar Tackle Washington
28 Cleveland Browns George Walker Back Arkansas
29 Green Bay Packers Dalton Truax Tackle Tulane
30 Pittsburgh Steelers Don Owens Tackle Southern Mississippi
31 Philadelphia Eagles Tommy McDonald Wide receiver Oklahoma
32 Baltimore Colts Luke Owens Tackle Kent State
33 Washington Redskins Ed Sutton Back North Carolina
34 Chicago Cardinals Bill Hudson Tackle Clemson
35 New York Giants Dennis Mendyk Back Michigan State
36 Detroit Lions Terry Barr Wide receiver Michigan
37 Chicago Bears Ronnie Knox Quarterback UCLA

Round four

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
38 Los Angeles Rams Bobby Cox Quarterback Minnesota
39 San Francisco 49ers Jim Ridlon Back Syracuse
40 Washington Redskins Jim Podoley Back Central Michigan
41 Green Bay Packers Carl Vereen Tackle Georgia Tech
42 Cleveland Browns Paul Camera End Stanford
43 Philadelphia Eagles Sonny Jurgensen Quarterback Duke
44 Baltimore Colts Jackie Simpson Back Florida
45 Washington Redskins Vince Scorsone Guard Pittsburgh
46 San Francisco 49ers Mike Sandusky Tackle Maryland
47 Los Angeles Rams Lamar Lundy End Purdue
48 Detroit Lions Steve Junker End Xavier
49 Chicago Bears Jack Johnson Back Miami (FL)

Round five

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
50 Philadelphia Eagles Jimmy Harris Quarterback Oklahoma
51 Los Angeles Rams Dean Derby Back Washington
52 Cleveland Browns Henry Jordan Defensive tackle Virginia
53 Cleveland Browns Milt Campbell Back Indiana
54 Baltimore Colts Ronnie Underwood Back Arkansas
55 Pittsburgh Steelers Perry Richards End Detroit
56 San Francisco 49ers Karl Rubke Center USC
57 Los Angeles Rams Dick Enright Guard USC
58 Chicago Cardinals Wayne Bock Tackle Illinois
59 Detroit Lions John Barrow Guard Florida
60 Chicago Bears Vic Zucco Back Michigan State
61 New York Giants Larry Wesley Tackle Florida

Round six

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
62 San Francisco 49ers Bill Rhodes Back Western State (CO)
63 Cleveland Browns Joe Amstutz Center Indiana
64 Los Angeles Rams Roy Wilkins End Georgia
65 Baltimore Colts Billy Pricer Back Oklahoma
66 Pittsburgh Steelers George Volkert Back Georgia Tech
67 Cleveland Browns Harley Martin Tackle California
68 San Francisco 49ers Jim Hunter Back Missouri
69 Washington Redskins J. T. Frankenberger Tackle Kentucky
70 Green Bay Packers John Nisby Guard Pacific
71 Detroit Lions Ken Russell Tackle Bowling Green
72 Chicago Bears Bo Dickinson Back Southern Mississippi
73 New York Giants Bob Hobert Tackle Minnesota

Round seven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
74 Philadelphia Eagles Tom Saidock Tackle Michigan State
75 Los Angeles Rams Ed Gray Tackle Oklahoma
76 Green Bay Packers Frank Gilliam End Iowa
77 Pittsburgh Steelers Curley Johnson Back Houston
78 Cleveland Browns Gene Hickerson Tackle Mississippi
79 Baltimore Colts Reuben Saage Back Baylor
80 San Francisco 49ers Fred Dugan End Dayton
81 Washington Redskins Wally Merz Tackle Colorado
82 Cleveland Browns Mike Rotunno Center Michigan
83 Detroit Lions Jerry Leahy End Colorado
84 Chicago Bears Jerry DeLucca Tackle Middle Tennessee State
85 New York Giants Chuck Curtis Quarterback Texas Christian

Round eight

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
86 Philadelphia Eagles Hal McElhaney Back Duke
87 Green Bay Packers George Belotti Center USC
88 Los Angeles Rams Roy Hord Jr. Tackle Duke
89 Cleveland Browns Don Gillis Center Rice
90 Baltimore Colts Jack Harmon End Eastern Oregon
91 Chicago Bears Al Ward Back Yale
92 San Francisco 49ers Ernie Pitts End Denver
93 Washington Redskins Paul Lopata End Yale
94 Los Angeles Rams Charlie Bradshaw Tackle Baylor
95 Detroit Lions Dave Liddick Tackle George Washington
96 Chicago Bears Bob Kilcullen Tackle Texas Tech
97 New York Giants Johnny Bookman Back Florida

Round nine

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
98 Philadelphia Eagles Hal Davis Back Westminster (PA)
99 Los Angeles Rams John Mitchell Center Texas Christian
100 Green Bay Packers Ken Wineberg Back Texas Christian
101 Baltimore Colts Bob White Tackle Otterbein
102 Pittsburgh Steelers Charley Hutchings Tackle Miami (FL)
103 Cleveland Browns Don Comstock Back Alabama
104 San Francisco 49ers Charlie Brueckman Center Pittsburgh
105 Washington Redskins Galen Laack Guard Pacific
106 Chicago Cardinals Don McCumby Tackle Washington
107 Detroit Lions John Nikkel End Texas Christian
108 Chicago Bears Bill Brown Guard Syracuse
109 New York Giants Don Maynard Wide receiver Texas-El Paso

Round ten

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
110 Philadelphia Eagles Don Bruhns Center Drake
111 Green Bay Packers Gary Gustafson Guard Gustavus Adolphus
112 Los Angeles Rams Warren Spragg Tackle Hillsdale
113 Pittsburgh Steelers Ralph Jelic Back Pittsburgh
114 Cleveland Browns Bob Reinhart Back San Jose State
115 Baltimore Colts Joe Grisham End Austin Peay
116 San Francisco 49ers Jerry Hurst End Middle Tennessee State
117 Washington Redskins Don Dobrino Back Iowa
118 Chicago Cardinals Don Carothers End Bradley
119 Detroit Lions Tom Rychlec End American International
120 Chicago Bears Bill Murphy End Fresno State
121 New York Giants Gordon Massa Center Holy Cross

Round eleven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
122 Philadelphia Eagles Gil Shoaf Tackle Wabash
123 Los Angeles Rams Don Smith Tackle Miami (OH)
124 Green Bay Packers Jim Roseboro Back Ohio State
125 Cleveland Browns Bill Cummings Tackle Ohio State
126 Baltimore Colts Andy Nelson Quarterback Memphis State
127 Pittsburgh Steelers Dick Hughes Back Tulsa
128 San Francisco 49ers Tommy Davis Back Louisiana State
129 Washington Redskins Dick Foster Tackle Idaho
130 Chicago Cardinals Bob Kraus Guard Kansas
131 Detroit Lions Carl Osterich Center Missouri
132 Chicago Bears Roger Hampton Back McNeese State
133 New York Giants Pat Burke Guard Michigan State

Round twelve

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
134 Philadelphia Eagles Buddy Dike Back Texas Christian
135 Green Bay Packers Ed Sullivan Center Notre Dame
136 Los Angeles Rams Don Klochak Back North Carolina
137 Baltimore Colts Don Simonic Tackle Tennessee Tech
138 Pittsburgh Steelers Vern Ellison Guard Oregon State
139 Cleveland Browns Rudy Spitzenberger Guard Houston
140 San Francisco 49ers Fred Sington Tackle Alabama
141 Washington Redskins Wade Mitchell Quarterback Georgia Tech
142 Chicago Cardinals Bob Derrick Back Oklahoma
143 Detroit Lions Charlie O'Brien End Valparaiso
144 Chicago Bears Larry Sorenson Tackle Utah State
145 Green Bay Packers Glenn Bestor Back Wisconsin

Round thirteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
146 Philadelphia Eagles Hubert Bobo Linebacker Ohio State
147 Los Angeles Rams Bob Wolfenden Back Virginia Tech
148 Green Bay Packers Jim Morse Back Notre Dame
149 Pittsburgh Steelers Dwaine Underwood Tackle Oklahoma State
150 Cleveland Browns Jerry Sansom End Auburn
151 Baltimore Colts Jack Call Back Colgate
152 San Francisco 49ers Charley Mackey End Arizona State
153 Washington Redskins Claude Austin Back George Washington
154 Chicago Cardinals Ed Ritt Tackle Montana State
155 Detroit Lions Bill West Back Eastern Oregon
156 Chicago Bears Don Williams Back Texas Tech
157 New York Giants Ron Bennett End Mississippi State

Round fourteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
158 Philadelphia Eagles Jerry Cashman Tackle Syracuse
159 Green Bay Packers Rudy Schoendorf Tackle Miami (OH)
160 Los Angeles Rams Joe Lazzarino Tackle Maryland
161 Cleveland Browns Don Feller Back Kansas
162 Baltimore Colts Joe Guido Back Youngstown State
163 Pittsburgh Steelers Jim Crawford Back Wyoming
164 San Francisco 49ers Ron Warzeka Tackle Montana State
165 Washington Redskins George Rice Tackle Wofford
166 Chicago Cardinals Bob Fee Back Indiana
167 Detroit Lions Phil Smith Back Jacksonville State
168 Chicago Bears Bob Schmidt Back Memphis State
169 New York Giants Dean Hesse Tackle East Texas State

Round fifteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
170 Philadelphia Eagles Mort Moriarity End Texas
171 Los Angeles Rams Ed Hinman Back Wichita State
172 Green Bay Packers Pat Hinton Guard Louisiana Tech
173 Baltimore Colts Hall Whitley Center Texas A&I
174 Pittsburgh Steelers Herman Canil Tackle Pittsburgh
175 Cleveland Browns Dave Kaiser End Michigan State
176 San Francisco 49ers Earl Kaiser Back Houston
177 Washington Redskins Brad Bomba End Indiana
178 Chicago Cardinals Bill Livingston Center Southern Methodist
179 Detroit Lions Gene Alderton Center Maryland
180 Chicago Bears Tony Hosek End West Virginia
181 New York Giants Julius Derrick End South Carolina

Round sixteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
182 Philadelphia Eagles John Nocera Back Iowa
183 Green Bay Packers Ed Buckingham Tackle Minnesota
184 Los Angeles Rams John Luck Tackle Georgia
185 Baltimore Colts Joe Cannavino Running back Ohio State
186 Cleveland Browns John "The Beast" Bayuk Back Colorado
187 Baltimore Colts Ed Prelock Tackle Kansas
188 San Francisco 49ers Vic Kristopalitis Back Dayton
189 Washington Redskins Joe Brodsky Back Florida
190 Chicago Cardinals Terry Hurley End Montana
191 Detroit Lions Hillmer Olson Center Virginia Tech
192 Chicago Bears Ed Heuring End Maryland
193 New York Giants Lou Deutschmann Back Louisiana State

Round seventeen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
194 Philadelphia Eagles Dan Radakovich Center Penn State
195 Los Angeles Rams Dave Trippett Tackle Hillsdale
196 Green Bay Packers Don Boudreaux Tackle Houston
197 Cleveland Browns Frank Tamburello Back Maryland
198 Baltimore Colts Dan Wisniewski Guard Pittsburgh
199 Pittsburgh Steelers Corny Salvaterra Quarterback Pittsburgh
200 San Francisco 49ers Dave Kuhn Center Kentucky
201 Washington Redskins Fred Brock Back Wheaton
202 Chicago Cardinals Buddy Terry Tackle Houston
203 Detroit Lions Jack Kemp Quarterback Occidental
204 Chicago Bears Don Heine End Murray State
205 New York Giants Jerry Stone Center Mississippi

Round eighteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
206 Philadelphia Eagles Billy Kelley Tackle Baylor
207 Green Bay Packers Credell Green Back Washington
208 Los Angeles Rams Clarence Cook End Nebraska
209 Baltimore Colts Jim Villa Back Allegheny
210 Pittsburgh Steelers Len Bigbee End East Texas State
211 Cleveland Browns Laverne Torczon Guard Nebraska
212 San Francisco 49ers Dick Guy Guard Ohio State
213 Washington Redskins Ed Sakach Guard George Washington
214 Chicago Cardinals Hal Smith Back UCLA
215 Detroit Lions Jay Weering Guard Brigham Young
216 Chicago Bears Al Wharton Guard Maryland
217 New York Giants Jim Eaton End Florida

Round nineteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
218 Philadelphia Eagles Paul Harasimowicz Tackle Vermont
219 Los Angeles Rams Bill Zuhowski Tackle Arizona State
220 Green Bay Packers Ernie Danjean Guard Auburn
221 Pittsburgh Steelers Phil Bennett End Miami (FL)
222 Cleveland Browns Ken Ploen Quarterback Iowa
223 Baltimore Colts Charlie Froehle Guard St. John's (MN)
224 San Francisco 49ers Gene Babb Back Austin
225 Washington Redskins John Bauer Back Villanova
226 Chicago Cardinals Paul Barrington Guard Minnesota
227 Detroit Lions Bob Gunderman End Virginia
228 Chicago Bears Lee Hermsen Back Marquette
229 New York Giants Ronnie Morris Back Tulsa

Round twenty

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
230 Philadelphia Eagles Leroy Thompson Back Butler
231 Green Bay Packers Percy Oliver Guard Illinois
232 Los Angeles Rams Byron Beams Tackle Notre Dame
233 Cleveland Browns Jack Stillwell End North Carolina
234 Baltimore Colts Walt Livingston Back Heidelberg
235 Pittsburgh Steelers John Szuehan Tackle North Carolina State
236 San Francisco 49ers Sid DeLoatch Guard Duke
237 Washington Redskins Buddy Frick End South Carolina
238 Chicago Cardinals Tom Homer Tackle Kansas
239 Detroit Lions Alex Lazzarino Tackle South Carolina
240 Chicago Bears Al Frazier Back Florida A&M
241 New York Giants Laneair Roberts End Georgia

Round twenty-one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
242 Philadelphia Eagles Charley Brooks End Michigan
243 Los Angeles Rams Pat Pinkston End UCLA
244 Green Bay Packers Chuck Mehrer Tackle Missouri
245 Baltimore Colts Owen Mulholland Back Houston
246 Pittsburgh Steelers Gene Cichowski Quarterback Indiana
247 Cleveland Browns Curry Juneau End Southern Mississippi
248 San Francisco 49ers Fred Wilcox Back Tulane
249 Washington Redskins Sam Owen Back Georgia Tech
250 Chicago Cardinals Joe Kopnisky End West Virginia
251 Detroit Lions Dudley Meredith Tackle Lamar
252 Chicago Bears Jerry Janes End Louisiana State
253 New York Giants Joe Smaltz Back John Carroll

Round twenty-two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
254 Philadelphia Eagles John Simerson Tackle Purdue
255 Green Bay Packers Ronnie Quillian Quarterback Tulane
256 Los Angeles Rams Paige Cothren Back Mississippi
257 Pittsburgh Steelers Aurelius Thomas Guard Ohio State
258 Cleveland Browns Bob Winters Quarterback Utah State
259 Baltimore Colts Chet Van Atta Tackle Kansas
260 San Francisco 49ers Paul Tripp Tackle Idaho State
261 Washington Redskins Ed Voytek Guard Purdue
262 Chicago Cardinals Don Sizemore Back Hardin–Simmons
263 Detroit Lions Tom Schulte End Eastern Kentucky
264 Chicago Bears Tom Dalzell Tackle Virginia Tech
265 New York Giants Jim Niemann Back Cincinnati

Round twenty-three

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
266 Philadelphia Eagles Lou Lovely Guard Boston University
267 Los Angeles Rams Dalva Allen Tackle Houston
268 Green Bay Packers John Symank Back Florida
269 Cleveland Browns Jim Frazer Tackle Hampden-Sydney
270 Baltimore Colts Connie Baird End Hardin–Simmons
271 Pittsburgh Steelers Bob Pollock Tackle Pittsburgh
272 San Francisco 49ers John Thomas End Pacific
273 Washington Redskins Al Viola Guard Northwestern
274 Chicago Cardinals Milt Konicek Tackle Duke
275 Detroit Lions George Gillar Back Texas A&M
276 Chicago Bears Don Peroyea Tackle Southeastern Louisiana
277 New York Giants Jack Healy Back Maryland

Round twenty-four

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
278 Philadelphia Eagles Dennis McGill Back Yale
279 Green Bay Packers Charlie Leyendecker Tackle Southern Methodist
280 Los Angeles Rams Darryl Rogers Back Fresno State
281 Baltimore Colts Harwood Hoeft End South Dakota State
282 Pittsburgh Steelers Gary Francis End Illinois
283 Cleveland Browns Allen Napoleon Back Stanford
284 San Francisco 49ers John Ladner End Wake Forest
285 Washington Redskins Bob Jennings Center Furman
286 Chicago Cardinals Ron Klim Center West Virginia
287 Detroit Lions Joe Scales Back Vanderbilt
288 Chicago Bears Ken Lutterback Back Evansville
289 New York Giants Don Hicks Tackle Florida

Round twenty-five

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
290 Philadelphia Eagles Bob Ratliff Back West Texas State
291 Los Angeles Rams Jimmy Orr Back Georgia
292 Green Bay Packers Jerry Johnson Tackle St. Norbert
293 Pittsburgh Steelers Jim Hinesly End Michigan State
294 Cleveland Browns Tom Dimitroff Back Miami (OH)
295 Baltimore Colts Harlan Geach Tackle College of Idaho
296 San Francisco 49ers Ray Meyer Back Lamar
297 Washington Redskins Dick Sassels Tackle Catawba
298 Chicago Cardinals Ray Volz Back Denison
299 Detroit Lions Carl Johnson Back South Dakota
300 Chicago Bears Joe Ryan Center Villanova
301 New York Giants Jerry Goebel Center Michigan

Round twenty-six

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
302 Philadelphia Eagles Alvin Richardson Tackle Grambling
303 Green Bay Packers Buddy Bass End Duke
304 Los Angeles Rams Dick Blakely Back Minnesota
305 Cleveland Browns Allen Bliss End Miami (OH)
306 Baltimore Colts Joe Unitas Tackle Louisville
307 Pittsburgh Steelers Bob Swann Tackle Vanderbilt
308 San Francisco 49ers Tom Topping Tackle Duke
309 Washington Redskins Paul Rotenberry Back Georgia Tech
310 Chicago Cardinals Ted Rohde Back Kansas
311 Detroit Lions Ed Muelhaupt Guard Iowa State
312 Chicago Bears Gehrig Harris Back Grambling
313 New York Giants Emmett Zalenka Guard Tulane

Round twenty-seven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
314 Philadelphia Eagles Frank Hall Back USC
315 Los Angeles Rams Clancy Osborne End Arizona State
316 Green Bay Packers Marty Booher Tackle Wisconsin
317 Baltimore Colts Len DeMalon Guard St. Vincent
318 Pittsburgh Steelers Bob Konkoly Back Xavier
319 Cleveland Browns Andy Okulovich Back Ohio State
320 San Francisco 49ers Don Vicic Back Ohio State
321 Washington Redskins Ormand Anderson Tackle Georgia Tech
322 Chicago Cardinals Bob Butorovich Tackle Montana State
323 Detroit Lions Dick Trafas End St. Thomas (MN)
324 Chicago Bears Nick Brown Guard Fresno State
325 New York Giants Carl Brawley Tackle Sul Ross

Round twenty-eight

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
326 Philadelphia Eagles Clem Corona Guard Michigan
327 Green Bay Packers Dave Herbold Guard Minnesota
328 Los Angeles Rams Bob Gudath End Compton J.C.
329 Pittsburgh Steelers Frank Kilinsky Tackle Tennessee
330 Cleveland Browns Gene Cockrell Tackle Hardin–Simmons
331 Baltimore Colts Walt Schnieter Tackle Colorado
332 San Francisco 49ers Bill Curtis Back Texas Christian
333 Washington Redskins Guy Martin Back Colgate
334 Chicago Cardinals Hugh Husser End Southeastern Louisiana
335 Detroit Lions Joe Smith Back Houston
336 Chicago Bears Tom Emerson Guard Oklahoma
337 New York Giants Corky Gaines Guard South Carolina

Round twenty-nine

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
338 Philadelphia Eagles John Niznik End Wake Forest
339 Los Angeles Rams Dean Maas Center Minnesota
340 Green Bay Packers Howie Dare Back Maryland
341 Cleveland Browns Bill Trozzo Tackle West Virginia
342 Baltimore Colts Bob Rasmussen Guard Minnesota
343 Pittsburgh Steelers Tom Ramage Guard Utah State
344 San Francisco 49ers Vern Hallbeck Back Texas Christian
345 Washington Redskins George Benedict End Springfield
346 Chicago Cardinals Lee Corso Back Florida State
347 Detroit Lions Hugh Martin Guard Pomona
348 Chicago Bears Donnie Caraway Back Houston
349 New York Giants Mike Bowman Guard Princeton

Round thirty

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
350 Philadelphia Eagles Larry Hubbard End Marquette
351 Los Angeles Rams Lee Williams Back Ohio State
352 Baltimore Colts Bob Bailey End Thiel
353 Pittsburgh Steelers Don Serier End Arkansas State
354 Cleveland Browns Bob McKiever Back Northwestern
355 San Francisco 49ers George Parks Back Lamar
356 Washington Redskins Art Luppino Back Arizona
357 Chicago Cardinals Frank Gibson Tackle Kansas
358 Detroit Lions Mike Shill Tackle Furman
359 Chicago Bears Sam Wesley Back Oregon State
360 [6] New York Giants Don Gest End Washington State
= Pro Bowler [4] = Hall of Famer

Hall of Famers

Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1971.[7]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1973.[7]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1983.[8]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1986.[8]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1987.[8]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1987.[8]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1995.[9]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1998.[9]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2007.[10]

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler[4]
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Cleveland Browns Vince Costello  LB Ohio MAC
Washington Redskins Ed Khayat  DE Tulane SEC


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