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List of years in television (table)
In radio

The year 1957 in television involved some significant events. Below is a list of television-related events during 1957.



Series on the air in 1957


Ending this year

Date Show Debut
February 24 Annie Oakley 1954
February 26 Noah's Ark 1956
April 1 I Love Lucy 1951
April 8 Life Is Worth Living 1952
April 20 The Adventures of Sir Lancelot (UK) 1956
May 1 Kukla, Fran and Ollie 1947
May 5 Air Power 1956
June 9 The Roy Rogers Show 1951
September 24 It's Polka Time 1956
Unknown The Grove Family (UK) 1954
The Three Stooges 1934


Date Name Notability
January 1 Meagen Fay Actress
January 3 Frank Dicopoulos Actor (Guiding Light)
January 7 Katie Couric Journalist, talk show host (Today, CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes)
January 8 Ron Cephas Jones Actor (This Is Us)
January 14 Susan Glover Actress
January 16 Larry Mendte Talk show host
January 17 Steve Harvey Actor, comedian, host (The Steve Harvey Show, Family Feud)
Keith Chegwin Actor (died 2016)
January 25 Jenifer Lewis Actress (Black-ish)
January 27 Danny Aiello III American stunt performer (died 2010)
January 28 Harley Jane Kozak Actress (Santa Barbara)
January 30 Chris Jansing American television news correspondent
February 6 Kathy Najimy Actress (King of the Hill)
Robert Townsend Actor (The Parent 'Hood)
February 14 Ken Wahl Actor (Wiseguy)
February 16 LeVar Burton Actor, host (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Reading Rainbow)
February 18 Vanna White Game show hostess (Wheel of Fortune)
February 28 Ainsley Harriott English chef and TV presenter
John Turturro Actor
March 3 Jeff Rona Composer
March 4 Mykelti Williamson Actor (Justified)
March 6 Eddie Deezen Actor
March 8 Cynthia Rothrock Actress
March 9 Faith Daniels Talk show host
March 12 Eric Shawn Anchor
March 13 Daniel Licht Composer
March 15 Park Overall Actress (Empty Nest)
March 20 Amy Aquino Actress (ER, Being Human)
Spike Lee Film director and actor
March 26 Leeza Gibbons Talk show host (Entertainment Tonight, Leeza)
March 23 Teresa Ganzel Actress
March 27 Stephen Dillane Actor
March 29 Christopher Lambert Actor
March 30 Tawny Moyer Actress
Christopher Hall Producer
April 12 Suzzanne Douglas Actress (The Parent 'Hood) (died 2021)
April 13 Gary Kroeger Actor, announcer (Saturday Night Live)
Saundra Santiago Actress (Miami Vice)
April 23 Jan Hooks Actress, comedian (Saturday Night Live, Designing Women) (d. 2014)
April 27 Robert Curtis Brown Actor
May 5 Richard E. Grant English actor (Richard E. Grant's Hotel Secrets)
May 6 Fred Roggin American sports anchor
May 8 Bill Cowher Studio analyst for The NFL Today on CBS
May 17 Whip Hubley Actor
May 19 Tom Gammill Writer
May 27 Thalia Assuras Journalist
May 29 Ted Levine Actor (Monk)
June 10 Robert Clohessy Actor
June 12 Timothy Busfield Actor, director (thirtysomething, The West Wing)
June 17 Jon Gries Actor (Martin, The Pretender)
June 18 Andrea Evans Actress (One Life to Live)
June 23 Peter Dickson Announcer
June 30 Ilene Chaiken Writer
July 9 Tim Kring Writer
July 12 Christopher Quinten Actor
July 16 Brian Baker Actor
July 18 Nick Faldo Golfer
July 20 Donna Dixon Actress (Bosom Buddies), wife of Dan Aykroyd
July 21 Jon Lovitz Actor, comedian (Saturday Night Live)
July 23 Jo Brand English comedian, actress, writer (Getting On)
July 26 Nana Visitor Actress (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Wildfire)
July 27 Bill Engvall Actor
July 28 Brianne Leary Actress (Baa Baa Black Sheep, CHiPs)
Scott Pelley Journalist
July 30 Victor Slezak Actor
July 31 Dirk Blocker Actor (Baa Baa Black Sheep, Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
August 9 Melanie Griffith Actress
August 16 Laura Innes Actress (ER)
August 17 Ken Kwapis American film and television director
August 18 Denis Leary Actor, comedian (Rescue Me)
August 21 Mark Pender Trumpet player
August 24 Stephen Fry English actor, comedian (Jeeves and Wooster, Pocoyo, Kingdom)
August 25 Craig Piligian American television producer
August 28 Daniel Stern Actor
August 29 Jerry Bailey Sportscaster
September 2 Steve Porcaro American composer
September 3 Garth Ancier American television producer
Steve Schirripa American television actor
September 7 Mark Whitaker Journalist
September 8 Heather Thomas Actress (The Fall Guy)
September 10 Cynthia Cidre Screenwriter
Kate Burton Actress
September 12 Hans Zimmer Composer
September 23 Rosalind Chao Actress (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
September 24 Brad Bird Voice actor
September 25 Michael Madsen Actor
September 29 Andrew Dice Clay Comedian, actor (Bless This House)
September 30 Fran Drescher Actress, comedian (The Nanny)
October 1 Yvette Freeman Actress (ER)
October 2 Zhao Benshan Actor
October 4 Bill Fagerbakke Voice actor (Patrick Star on SpongeBob SquarePants)
October 5 Bernie Mac Actor, comedian (The Bernie Mac Show) (died 2008)
October 11 Dawn French Welch-born English actress, comedian (French and Saunders, The Vicar of Dibley)
October 17 Lawrence Bender Film producer
October 21 Shea Farrell Actor, producer (Hotel)
October 24 John Kassir Actor, comedian (Earthworm Jim, CatDog, Hercules, Rocket Power, The Amanda Show, As Told by Ginger, The Looney Tunes Show)
October 25 Nancy Cartwright Voice actress (The Simpsons, Rugrats, Mike, Lu & Og, Kim Possible, All Grown Up!, The Replacements)
October 27 Peter Marc Jacobson Actor
October 28 Betsy Aidem Actress
October 29 Dan Castellaneta Actor, comedian (The Simpsons, Rugrats, Darkwing Duck, Aladdin, Earthworm Jim, Hey Arnold!, Cow and Chicken)
Scott Thomson Actor
October 30 Kevin Pollak Actor
November 3 Dolph Lundgren Actor
November 5 Elizabeth Bracco Actress
November 6 Cam Clarke Voice actor (original voice of Leonardo on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
November 7 Christopher Knight Actor (The Brady Bunch)
November 11 Anne-Marie Martin Actress (Sledge Hammer!)
November 15 Kevin Eubanks Jazz musician, guitarist (Tonight with Jay Leno)
November 15 Sue Herera Anchor
November 19 Tom Virtue Actor
November 22 Donny Deutsch Television personality
November 24 Denise Crosby Actress, model (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
November 30 Colin Mochrie Actor (Whose Line Is It Anyway?)
December 1 Jeff DeGrandis Animator
December 9 Donny Osmond Singer, actor, game show host (The Donny & Marie Show)
December 10 Michael Clarke Duncan Actor (died 2012)
Paul Hardcastle Composer
December 13 Steve Buscemi Actor (Boardwalk Empire, Park Bench with Steve Buscemi)
Billy Van Zandt Actor
December 14 Antonio Mora Anchor
December 19 Kevin McHale NBA basketball player
John Gulager Actor
December 21 Ray Romano Actor, comedian (Everybody Loves Raymond)
December 28 Sam Ayers Actor
December 29 Brad Grey Producer (died 2017)
December 30 Matt Lauer Television host (Today)

Television Debuts


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