1958 United States Senate election in North Dakota

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Nominee William Langer Raymond Vendsel
Party Republican Democratic-NPL
Popular vote 117,070 84,892
Percentage 57.21% 41.49%

North Dakota Senate Election Results by County, 1958.png
County results
Langer:      50–60%      60–70%      70–80%      80–90%
Vendsel:      40–50%      50–60%      60–70%

U.S. senator before election

William Langer

Elected U.S. Senator

William Langer

The 1958 United States Senate election in North Dakota took place on November 4, 1958, to elect a member of the United States Senate to represent the State of North Dakota, concurrently with other Class 1 elections to the Senate and various other federal, state, and local elections.

Incumbent Republican Senator William Langer was re-elected to a fourth term, defeating a primary challenge from Lieutenant Governor Francis Clyde Duffy and winning the general election with 57.21% of the vote, defeating Democratic-NPL candidate Raymond G. Vendsel who won 41.49% of the vote.[1] Two independent candidates, Arthur C. Townley and Custer Solem, also ran, had minimal impact on the outcome of the election, winning 1,700 (0.83%) and 973 (0.48%) votes, respectively. Townley was known as the creator of the National Non-Partisan League, and had previously sought North Dakota's other senate seat in 1956. This was the last time North Dakota's class 1 seat was won by a Republican until Kevin Cramer won it in 2018.

Election results

1958 United States Senate election in North Dakota
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican William Langer (incumbent) 117,070 57.21% -9.14%
Democratic-NPL Raymond G. Vensel 84,892 41.49% +18.23%
Independent Arthur C. Townley 1,700 0.83% N/A
Independent Custer Solem 973 0.48% N/A
Majority 32,178 15.72% -27.37%
Total votes 204,635 100.00% N/A
Republican hold

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