The administrative county of Kesteven (1889–1974), shown within England.
The administrative county of Kesteven (1889–1974), shown within England.

Elections to Kesteven County Council were held on Saturday, 15 April 1961. Kesteven was one of three divisions of the historic county of Lincolnshire in England; it consisted of the ancient wapentakes (or hundreds) of Aswardhurn, Aveland, Beltisloe, Boothby Graffoe, Flaxwell, Langoe, Loveden, Ness, and Winnibriggs and Threo.[1] The Local Government Act 1888 established Kesteven as an administrative county, governed by a Council;[2] elections were held every three years from 1889, until it was abolished by the Local Government Act 1972, which established Lincolnshire County Council in its place.[3][4]

The county was divided into 60 electoral divisions, each of which returned one member. In 1961 there were contests in 7 of these.

Results by division

Division Candidate[5][6] Party Votes Retiring member?
Ancaster T. A. H. Coltman Ind
Bassingham T. W. Mawer Ind
Bennington F. Winter Ind
Billingborough Mrs C. A. Baker Ind
Billinghay B. Tomlinson Ind
Bourne no. 1 G. A. F. Holloway Ind
Bourne no. 2 W. M. Friend Ind
Bracebridge H. E. Hough Lab 520
F. L. Wand Ind 483 n
Branston J. R. Wilkinson Ind
Bytham J. H. Turner Ind
Caythorpe H. P. Kelway Ind
Claypole F. McCallum Ind
Colsterworth Mrs C. L. Jacques Ind
Corby J. H. Lewis Ind
Cranwell Sqn Ldr W. J. Bangay Ind n
Deeping St James C. G. Crowson Ind
Dunston J. Ireson Ind
Gonerby and Barrowby J. E. Snell Lab
Grantham no. 1 A. E. Bellamy Lab 452
J. W. O'Neill Lib 238 n
Grantham no. 2 W. Bevan Lab
Grantham no. 3 J. W. Harrison Lab
Grantham no. 4 J. H. Jennings Lab
Grantham no. 5 P. Newton Ind n
Grantham no. 6 Mrs A. S. Mottershaw Lab
Grantham no. 7 A. Syddall Ind
Grantham no. 8 W. A. Garratt Ind
Grantham no. 9 G. E. Waltham Lab
Grantham no. 10 O. P. Hudson Cons 475 n
Mrs H. Smith Lab 392
Heckington J. Q. M. Longstaff Ind n
Helpringham S. P. King Lab
Kyme S. T. Wood
Leadenham W. Reeve Ind
Market Deeping J. W. Cave Ind
Martin H. C. Rothery Ind
Metheringham F. C. Townsend Ind
Morton J. A. Galletly Ind
Navenby C. E. Marshall Ind 425 n
J. G. Ruddock Ind 152 n
North Hykeham Mrs M. Large Lab 1044
S. Roe Cons 727 n
Osbournby Mrs N. Robson Ind 252
T. Fairchild Ind 144 n
Ponton R. W. Newton Ind
Rippingale H. Scarborough Lab
Ropsley W. J. W. Cheesman Ind n
Ruskington E. Skinks Lab 572 n
T. Hall Cons 549 n
Scopwick H. Waudby
Skellingthorpe R. C. Turner Ind
Sleaford no. 1 C. J. Barnes
Sleaford no. 2 W. H. Owen Ind
Sleaford no. 3 M. W. L. Brown Ind n
Stamford no. 1 Mrs G. M. Boyfield Lab
Stamford no. 2 E. D. Ireson Ind n
Stamford no. 3 J. H. W. Taylor Ind
Stamford no. 4 Mrs A. Fancourt Ind
Stamford no. 5 Mrs M. I. James[a] Ind
Swinderby H. N. Nevile Ind
Thurlby G. A. Griffin Ind
Uffington R. Burman Ind
Washingborough G. E. Capps Ind
Welby A. H. Thorold Ind
Wilsford A. F. S. Dean Ind
Woolsthorpe H. H. Brownlow Ind


  1. ^ No nomination was received, so the retiring member was deemed re-elected


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