The 1972 Perth Carnival was the 18th edition of the Australian National Football Carnival, an Australian rules football interstate competition. It was the last of the traditional single-city round-robin carnivals in the residential qualification era of interstate football.

Four teams took part, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania, with each playing one another once in a round robin format. Victoria won the Carnival after finishing as the only undefeated team.

Peter McKenna was the most successful goal kicker with 19 goals, followed by Glynn Hewitt and Phil Tierney who kicked 11 each.



Name Age Position Club
Ross Smith (c) 29 Rover St Kilda
Stan Alves 26 Wingman Melbourne
Kevin Bartlett 25 Rover Richmond
Peter Bedford 25 Centreman South Melbourne
Francis Bourke 25 Wingman Richmond
David Clarke 19 Half forward flanker Geelong
Barry Davis 28 Half back flanker Essendon
Gary Dempsey 23 Ruckman Footscray
Keith Greig 20 Wingman North Melbourne
Gary Hardeman 22 Centre half back Melbourne
Alex Jesaulenko 26 Forward Carlton
Peter Knights 20 Centre half back Hawthorn
Barry Lawrence 25 Centre half back St Kilda
Leigh Matthews 20 Rover Hawthorn
Peter McKenna 26 Full-forward Collingwood
John Murphy 22 Rover Fitzroy
John Nicholls 32 Ruckman Carlton
Alan Noonan 24 Centre half forward Essendon
Travis Payze 25 Ruck-rover St Kilda
David Rhodes 24 Wingman Fitzroy
Kevin Sheedy 24 Back pocket Richmond
Geoff Southby 21 Full-back Carlton
Len Thompson 25 Ruckman Collingwood
David Thorpe 24 Utility Footscray
John Williams 24 Centre half back Essendon

Western Australia

Name Age Position Club
Mal Brown (c) 25 Utility East Perth
Ian Anderson 23 Ruckman West Perth
Bob Beecroft 20 Ruckman Swan Districts
Greg Brehaut 25 Wingman Perth
Barry Cable 28 Rover Perth
Brian Ciccotosto 24 Rover South Fremantle
Bill Dempsey 30 Ruckman West Perth
Mike Fitzpatrick 19 Ruckman Subiaco
Gary Gillespie 28 Half back flanker East Perth
Doug Green 20 Centre half back East Fremantle
Bob Greenwood 24 Rover Claremont
John Hayes 22 Ruck-rover East Perth
David Hollins 21 Centreman East Fremantle
Fred Lewis 25 Half forward East Fremantle
Ken McAullay 22 Centre half back East Perth
Ian Miller 22 Centre half forward Perth
Graham Moss 22 Ruckman Claremont
Leon O'Dwyer 23 Back pocket West Perth
Peter Stephen 23 Half back flanker East Fremantle
Peter Steward 30 Centre half back West Perth
Phil Tierney 30 Full-forward East Perth
Colin Tully 27 Centreman Claremont
Alan Watling 23 Wingman West Perth
Mel Whinnen 29 Centreman West Perth
George Young 23 Wingman Subiaco

South Australia

Name Age Position Club
Peter Marker (c) 23 Half forward Glenelg
Brenton Adcock 29 Back pocket Sturt
Paul Bagshaw 25 Ruck-rover Sturt
Malcolm Blight 22 Ruck-rover Woodville
Tony Burgan 22 Wingman Sturt
Neil Button 20 Ruckman Norwood
Brian Colbey 25 Half back Glenelg
Mark Coombe 21 Centreman South Adelaide
Graham Cornes 24 Ruck-rover Glenelg
Russell Ebert 22 Centreman Port Adelaide
Glynn Hewitt 19 Full-forward West Adelaide
Ray Huppatz 23 Rover Woodville
Bohdan Jaworskyj 24 Centre half back North Adelaide
Bob Kingston 27 Centre half forward Port Adelaide
Terry Moore 20 Ruckman Central District
Robin Mulholland 26 Rover Central District
Sandy Nelson 26 Half back Sturt
Dean Ottens 25 Ruckman Sturt
Dennis Phillis 23 Full-forward Glenelg
Rodney Pope 26 Half back West Adelaide
Barrie Robran 24 Centre half forward North Adelaide
Ian Verrier 22 Ruckman West Adelaide
Terry Von Bertouch 22 Rover North Adelaide
Peter Woite 19 Wingman Port Adelaide
John Wynne 23 Centre half forward Norwood


Name Age Position Club
Ricky Graham (c) 25 Utility New Norfolk
Ian Barwick 19 Half back Longford
Mike Booth 25 Ruckman New Norfolk
Gary Davis 22 Back pocket Launceston
Kerry Doran 26 Back pocket Sandy Bay
Jim Frost 26 Ruckman Ulverstone
Carl Gaby 22 Wingman Hobart
Max Hadley 25 Rover Scottsdale
Tony Haenen 25 Centre half back North Launceston
Bill Harris 20 Full-forward Latrobe
Jim Leitch 26 Wingman Scottsdale
Graeme Mackey 23 Half forward Sandy Bay
George McInnes 25 Ruckman Wynyard
Stephen Nicholls 19 Half forward Scottsdale
Robin Norris 22 Full-back Clarence
Stewart Palfreyman 22 Rover Sandy Bay
Stuart Palmer 22 Wingman City-South
Graeme Shephard 23 Rover Cooee
Mike Smart 27 Ruck-rover Longford
Trevor Sprigg 25 Centreman Glenorchy
Darryl Sutton 19 Full-forward Glenorchy
Lance Styles 20 Ruckman Scottsdale
Max Urquhart 30 Utility Wynyard
Bob Whitehouse 23 Ruckman Clarence
Bob Wilson 27 Ruckman Scottsdale


Game Winning team Score Losing team Score
1. Victoria 32.22 (214) Tasmania 4.8 (32)
2. Western Australia 15.11 (101) South Australia 6.17 (53)
3. Western Australia 17.22 (124) Tasmania 12.7 (79)
4. Victoria 17.9 (111) South Australia 8.9 (57)
5. South Australia 22.24 (156) Tasmania 9.12 (66)
6. Victoria 15.19 (109) Western Australia 9.11 (65)

All-Australian team

In 1972 the All-Australian team was picked based on the Perth Carnival.

1972 Perth Carnival All-Australian team
Name State Club
Malcolm Blight South Australia Woodville
Tony Burgan South Australia Sturt
Jim Leitch Tasmania Scottsdale
David Clarke Victoria Geelong
Gary Dempsey Victoria Footscray
Gary Hardeman Victoria Melbourne
Alex Jesaulenko Victoria Carlton
Leigh Matthews Victoria Hawthorn
Peter McKenna Victoria Collingwood
Travis Payze Victoria St Kilda
Len Thompson Victoria Collingwood
David Thorpe Victoria Footscray
John Williams Victoria Essendon
Bob Beecroft Western Australia Swan Districts
Malcolm Brown Western Australia East Perth (captain)
Brian Ciccotosto Western Australia South Fremantle
Ken McAullay Western Australia East Perth
Ian Miller Western Australia Perth
Alan Watling Western Australia West Perth
George Young Western Australia Subiaco

Tassie Medal

Ken McAullay of Western Australia won the Tassie Medal with 17 votes, eight more than the runner-up Len Thompson received.