Lincolnshire County Council is a non-metropolitan county in the East Midlands of England. It was formed when the Local Government Act 1972 merged the counties of Holland, Kesteven and Lindsey, and held its first election on 12 April 1973.[1]

The Conservatives were the largest party, gaining 34 of the 74 seats. 22 independent candidates were returned, along with 10 Labour councillors, 5 Democratic-Labour nominees and 3 Liberals.[2] The Democratic Labour seats were all won in Lincoln, where six weeks earlier the MP Dick Taverne had triggered a by-election by breaking away from Labour and forming the DLP; they comprised 5 of the 6 city seats, representing a swing from Labour, who had won all of the seats at the last local elections.[3]

Results by Division

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Division Candidate Party Votes
Abbey Barry Ashmore* DLP
Bernard Rendall Con
Cllr Mrs Pam Roussel Lab
Boultham Richard Lucas* Con
Tom Ward Lab
Boston no. 1 Cyril Valentine Lib
Boston no. 2 Mrs Haf Towel Con 955
John Addlesee Lab 946
Boston no. 3 Martin Middlebrook Ind
Boston no. 4 Alf Goodson Lab
Boston Rural no. 1 Reginald West Ind 963
David Chambers Ind 655
Samuel Woods Con 407
Boston Rural no. 2 Brian Farrow Con 932
Arthur White Lab 696
Joseph Winter Ind 689
Boston Rural no. 3 Richard Upsall Con 1,464
Ambrose Newsom Lab 444
Bourne Raymond Cliffe Con
Bracebridge Graham Judge* DLP
Cllr Bob Hodson Lab
Peter Roe Con
Caistor Rural no. 1 Harry Key Ind
Caistor Rural no. 2 William Hall Ind
Carholme Ald. John Spence* Con
Cllr John Plant Lab
Gilbert Blades Ind
Castle Ald. Frank Eccleshare* Ind
Cllr Miss Joyce Bennett Lab
Cecil Robinson Con
East Elloe no. 1 Ivor Howes Ind 786
Arnold Broughton Lab 638
Robert Christian Con 628
Fred White Ind 368
East Elloe no. 2 Ernest Weaver Lab 477
Fred Hoyles Ind 136
East Elloe no. 3 Mrs Alison Hunter Con 1,573
Mrs Doris King Lab 808
East Kesteven no. 1 Eric Fairchild Con 1,162
Sydney King Lab 1,132
East Kesteven no. 2 Jack Mountain Ind 865
Henry Kelway Con 576
East Kesteven no. 3 Thomas Hall Con 1,338
Euan Robertson Ind 762
Lionel Dawson Lab 198
Lincoln Ermine Ron Barnes DLP 1,296
Cllr Mrs Joyce Naftalin Lab 1,124
Cllr David Middleton Lab 1.059
F. Horn Con 729
A. Cowton Con 559
Gainsborough Market Edgar Salisbury Lab 725
Mrs Marjorie Renshaw Con 361
Kenny Hethershaw Lib 284
Gainsborough North John Stanley Lib 915
Michael Noble Lab 673
Frank Land Con 596
Gainsborough South Leslie Rainsforth Lab 1,036
Miss Charlotte Dordery Con 594
Raymond Greenwood Lib 449
Brian Page DLP 114
Gainsborough Rural no. 1 Harry Plowright Ind
Gainsborough Rural no. 2 Harry Kitchinson Ind 1,322
John Sandars Con 968
Grantham no. 1 Frank Speechley Con 987
Fred Chambers Lab 984
Grantham no. 2 Mrs Elsie Davies Lab 875
William Harrison Con 599
Grantham no. 3 Ian Gordon Con 1,272
Mrs Louise Dickinson Lab 742
Grantham no. 4 Charles Burrows Lab 1,491
Kathleen Porter Con 784
Lincoln Hartsholme Mrs Miriam Richardson DLP 1,082
Cllr Laurie Valsey Lab 552
P. Rowley Con 353
T. Ginniff Comm 37
Horncastle Mrs Lesley Sanderson Ind 1,034
Mrs Doris Cook Con 477
Horncastle Rural no. 1 John Smithson Ind 1,348
George Daubney Ind 942
John Harris Lib 805
Horncastle Rural no. 2 John Harvey Con
Louth North Christopher Bennett Ind 1,258
Francis MacDonald Ind 505
Louth South Mrs Irene Wilkinson Ind 814
Mrs Catherine Stubbs Con 678
Louth Rural no. 1 Rupert Dixon Ind 827
Hewson Silvester Ind 502
Louth Rural no. 2 Sam Spendlow Ind 1,327
John Codkin Con 587
Louth Rural no. 3 Donald Webb Con 782
Miss Mary Taylor Ind 722
Durwood Russell Lab 539
Mablethorpe and Sutton Peter Poynton Con 1,203
Nelly Spink Ind 871
Lincoln Minster Ald. Mrs Mary Sockias Con 1,170
Mrs Clodaga Wilkinson DLP 1,090
D. Miller Lab 559
Lincoln Moorland Cllr Stan Robertson Lab 949
Jim Richards Con 911
North Kesteven no. 1 William Wyrill Con 792
Mrs Elsie Mawer Ind 711
North Kesteven no. 2 Mrs Margery Falla Con 1,576
William Rawson Lab 1,083
North Kesteven no. 3 Frank Marshall Ind 1,060
William Heele Con 1,056
Maurice Thompson Lab 498
North Kesteven no. 4 Reg Brealey Con 1,335
Charles Marshall Ind 1,002
North Kesteven no. 5 Mrs Mary Large Lab 2,123
William Taylor Con 1,139
North Kesteven no. 6 Herbert Johnson Con 799
Keith Ford D-Lab 440
Mrs Maureen Lynn Lab 233
Lincoln Park Fred Allen* DLP 831
Ald. Bill Herbert Lab 427
Jack Ruddock Con 392
Skegness North Harold Fainlight Lib 1,262
Joseph Elliorr Con 893
Thomas Senior Lab 631
Skegness South Vivian Sheehan-Hunt Con 1,204
Eric Wright Lab 540
Sleaford Miss Grace Nowell Con 1,670
Peter Haysum Lab 1,320
South Kesteven no. 1 James Cave Ind 931
Mrs Elizabeth Opperman Con 799
South Kesteven no. 2 John Hedley Lewis Con
South Kesteven no. 3 Mrs Jean Wootton Con 744
Peter Hearn Ind 705
Harold Scarborough Lab 588
Spalding no. 1 David Guttridge Con
Spalding no. 2 Jim King Con 654
Thomas Addlesee Lab 560
Spalding no. 3 Cyril Ford Con
Spalding Rural no. 1 Jim Speechley Con 1,177
Alfred Witherington Lab 1,056
Mrs Lillian Hardy Ind 789
Spalding Rural no. 2 Harold Chappell Con
Spalding Rural no. 3 G. Wray Con 1,242
T. Kidd Lab 582
Spilsby no. 1 Charles Leggott Con
Spilsby no. 2 Charles Rawlinson Ind 1,140
Frank Clow Con 883
Spilsby no. 3 Harry Simpson Con 987
Frank Smith Lib? 813
Spilsby no. 4 Francis Lapage Ind 1,221
Frederick Hepworth Con 1,066
Stamford no. 1 Ian Allen Con 1,291
William Turner Lab 481
Stamford no. 2 Derek Gladman Lab 869
Anthony Gray Con 686
Welton no. 1 Edwin Bramley Ind 977
William Holland Ind 830
Walter Sternfeld Lab 789
Welton no. 2 Dorothy Richards Con 1,058
George Herrington Ind 807
Brian Fox Lab 608
Royston Hutson Ind 72
Welton no. 3 Reginald Gaul Ind 746
William Camm Ind 613
George Coles Con 540
Walter Hill Ind 395
West Kesteven no. 1 Philip Newton Ind 907
Joan Hayes Con 738
West Kesteven no. 2 Horace Brownlow Con 1,598
Ivan Dawson Lab 618
West Kesteven no. 3 Capt Sir Anthony Thorold Con 1,093
Terry Bradley Lab 587
Robert Simpson Ind 583

Candidates suffixed by an asterisk (*) are the winners in their seats, but the exact results of the poll are not included in the sources below.

Source: "Lincoln keeps up its Taverne revolution" and "The new Lincs Council". Lincolnshire Echo. 13 April 1973. p. 9; "Lincolnshire County Election Results 1973–2009". Elections Centre (Plymouth University). Retrieved 2 October 2016.


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