1977 Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly election

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68 seats in the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly
35 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
Hand INC.svg
Leader Shanta Kumar Thakur Ram Lal
Party JP INC
Seats before 5 53
Seats won 53 9
Seat change Increase 48 Decrease 44
Popular vote 49.01% 27.32%

CM before election

President's rule

Elected CM

Shanta Kumar

Legislative Assembly elections were held in Himachal Pradesh in 1977.


India Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly 1977.svg
Rank Party Seats Contested Seats won % votes
1 Janata Party 68 53 49.01
2 Indian National Congress 56 9 27.32
3 Independent 68 6 21.10
Total 68

Source [1]

Constituency-wise results

Constituency Constituency No. Leading Candidate Leading Party Runner-up Candidate Runner-up Party Remarks
Kinnaur 1 Thakur Sen Negi Independent Gyan Singh Independent
Rampur 2 Niju Ram Janata Party Mangat Ram Independent
Rohru 3 Satya Dev Janata Party Nehar Singh Independent
Jubbal-Kotkhai 4 Thakur Ram Lal Indian National Congress Padam Singh Jhina Janata Party
Chopal 5 Radha Raman Janata Party Sant Ram Independent
Kumarsain 6 Bhaskera Nand Independent Jai Bihari Lal Khachi Indian National Congress
Theog 7 Mehar Singh Chauhan Janata Party Vidya Indian National Congress
Simla 8 Daulat Ram Chauhan Janata Party Usha Malhotra Indian National Congress
Kasumpti 9 Roopdas Kashyap Independent Shonkia Ram Kashyap Indian National Congress
Arki 10 Hira Singh Pal Janata Party Kameshwar Communist Party of India
Doon 11 Ram Pratap Independent Krishna Mohini Janata Party
Nalagarh 12 Vijayendra Singh Janata Party Arjun Singh Independent
Kasauli 13 Chaman Lal Janata Party Krishan Datt Indian National Congress
Solan 14 Gauri Shankar Janata Party Ishwar Singh Independent
Pachhad 15 Shri Ram Jakhmi Janata Party Vidya Nand Independent
Rainka 16 Roop Singh Janata Party Nain Singh Tomar Indian National Congress
Shillai 17 Guman Singh Chauhan Indian National Congress Jagat Singh Janata Party
Paonta Doon 18 Milkh Raj Independent Rattan Singh Indian National Congress
Nahan 19 Shyama Sharma Janata Party Sunder Singh Indian National Congress
Kotkehloor 20 Daulat Ram Sankhyan Janata Party Kuldip Singh[disambiguation needed] Janata Party
Bilaspur 21 Anand Chand Independent Sant Ram Sant Janata Party