1977 NCAA Division I
Baseball Tournament
Finals site
ChampionsArizona State (4th title)
Runner-upSouth Carolina (2nd CWS Appearance)
Winning coachJim Brock (1st title)
MOPBob Horner (Arizona State)

The 1977 NCAA Division I Baseball Tournament was played at the end of the 1977 NCAA Division I baseball season to determine the national champion of college baseball. The tournament concluded with eight teams competing in the College World Series, a double-elimination tournament in its thirty first year. Eight regional competitions were held to determine the participants in the final event. Seven regions held a four team, double-elimination tournament while one region included six teams, resulting in 34 teams participating in the tournament at the conclusion of their regular season, and in some cases, after a conference tournament.[1] The thirty-first tournament's champion was Arizona State, coached by Jim Brock. The Most Outstanding Player was Bob Horner of Arizona State.


The opening rounds of the tournament were played across eight regional sites across the country, seven consisting of four teams and one of six teams.[2] The winners of each Regional advanced to the College World Series.

Bold indicates winner.

Atlantic Regional at Columbia, SC

First round Semi-finals Finals
Wake Forest 6
East Carolina 3
Wake Forest 9
Winner's bracket
South Alabama 6
South Alabama 7
South Carolina 6
Wake Forest 2 1
South Carolina 5 6
East Carolina 1
South Carolina 4
South Alabama 2
Loser's bracket
South Carolina 11

Mideast Regional at Minneapolis, MN

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
Central Michigan 2
Virginia Tech 1
Central Michigan 2
Winner's bracket
Minnesota 13
Minnesota 7
Florida 0
Minnesota 5
Florida 1
Virginia Tech 4
Florida 9
Central Michigan 11
Loser's bracket
Florida 13

Midwest Regional at Norman, OK

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
Southern Illinois 4
Texas A&M 1
Southern Illinois 7
Winner's bracket
Oklahoma 3
Oklahoma 3
Michigan 1
Southern Illinois 9
Michigan 0
Texas A&M 4
Michigan 13
Oklahoma 2
Loser's bracket
Michigan 5

Northeast Regional at Storrs, CT

Round 1Round 2QuarterfinalsSemifinalsFinal
St. John's7*Cornell9
Seton Hall3Temple9
Temple10St. John's6
Connecticut7Catholic3St. John's11
St. John's3St. John's8
Seton Hall2

Rocky Mountain Regional at Tempe, AZ

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
Washington State 8
Portland State 7
Washington State 7
Winner's bracket
Arizona State 11
Arizona State 6
Cal State Fullerton 2
Arizona State 3
Washington State 2
Portland State 3
Cal State Fullerton 5
Washington State 6
Loser's bracket
Cal State Fullerton 5

South Regional at Coral Gables, FL

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
Clemson 8
Ole Miss 7
Clemson 7
Winner's bracket
Miami (FL) 2
Miami (FL) 6
Morehead State 1
Clemson 3 10
Miami (FL) 10 9
Ole Miss 5
Morehead State 2
Ole Miss 2
Loser's bracket
Miami (FL) 5

South Central Regional at Arlington, TX

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
Miami (OH) 1
Lamar 0
Miami (OH) 7
Winner's bracket
Baylor 3
Baylor 10
New Orleans 1
Miami (OH) 7 0
Baylor 12 2
Lamar 2
New Orleans 5
Baylor 7
Loser's bracket
New Orleans 1

West Regional at Honolulu, HI

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
Fresno State 7
Cal State Los Angeles 4
Fresno State 3
Winner's bracket
Southern California 7
Southern California 6
Hawaii 1
Southern California 5 6
Cal State Los Angeles 6 7
Cal State Los Angeles 8
Hawaii 4
Cal State Los Angeles 15
Loser's bracket
Fresno State 11

College World Series


School Conference Record (Conference) Head Coach CWS Appearances CWS Best Finish CWS Record
Arizona State WAC 52–11 (15–3) Jim Brock 8
(last: 1976)
(1965, 1967, 1969)
Baylor SWC 43–13 (15–9) Mickey Sullivan 0
(last: none)
none 0–0
Clemson ACC 41–8 (9–1) Bill Wilhelm 3
(last: 1976)
(1958, 1959, 1976)
Cal State Los Angeles SCBA 40–20 (17–7) Jack Deutsch 0
(last: none)
none 0–0
Minnesota Big 10 38–10 (15–3) Dick Siebert 4
(last: 1973)
(1956, 1960, 1964)
South Carolina Independent 40–10–1 June Raines 1
(last: 1975)
Southern Illinois MVC 38–10 (n/a) Richard Jones 4
(last: 1974)
(1968, 1971)
Temple 34–7 (n/a) Skip Wilson 1
(last: 1972)



First roundSecond roundThird roundSemifinalsPreliminary finalFinal
Southern Illinois10
Southern Illinois3
Arizona State2
Arizona State10
Southern Illinois4
South Carolina5
Cal State Los Angeles7
South Carolina2
Cal State Los Angeles2Arizona State6
South Carolina6
South Carolina310
South Carolina1
Arizona State10Arizona State2
Lower first roundLower second round
Southern Illinois0
Cal State Los Angeles1
Southern Illinois9
Cal State Los Angeles7
Arizona State8

Game results

Date Game Winner Score Loser Notes
June 10 Game 1 Southern Illinois 10–5 Temple
Game 2 Arizona State 10–7 Clemson
June 11 Game 3 Cal State Los Angeles 7–4 Minnesota
Game 4 South Carolina 3–2 (10 innings) Baylor
Game 5 Clemson 13–4 Temple Temple eliminated
June 12 Game 6 Minnesota 4–3 (11 innings) Baylor Baylor eliminated
June 13 Game 7 Southern Illinois 3–2 Arizona State
Game 8 South Carolina 6–2 Cal State Los Angeles
June 14 Game 9 Arizona State 8–4 Minnesota Minnesota eliminated
Game 10 Cal State Los Angeles 1–0 Clemson Clemson eliminated
June 15 Game 11 South Carolina 5–4 Southern Illinois
June 16 Game 12 Southern Illinois 9–7 Cal State Los Angeles Cal State Los Angeles eliminated
Game 13 Arizona State 6–2 South Carolina
June 17 Game 14 Arizona State 10–0 Southern Illinois Southern Illinois eliminated
June 18 Final Arizona State 2–1 South Carolina Arizona State wins CWS

All-Tournament Team

The following players were members of the All-Tournament Team.

Position Player School
P Randy Martz South Carolina
Jerry Vasquez Arizona State
C Steve Stieb Southern Illinois
1B Chris Nyman Arizona State
2B Bob Horner (MOP) Arizona State
3B Brandt Humphry Arizona State
SS Patt Rooney Arizona State
OF Chuck McLean South Carolina
Mookie Wilson South Carolina
David Caldwell Clemson
DH Jamie Allen Arizona State

Notable players

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