1977 Rajasthan Legislative Assembly election

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All 200 seats in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly
101 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
Leader Bhairon Singh Shekhawat
Party JP INC
Leader's seat Chhabra (bypoll)
Seats before New 145
Seats won 152 41
Seat change New –104
Popular vote 50.39% 31.49%

CM before election

President's Rule

Elected CM

Bhairon Singh Shekhawat

Elections to the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly were held in June 1977, to elect members of the 200 constituencies in Rajasthan, India. The Janata Party won a majority of seats as well as the popular vote, and its leader, Bhairon Singh Shekhawat was appointed as the Chief Minister of Rajasthan.[1]

After the passing of The Delimitation of Parliamentary and Assembly Constituencies Order, 1976, Rajasthan's Legslative Assembly was assigned 200 constituencies.[2]


Janata Party4,160,37350.39152New
Indian National Congress2,599,77231.4941–104
Communist Party of India91,6401.111–3
Communist Party of India (Marxist)61,6820.751+1
Indian Union Muslim League21,8890.270New
Vishal Haryana Party1,2900.020New
Akhil Bharatiya Ram Rajya Parishad3200.000New
Valid votes8,256,01997.89
Invalid/blank votes177,6532.11
Total votes8,433,672100.00
Registered voters/turnout15,494,28954.43
Source: ECI[3]

Elected Members

Constituency Reserved for
Member Party
Bhadra None Lal Chand Janata Party
Nohar None Bahadur Singh Janata Party
Tibi SC Dungar Ram Janata Party
Hanumangarh None Shopat Singh Makasar Communist Party of India
Sangaria None Ram Chander Indian National Congress
Ganganagar None Kedar Nath Janata Party
Kesrisinghpur SC Manphool Ram Indian National Congress
Karanpur None Jagtar Singh Indian National Congress
Raisinghnagar SC Dula Ram Indian National Congress
Pilibanga None Harchand Singh Janata Party
Suratgarh None Gurusharan Chabbra Janata Party
Lunkaransar None Manik Chand Surana Janata Party
Bikaner None Mehboob Ali Janata Party
Kolayat None Ram Krishan Dass Janata Party
Nokha SC Uda Ram Hatila Janata Party
Dungargarh None Mohan Lal Sharma Janata Party
Sujangarh SC Rawat Ram Janata Party
Ratangarh None Jagdish Chandra Janata Party
Sardarshahar None Hajari Mal Janata Party
Churu None Megh Raj Janata Party
Taranagar None Mani Ram Janata Party
Sadulpur None Jaya Narain Janata Party
Pilani None Sheesh Ram Ola Indian National Congress
Surajgarh SC Subhash Chand Arya Janata Party
Khetri None Mala Ram Janata Party
Gudha None Inder Singh Janata Party
Nawalgarh None Navrang Singh Janata Party
Jhunjhunu None Sumitra Singh Indian National Congress
Mandawa None Ram Narain Chaudhari Indian National Congress
Fatehpur None Alam Ali Khan Janata Party
Lachhmangarh SC Paras Ram Indian National Congress
Sikar None Ranmal Singh Indian National Congress
Dhod None Randeo Singh Indian National Congress
Danta Ramgarh None Madan Singh Independent
Srimadhopur None Har Lal Singh Kharra Janata Party
Khandela None Gopal Singh Janata Party
Neem Ka Thana None Surya Narain Janata Party
Chomu None Rameshwar Janata Party
Amber None Pushpa Janata Party
Jaipur Rural None Ujla Arora Janata Party
Hawa Mahal None Bhanwar Lal Sharma Janata Party
Johribazar None Gul Mohammed Janata Party
Kishanpole None Girdhari Lal Bhargava Janata Party
Bani Park None Bajrang Lal Sharma Janata Party
Phulera None Hari Singh Janata Party
Dudu SC Sohan Lal Janata Party
Sanganer None Vidya Pathak Janata Party
Phagi SC Shiv Karan Janata Party
Lalsot ST Har Sahai Janata Party
Sikrai ST Ram Kishore Meena Janata Party
Bandikui None Vijay Singh Nandera Janata Party
Dausa SC Mool Chand Samaria Janata Party
Bassi None Shiv Raj Singh Janata Party
Jamwa Ramgarh None Rameshawar Janata Party
Bairath None Gunwant Kumari Janata Party
Kotputli None Ram Karan Independent
Bansur None Hari Singh Yadav Janata Party
Behror None Bhawani Singh Janata Party
Mandawa None Hira Lal Janata Party
Tijara None Ayub Janata Party
Khairthal SC Sampat Ram Janata Party
Ramgarh None Jai Krishan Indian National Congress
Alwar None Jeet Mal Janata Party
Thanagazi None Shiv Narain Janata Party
Rajgarh ST Samarth Lal Independent
Lachhmangarh None Ch. Nathi Singh Janata Party
Kathumar SC Ganga Sahai Janata Party
Kaman None Mohammed Jahoor Janata Party
Nagar None Adityendra Janata Party
Deeg None Raja Man Singh Independent
Kumher None Kashi Nath Janata Party
Bharatpur None Suresh Kumar Janata Party
Rupbas SC Tara Chand Janata Party
Nadbai None Hari Krishan Janata Party
Weir SC Ramji Lal Janata Party
Bayana None Mukat Behari Lal Janata Party
Rajakhera None Pradyuman Singh Independent
Dholpur None Jagdish Singh Janata Party
Bari None Salig Ram Indian National Congress
Karauli None Hans Ram Indian National Congress
Sapotra ST Rangji Janata Party
Khandar SC Chunni Lal Janata Party
Sawai Madhopur None Manzoor Ali Janata Party
Bamanwas ST Kunji Lal Janata Party
Gangapur None Govind Sahai Janata Party
Hindaun SC Sharwan Lal Janata Party
Mahuwa None Umrao Singh Janata Party
Todabhim ST Batti Lal Janata Party
Niwai SC Jai Narayan Janata Party
Tonk None Ajit Singh Janata Party
Uniara None Digvijai Singh Janata Party
Todaraisingh None Gordhan Janata Party
Malpura None Narain Singh Janata Party
Kishangarh None Kartar Singh Janata Party
Ajmer East SC Kalyan Singh Janata Party
Ajmer West None Nawal Rai Janata Party
Pushkar None Chiranji Lal Janata Party
Nasirabad None Bhanwar Lal Airun Janata Party
Beawar None Ugamraj Janata Party
Masuda None Noora Communist Party of India
Bhinai None Rattan Lal Janata Party
Kekri SC Mohan Lal Janata Party
Hindoli None Ganesh Lal Janata Party
Nainwa None Manak Lal Janata Party
Patan SC Gopal Janata Party
Bundi None Om Prakash Janata Party
Kota None Lalit Kishore Janata Party
Ladpura None Purshottam Janata Party
Digod None Dou Dayal Joshi Janata Party
Pipalda SC Hira Lal Arya Janata Party
Baran None Raghubir Singh Janata Party
Kishanganj ST Narangi Devi Janata Party
Atru SC Onkar Lal Janata Party
Chhabra None Prem Singh Janata Party
Ramganj Mandi None Harish Kumar Janata Party
Khanpur None Bhairav Lal Janata Party
Manohar Thana None Vithal Prasad Sharma Janata Party
Jhalrapatan None Nirmal Kumar Janata Party
Pirawa None Ishwar Chandra Janata Party
Dag SC Bal Chand Arya Janata Party
Begun None H. N. Sharma Janata Party
Gangrar SC Mangi Lal Janata Party
Kapasin None Shyama Kumari Janata Party
Chittorgarh None Laxma Singh Janata Party
Nimbahera None Padam Singh Janata Party
Badi Sadri None Vridhi Chand Janata Party
Pratapgarh ST Kalu Janata Party
Kushalgarh ST Jithing Janata Party
Danpur ST Bahadur Singh Janata Party
Ghatol ST Nahtu Lal Janata Party
Banswara None Hari Deo Joshi Indian National Congress
Bagidora ST Nathu Ram R/o Bori Janata Party
Sagwara ST Lal Shankar Janata Party
Chorasi ST Heera Lal Janata Party
Dungarpur ST Amrat Lal Janata Party
Aspur ST Bhimji Indian National Congress
Lasadia ST Narayan Janata Party
Vallabhnagar None Kamlendra Singh Janata Party
Mavli None Narendra Pal Singh Janata Party
Rajsamand SC Kailash Chandra Janata Party
Nathdwara None Navneet Kumar Janata Party
Udaipur None Gulab Chand Janata Party
Udaipur Rural ST Nand Lal Janata Party
Salumber ST Mavji Janata Party
Sarada ST Gamir Lal Janata Party
Kherwara ST Survya Prakash Janata Party
Phalasia ST Lalu Janata Party
Gongunda ST Bhura Lal Janata Party
Kumbhalgarh None Govind Singh Shaktawat Janata Party
Bhim None Major Fateh Singh Janata Party
Mandal None Ram Prasad Ladha Janata Party
Sahada None Ram Chandra Jet Janata Party
Bhilwara None Kaushal Kishore Jain Janata Party
Mandalgarh None Manohar Singh Janata Party
Jahazpur None Trilok Chand Janata Party
Shahpura SC Bhairu Janata Party
Banera None Umrao Singh Dhabria Janata Party
Asind None Vijendra Pal Singh Janata Party
Jaitaran None Shankar Lal Indian National Congress
Raipur None Sukh Lal Indian National Congress
Sojat None Madhav Singh Indian National Congress
Kharchi None Khangar Singh Choudhary Janata Party
Desuri SC Achla Ram Janata Party
Pali None Mool Chand Daga Indian National Congress
Sumerpur None Vigyan Modi Janata Party
Bali None Hanwant Singh Janata Party
Sirohi None Raghu Nandan Vyas Janata Party
Pindwara-Abu ST Alda Ram Janata Party
Reodar SC Madho Singh Indian National Congress
Sanchore None Raghu Nath Indian National Congress
Raniwara None Ratana Ram Indian National Congress
Bhinmal None Suraj Pal Singh Indian National Congress
Jalore SC Teekam Chand Kant Janata Party
Ahore None Gopal Singh Janata Party
Siwana SC Chaina Ram Janata Party
Pachpadra None Madan Kaur Indian National Congress
Barmer None Virdhi Chand Indian National Congress
Gudamalani None Ganga Ram Chodhary Indian National Congress
Chohtan None Abdul Hadi Indian National Congress
Sheo None Kan Singh Janata Party
Jaisalmer None Kishan Singh Bhati Janata Party
Shergarh None Khet Singh Indian National Congress
Jodhpur None Birad Mal Singhvi Janata Party
Sardarpura None Madho Singh Janata Party
Sursagar SC Narpat Ram Barwad Indian National Congress
Luni None Ram Singh Vishoni Indian National Congress
Bilara None Ram Narain Indian National Congress
Bhopalgarh None Paras Ram Maderna Indian National Congress
Osian None Ranjeet Singh Indian National Congress
Phalodi None Balkrishan Janata Party
Nagaur None Bansi Lal Janata Party
Jayal SC Mangi Lal Indian National Congress
Ladnun None Harji Ram Janata Party
Deedwana None Mathura Das Indian National Congress
Nawan None Rameshwar Lal Indian National Congress
Makrana None Abdul Aziz Indian National Congress
Parbatsar SC Jeth Mal Indian National Congress
Degana None Ram Raghu Nath Indian National Congress
Merta None Ram Lal Indian National Congress
Mundawar None Ram Deo Indian National Congress

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