1978 FISA Lightweight Championships
VenueLake Bagsværd
LocationCopenhagen, Denmark
Dates3-6 August 1978

The 1978 FISA Lightweight Championships were held in Copenhagen, Denmark from 3 to 6 August 1978. In the history of the World Rowing Championships, 1978 was the only year when the lightweight rowing championships were not held in conjunction with the open men and women event. (Other years in which championships were held separately for lightweights were Olympic years, in which there were no openweight World Championships.) The lightweight finals were raced on 6 August.[1] The event was held at Lake Bagsværd.[2] In 1978, a fourth boat class was added to the event: Lightweight double scull.[3]

Later in 1978, the open event went to the Southern Hemisphere for the first time and was held at Lake Karapiro near Cambridge, New Zealand.[4]

Medal summary

Event: Gold: Time Silver: Time Bronze: Time
LM1x[5]  Spain
José Antonio Montosa Ortega
7:19.54  Denmark
Morten Espersen
7:23.21  United States
William Belden
LM2x[6]  Norway
Pål Børnick (b)
Arne Gilje (s)
6:47.49  Netherlands
Roel Michels (b)
Ed Maan (s)
6:48.83  United States
Stan Depman (b)
Fred Duling (s)
LM4-[7]   Switzerland
Michael Raduner (b)
Thomas von Weissenfluh (2)
Pierre Zentner (3)
Pierre Kovacs (s)
6:33.90  Netherlands
Peter van Berkel (b)
Willem Appeldoorn (2)
Richard Helsloot (3)
Paul Paulsen (s)
6:34.24  Australia
Vaughan Bollen (b)
Peter Antonie (2)
Simon Gillett (3)
Geoffrey Rees (s)
LM8+[8]  Great Britain
Stephen Simpole (b)
Nigel Read (2)
Christopher Drury (3)
Robert Downie (4)
Clive Roberts (5)
Peter Zeun (6)
John Melvin (7)
Anthony French (s)
Colin Moynihan (cox)
5:56.32  Netherlands
Henk van der Kwast (b)
Hans Lycklama (2)
Hans Povel (3)
Bert van Baal (4)
Rob Uilenbroek (5)
Mark Emke (6)
Ton Lucassen (7)
Dick Swenne (s)
J. V. Prooyen (cox)
5:58.76  Australia
Dennis Hatcher (b)
Malcolm Robertson (2)
Phillip Gardiner (3)
Bob Cooper (4)
Lyall McCarthy (5)
Ian Porter (6)
Jeff Sykes (7)
Colin Smith (s)
Adrian Maginn (cox)


Event 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
LM1x  Spain  Denmark  United States  Austria   Switzerland  Norway
LM2x  Norway  Netherlands  United States  France   Switzerland  Italy
LM4-   Switzerland  Netherlands  Australia  Denmark  Great Britain  Spain
LM8+  Great Britain  Netherlands  Australia  Spain  Denmark  West Germany

Great Britain

Three teams from Great Britain competed at the championships.[9]

Event Notes
LM1x N/A no entry
LM2x Daniel Topolski & Ian Wilson 7th overall (won the B final)
L4- Andrew Cusack, Colin Cusack, Roy Wikramaratna, Tony Richardson (Wallingford RC) 5th in A final
L8 Stephen Simpole, Nigel Read, Christopher Drury, Robert Downie, Clive Roberts
Peter Zeun, John Melvin, Anthony French, Colin Moynihan (cox) (London RC)
gold medal in A final


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