1981 Lincolnshire County Council election

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All 76 seats to Lincolnshire County Council
39 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Party Conservative Labour Liberal
Seats won 42 13 10

  Fourth party Fifth party
Party Independent SDP
Seats won 9 2

Lincolnshire County Council election, 1981.png
Map of the results of the election in each division. Colours denote the winning party, as shown in the main table of results.

Council control before election


Council control after election


The 1981 Lincolnshire County Council election was held on Thursday, 7 May 1981, following boundary changes to the county's electoral divisions. The whole council of 76 members was up for election and the election resulted in the Conservative Party retaining control of the council, winning 42 seats.[1]

Results by division

Each electoral division returned one county councillor. The candidate elected to the council in each electoral division is shown in the table below. "Unopposed" indicates that the councillor was elected unopposed.[1]

Electoral Division Party Councillor Votes
Alford & Spilsby Conservative M. Kennedy 967
Alford Coast Liberal P. Morley Unopposed
Bardney & Cherry Willingham Independent E. Bramley 883
Bassingham Rural Conservative W. Wyrill 1,601
Billinghay & Cranwell Conservative Z. Scoley 1,058
Birchwood Liberal D. Templeman 1,111
Bolingbroke Castle Conservative I. Simons 988
Boston Rural South Conservative R. Upsall 858
Boston West Conservative C. Fovargue 1,182
Boultham Labour L. Wells 1,053
Bourne Abbey Conservative D. Fisher 757
Bourne Castle Conservative R. Cliffe 1,011
Caenby Conservative R. Johnson 1,555
Carholme Conservative S. Campbell 952
Cliff Conservative W. Rawson 1,046
Coastal Independent J. Hildred 1,397
Crowland Rural Conservative W. Speechley 1,175
Devon & St Johns Labour H. Harris 1,123
Donington Rural Independent S. Bingham 824
Earlesfield Labour G. Lynch 1,162
East Elloe Conservative J. Fisher Unopposed
Fenside Conservative R. Day 882
Folkingham Rural Conservative B. Lee 1,045
Gainsborough East Liberal R. Rainsforth 1,103
Gainsborough North Conservative J. Bassett 771
Gainsborough South Labour L. Rainsforth 1,056
Gainsborough Rural North Liberal M. French 1,198
Gainsborough Rural South Independent J. Westgarth 1,213
Grantham North Conservative M. Spencer-Gregson 1,622
Grantham South Conservative H. Nadin 1,326
Grantham West Conservative H. Brownlow 1,277
Grimsthorpe Conservative R. Tamplin 1,019
Harrowby Labour E. Davies 1,413
Holbeach Independent T. Tyler Unopposed
Holbeach Fen Conservative D. Mawby Unopposed
Horncastle & Tetford Independent F. Cupit 957
Hough Conservative P. Newton Unopposed
Hykeham Forum Conservative P. Gaul 1,114
Lincoln Abbey Labour J. Robertson 1,283
Lincoln Bracebridge Conservative E. Jenkins 1,105
Lincoln Castle Labour J. Ward 1,203
Lincoln Moorland Labour N. Baldock 891
Lincoln Park Labour T. Rook 914
Longdales Labour D. Miller 1,088
Louth Marsh Conservative J. Libell 1,077
Louth North Conservative C. Bennett 830
Louth Rural North Conservative R. Brooks 707
Louth South Conservative I. Wilkinson 948
Louth Wolds Conservative C. Turner 1,032
Mablethorpe Liberal W. Baker 1,263
Metheringham Social Democrat D. Bates 888
Minster Labour J. Metcalfe 1,252
Nettleham & Saxilby Conservative P. Heneage 1,476
North East Kesteven Conservative F. Marshall 1,325
North Wolds Conservative V. Hudson 1,310
Rasen Wolds Independent W. Hall 1,054
Skegness North Liberal H. Fainlight 1,133
Skegness South Conservative L. Parkes 1,149
Skellingthorpe & Hykeham South Conservative B. Gledhill 764
Skirbeck Labour A. Goodson 1,246
Sleaford Independent E. Robertson 1,255
Sleaford Rural North Conservative T. Hall 1,425
Sleaford Rural South Liberal L. Pinchbeck 1,455
Spalding Abbey Conservative D. Guttridge 858
Spalding North & Weston Conservative R. King 1,188
Spalding North West Social Democrat A. Newton 1,048
Stamford North Conservative W. Simpson 924
Stamford South Liberal M. Belton 1,456
Tattershall Castle Conservative B. Harvey Unopposed
The Deepings Liberal J. Anderson 1,997
Tritton Labour F. Wright 1,146
Wainfleet & Burgh Liberal J. Dodsworth 1,022
West Elloe Conservative G. Walker Unopposed
Witham Independent N. Middlebrook 1,003
Woodhall Spa & Wragby Conservative D. Hoyes Unopposed
Wyberton Conservative S. Budge 1,024


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