1981 NFL Draft
General information
Date(s)April 28–29, 1981
LocationNew York Sheraton Hotel
in New York City
332 total selections in 12 rounds
First selectionGeorge Rogers, RB
New Orleans Saints
Mr. IrrelevantPhil Nelson, TE
Oakland Raiders
Most selections (17)New Orleans Saints
Fewest selections (8)Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Hall of Famers
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1982 →

The 1981 NFL Draft was the procedure by which National Football League teams selected amateur college football players. It is officially known as the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting. The draft was held April 28–29, 1981, at the New York Sheraton Hotel in New York City.[1][2] The league also held a supplemental draft after the regular draft and before the regular season.

For the first time, the top two picks of the draft, running back George Rogers selected by the New Orleans Saints and linebacker Lawrence Taylor picked by the New York Giants, were named Offensive and Defensive Rookies of the Year, respectively.

Player selections

= Pro Bowler [3] = Hall of Famer
* = compensatory selection
= Pro Bowler[3]
= Hall of Famer[4]
Positions key
C Center CB Cornerback DB Defensive back EDGE Edge
DL Defensive lineman DT Defensive tackle FB Fullback FS Free safety
G Guard K Kicker[a] KR Kickoff returner LB Linebacker
LS Long snapper OT Offensive tackle OL Offensive lineman NT Nose tackle
P Punter PR Punt returner QB Quarterback RB Running back
S Safety SS Strong safety TE Tight end WR Wide receiver
  1. ^ Also known as placekicker (PK)
Rnd. Pick No. NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
1 1 New Orleans Saints George Rogers  RB South Carolina Ind. (I-A)
1 2 New York Giants Lawrence Taylor LB North Carolina ACC
1 3 New York Jets Freeman McNeil  RB UCLA Pac-10
1 4 Seattle Seahawks Kenny Easley SS UCLA Pac-10
1 5 St. Louis Cardinals E. J. Junior  LB Alabama SEC
1 6 Green Bay Packers Rich Campbell  QB California Pac-10
1 7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hugh Green  LB Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
1 8 San Francisco 49ers Ronnie Lott CB USC Pac-10
1 9 Los Angeles Rams Mel Owens  LB Michigan Big Ten
from Washington
1 10 Cincinnati Bengals David Verser  WR Kansas Big Eight
1 11 Chicago Bears Keith Van Horne  OT USC Pac-10
1 12 Baltimore Colts Randy McMillan  RB Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
1 13 Miami Dolphins David Overstreet  RB Oklahoma Big Eight
1 14 Kansas City Chiefs Willie Scott  TE South Carolina Ind. (I-A)
1 15 Denver Broncos Dennis Smith  S USC Pac-10
1 16 Detroit Lions Mark Nichols  WR San Jose State PCAA
1 17 Pittsburgh Steelers Keith Gary  DE Oklahoma Big Eight
1 18 Baltimore Colts Donnell Thompson  DT North Carolina ACC
1 19 New England Patriots Brian Holloway  OT Stanford Pac-10
1 20 Washington Redskins Mark May  OT Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
from Los Angeles
1 21 Oakland Raiders Ted Watts  CB Texas Tech SWC
from Houston
1 22 Cleveland Browns Hanford Dixon  CB Southern Miss Ind. (I-A)
1 23 Oakland Raiders Curt Marsh  OT Washington Pac-10
from Buffalo
1 24 San Diego Chargers James Brooks  RB Auburn SEC
1 25 Atlanta Falcons Bobby Butler  CB Florida State Ind. (I-A)
1 26 Dallas Cowboys Howard Richards  OT Missouri Big Eight
1 27 Philadelphia Eagles Leonard Mitchell  DE Houston SWC
1 28 Buffalo Bills Booker Moore  RB Penn State Ind. (I-A)
from Oakland
2 29 New Orleans Saints Russell Gary  SS Nebraska Big Eight
2 30 New York Jets Marion Barber Jr.  RB Minnesota Big Ten
2 31 Seattle Seahawks David Hughes  RB Boise State Big Sky
2 32 New York Giants Dave Young  TE Purdue Big Ten
2 33 St. Louis Cardinals Neil Lomax  QB Portland State Ind.
2 34 Tampa Bay Buccaneers James Wilder Sr.  RB Missouri Big Eight
2 35 Green Bay Packers Gary Lewis  TE Texas–Arlington
2 36 San Francisco 49ers John Harty  DT Iowa Big Ten
from Washington
2 37 Cincinnati Bengals Cris Collinsworth  WR Florida SEC
2 38 Chicago Bears Mike Singletary LB Baylor SWC
from San Francisco
2 39 Minnesota Vikings Mardye McDole  WR Mississippi State SEC
from Baltimore
2 40 San Francisco 49ers Eric Wright  CB Missouri Big Eight
from Chicago
2 41 Kansas City Chiefs Joe Delaney  RB Northwestern State Ind. (I-AA)
2 42 Denver Broncos Clay Brown  TE BYU WAC
2 43 Los Angeles Rams Jim Collins  LB Syracuse Ind. (I-A)
from Miami
2 44 Pittsburgh Steelers Anthony Washington  CB Fresno State PCAA
2 45 Minnesota Vikings Robin Sendlein  LB Texas SWC
2 46 Detroit Lions Curtis Green  DE Alabama State Ind. (Div. II)
2 47 New England Patriots Tony Collins  RB East Carolina Ind. (I-A)
2 48 Oakland Raiders Howie Long DT Villanova Ind.
from Houston
2 49 Buffalo Bills Chris Williams  CB LSU SEC
from Cleveland
2 50 Buffalo Bills Byron Franklin  WR Auburn SEC
2 51 New Orleans Saints Rickey Jackson LB Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
from San Diego
2 52 Minnesota Vikings Jarvis Redwine  RB Nebraska Big Eight
from Los Angeles via Washington and Baltimore
2 53 Dallas Cowboys Doug Donley  WR Ohio State Big Ten
2 54 Atlanta Falcons Lyman White  LB LSU SEC
2 55 Philadelphia Eagles Dean Miraldi  OG Utah WAC
2 56 Miami Dolphins Andra Franklin  RB Nebraska Big Eight
from Oakland vis Los Angeles
3 57 New Orleans Saints Frank Warren  DE Auburn SEC
3 58 Seattle Seahawks Bill Dugan  OG Penn State Ind. (I-A)
3 59 New York Giants John Mistler  WR Arizona State Pac-10
3 60 New York Jets Ben Rudolph  DT Long Beach State PCAA
3 61 St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Griffin  CB Utah WAC
3 62 Green Bay Packers Ray Stachowicz  P Michigan State Big Ten
3 63 Los Angeles Rams Greg Meisner  DT Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
from Tampa Bay
3 64 Cincinnati Bengals John Simmons  CB SMU SWC
3 65 San Francisco 49ers Carlton Williamson  S Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
3 66 Los Angeles Rams Robert Cobb  DE Arizona Pac-10
from Washington
3 67 Chicago Bears Ken Margerum  WR Stanford Pac-10
3 68 Baltimore Colts Randy Van Divier  OT Washington Pac-10
3 69 Washington Redskins Russ Grimm OG Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
from Miami via Los Angeles
3 70 Kansas City Chiefs Marvin Harvey  TE Southern Miss Ind. (I-A)
3 71 New Orleans Saints Hoby Brenner  TE USC Pac-10
from Minnesota
3 72 Detroit Lions Don Greco  OG Western Illinois MCAA
3 73 Pittsburgh Steelers Rick Donnalley  C North Carolina ACC
3 74 Minnesota Vikings Tim Irwin  OT Tennessee SEC
from New England
3 75 Kansas City Chiefs Roger Taylor  OT Oklahoma Big Eight
from Cleveland via Denver
3 76 Buffalo Bills Mike Mosley  WR Texas A&M SWC
3 77 San Diego Chargers Irvin Phillips  CB Arkansas Tech N/A
3 78 Kansas City Chiefs Lloyd Burruss  S Maryland ACC
from Los Angeles
3 79 Houston Oilers Michael Holston  WR Morgan State Ind. (Div. II)
3 80 Atlanta Falcons Scott Woerner  S Georgia SEC
3 81 Dallas Cowboys Glen Titensor  DE BYU WAC
3 82 Philadelphia Eagles Greg LaFleur  TE LSU SEC
3 83 Buffalo Bills Geathers, RobertRobert Geathers  DT South Carolina State MEAC
from Oakland
4 84 Miami Dolphins Greene, SamSam Greene  WR UNLV Ind.
from New Orleans
4 85 New York Giants Clifford Chatman  FB Central State (OK) Ind. (NAIA)
4 86 New York Jets Al Washington  LB Ohio State Big Ten
4 87 Seattle Seahawks Phillips, ScottScott Phillips  WR BYU WAC
4 88 St. Louis Cardinals Steve Rhodes  WR Oklahoma Big Eight
4 89 Tampa Bay Buccaneers John Holt  CB West Texas State MVC
4 90 Washington Redskins Tom Flick  QB Washington Pac-10
from Green Bay
4 91 Dallas Cowboys Scott Pelluer  LB Washington State Pac-10
from San Francisco
4 92 Cleveland Browns Mike Robinson  DE Arizona Pac-10
from Washington
4 93 Cincinnati Bengals Guy Frazier  LB Wyoming WAC
4 94 Baltimore Colts Tim Sherwin  TE Boston College Ind. (I-A)
4 95 Chicago Bears Todd Bell  S Ohio State Big Ten
4 96 Miami Dolphins Wright, BradBrad Wright  QB New Mexico WAC
4 97 Kansas City Chiefs Washington, RonRon Washington  WR Arizona State Pac-10
4 98 Denver Broncos Mark Herrmann  QB Purdue Big Ten
4 99 Detroit Lions Tracy Porter  WR LSU SEC
4 100 Pittsburgh Steelers Robbie Martin  WR Cal Poly CCAA
4 101 Minnesota Vikings John Swain  CB Miami (FL) Ind. (I-A)
4 102 New England Patriots Don Blackmon  LB Tulsa MVC
4 103 San Diego Chargers Amos Lawrence  RB North Carolina ACC
4 104 Los Angeles Rams George Lilja  C Michigan Big Ten
4 105 Green Bay Packers Richard Turner  DT Oklahoma Big Eight
4 106 Houston Oilers Nick Eyre  OT BYU WAC
4 107 San Diego Chargers Eric Sievers  TE Maryland ACC
4 108 Dallas Cowboys Derrie Nelson  LB Nebraska Big Eight
4 109 Atlanta Falcons John Scully  C Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
4 110 Philadelphia Eagles Calvin Murray  RB Ohio State Big Ten
4 111 Oakland Raiders Johnny Robinson  DT Louisiana Tech University Southland
5 112 New Orleans Saints Louis Oubre  OT Oklahoma Big Eight
5 113 New York Jets Tyrone Keys  DE Mississippi State SEC
5 114 Seattle Seahawks Edwin Bailey  OG South Carolina State MEAC
5 115 New York Giants Bill Neill  DT Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
5 116 St. Louis Cardinals John Gillen  LB Illinois Big Ten
5 117 Green Bay Packers Byron Braggs  DT Alabama SEC
5 118 Oakland Raiders James Davis  CB Southern SWAC
from Tampa Bay
5 119 Washington Redskins Dexter Manley  DE Oklahoma State Big Eight
5 120 Cincinnati Bengals Pryor, BenjieBenjie Pryor  TE Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
5 121 San Francisco 49ers Lynn Thomas  DB Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
5 122 San Francisco 49ers Arrington Jones  RB Winston-Salem State CIAA
from Chicago
5 123 Minnesota Vikings Ray, WendellWendell Ray  DE Missouri Big Eight
from Baltimore
5 124 Kansas City Chiefs Todd Thomas  OT North Dakota NCC
5 125 Denver Broncos Ken Lanier  OT Florida State Ind. (I-A)
5 126 Miami Dolphins Ken Poole  DE Northeast Louisiana Ind. (I-A)
5 127 Pittsburgh Steelers Martin, RickyRicky Martin  WR New Mexico WAC
5 128 New Orleans Saints Jerry Boyarsky  DT Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
from Minnesota
5 129 Detroit Lions Larry Lee  OG UCLA Pac-10
5 130 New England Patriots Steve Clark  DT Kansas State Big Eight
5 131 San Diego Chargers Keith Ferguson  LB Ohio State Big Ten
5 132 Washington Redskins Sayre, GaryGary Sayre  OG Cameron Ind. (NAIA)
from L. A. Rams
5 133 Houston Oilers Delbert Fowler  LB West Virginia Ind. (I-A)
5 134 Cleveland Browns Steve Cox  P/K Arkansas SWC
5 135 Buffalo Bills Clark, CalvinCalvin Clark  DE Purdue Big Ten
5 136 Atlanta Falcons Eric Sanders  OT Nevada Big Sky
5 137 Dallas Cowboys Danny Spradlin  LB Tennessee SEC
5 138 Miami Dolphins Tommy Vigorito  RB Virginia ACC
from Philadelphia
6 139 New Orleans Saints Nat Hudson  OG Georgia SEC
6 140 Seattle Seahawks Steve Durham  DE Clemson ACC
6 141 San Diego Chargers Andy Gissinger  OT Syracuse Ind. (I-A)
from N. Y. Giants
6 142 New York Jets John Woodring  LB Brown Ivy
6 143 St. Louis Cardinals Dave Ahrens  LB Wisconsin Big Ten
6 144 New Orleans Saints Johnnie Poe  CB Missouri Big Eight
from Tampa Bay
6 145 New York Giants Mel Hoover  WR Arizona State Pac-10
from Green Bay
6 146 Cincinnati Bengals Rex Robinson  K Georgia SEC
6 147 San Francisco 49ers Pete Kugler  DT Penn State Ind. (I-A)
6 148 Washington Redskins Larry Kubin  LB Penn State Ind. (I-A)
6 149 Baltimore Colts Bubba Green  DT NC State ACC
6 150 Chicago Bears Reuben Henderson  CB San Diego State WAC
6 151 Denver Broncos Lewis, AlvinAlvin Lewis  RB Colorado State WAC
6 152 Miami Dolphins Mack Moore  DE Texas A&M SWC
6 153 Kansas City Chiefs Luckie, DockDock Luckie  DT Florida SEC
6 154 Miami Dolphins Fulton Walker  CB West Virginia Ind. (I-A)
from Minnesota
6 155 Detroit Lions Sam Johnson  DB Maryland ACC
6 156 Pittsburgh Steelers Bryan Hinkle  LB Oregon Pac-10
6 157 New England Patriots Ron Wooten  OG North Carolina ACC
6 158 Los Angeles Rams Daniels, WilliamWilliam Daniels  DT Alabama State Ind. (Div. II)
6 159 Houston Oilers Bill Kay  CB Purdue Big Ten
6 160 Cleveland Browns Ron Simmons  DT Florida State Ind. (I-A)
6 161 Buffalo Bills Robert Holt  WR Baylor SWC
6 162 San Diego Chargers Bobby Duckworth  WR Arkansas SWC
6 163 Dallas Cowboys Vince Skillings  DB Ohio State Big Ten
6 164 Atlanta Falcons Harry Stanback  DT North Carolina ACC
6 165 New York Giants O'Neal, EdwardEdward O'Neal  RB Tuskegee SIAC
6 166 New Orleans Saints Glen Redd  LB BYU WAC
from Oakland
7 167 New Orleans Saints Kevin Williams  WR USC Pac-10
7 168 New York Giants Louis Jackson  RB Cal Poly CCAA
7 169 New York Jets Kenny Neal  DE Iowa State Big Eight
7 170 Seattle Seahawks Ron Johnson  WR Long Beach State PCAA
7 171 St. Louis Cardinals Kevin Donnalley  S North Dakota State NCC
7 172 Green Bay Packers Bill Whitaker  CB Missouri Big Eight
7 173 Dallas Cowboys Ron Fellows  CB Missouri Big Eight
from Tampa Bay
7 174 Philadelphia Eagles Alan Duncan  K Tennessee SEC
from San Francisco
7 175 Los Angeles Rams Ron Battle  TE North Texas State Ind.
from Washington
7 176 Cincinnati Bengals Jeff Schuh  LB Minnesota Big Ten
7 177 Chicago Bears Jeff Fisher  CB USC Pac-10
7 178 Baltimore Colts Obed Ariri  K Clemson ACC
7 179 Miami Dolphins Daum, MikeMike Daum  OT Cal Poly CCAA
7 180 Kansas City Chiefs Billy Jackson  RB Alabama SEC
7 181 Denver Broncos Steve Busick  LB USC Pac-10
7 182 Detroit Lions Lee Spivey  OT SMU SWC
7 183 Pittsburgh Steelers David Little  LB Florida SEC
7 184 Minnesota Vikings Shaver, DonDon Shaver  RB Kutztown (PA) PSAC
7 185 New England Patriots Ken Toler  WR Ole Miss SEC
7 186 Seattle Seahawks Scovill, BradBrad Scovill  TE Penn State Ind. (I-A)
from Hosuton
7 187 Cleveland Browns Eddie Johnson  LB Louisville Ind. (I-A)
7 188 Buffalo Bills Doolittle, SteveSteve Doolittle  LB Colorado Big Eight
7 189 San Diego Chargers Pete Holohan  TE Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
7 190 Los Angeles Rams Mike Clark  DE Florida SEC
7 191 Dallas Cowboys Ken Miller  CB Eastern Michigan MAC
7 192 Philadelphia Eagles Doak Field  LB Baylor SWC
7 193 Houston Oilers Washington, DonDon Washington  DB Texas A&I LSC
from Oakland
8 194 New England Patriots Naber, KenKen Naber  K Stanford Pac-10
from New Orleans
8 195 New York Jets Jones, LloydLloyd Jones  WR BYU WAC
8 196 Seattle Seahawks Eric Lane  RB BYU WAC
8 197 New York Giants Powers, JohnJohn Powers  OG Michigan Big Ten
8 198 St. Louis Cardinals Mike Fisher  WR Baylor SWC
8 199 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Denver Johnson  OT Tulsa MVC
8 200 Green Bay Packers Werts, LarryLarry Werts  LB Jackson State SWAC
8 201 Washington Redskins Charlie Brown  WR South Carolina State MEAC
8 202 Cincinnati Bengals Bobby Kemp  S Cal State Fullerton PCAA
8 203 San Francisco 49ers White, GarryGarry White  RB Minnesota Big Ten
8 204 Baltimore Colts Sitton, KenKen Sitton  DB Oklahoma Big Eight
8 205 Chicago Bears Zettek, ScottScott Zettek  DT Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
8 206 Kansas City Chiefs Dorn, DavidDavid Dorn  WR Rutgers Ind. (I-A)
8 207 New York Giants Mark Reed  QB Minnesota State–Moorhead N/A
from Denver
8 208 Miami Dolphins William Judson  CB South Carolina State MEAC
8 209 Pittsburgh Steelers Wilson, FrankFrank Wilson  RB Rice SWC
8 210 Minnesota Vikings Wade Wilson  QB East Texas State LSC
8 211 Detroit Lions Bob Niziolek  TE Colorado Big Eight
8 212 New England Patriots Lin Dawson  TE NC State ACC
8 213 New York Jets J. C. Watts  QB Oklahoma Big Eight
from Cleveland
8 214 New Orleans Saints Gladys, GeneGene Gladys  LB Penn State Ind. (I-A)
from Buffalo
8 215 New Orleans Saints Evans, KevinKevin Evans  DB Arkansas SWC
from San Diego
8 216 Los Angeles Rams Art Plunkett  OT UNLV Ind.
8 217 Houston Oilers Willie Tullis  WR Troy State Gulf South
8 218 Dallas Cowboys Paul Piurowski  LB Florida State Ind. (I-A)
8 219 Atlanta Falcons Cliff Toney  DB Auburn SEC
8 220 Baltimore Colts Hosea Taylor  DT Houston SWC
from Philadelphia
8 221 New York Giants Billy Ard  OG Wake Forest ACC
from Oakland
9 222 New Orleans Saints Toussaint Tyler  RB Washington Pac-10
9 223 Seattle Seahawks Jim Stone  RB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
9 224 New York Giants Byron Hunt  LB SMU SWC
9 225 New York Jets Admiral Dewey Larry  DB UNLV Ind.
9 226 St. Louis Cardinals Stump Mitchell  RB The Citadel SoCon
9 227 Green Bay Packers Tim Huffman  OT Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
9 228 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mike Ford  QB SMU SWC
9 229 Cincinnati Bengals Jim Hannula  OT Northern Illinois MAC
9 230 Cincinnati Bengals Samoa, SamoaSamoa Samoa  RB Washington State Pac-10
from San Francisco
9 231 Washington Redskins Darryl Grant  OG Rice SWC
9 232 Chicago Bears Ditta, FrankFrank Ditta  OG Baylor SWC
9 233 Baltimore Colts Gooch, TimTim Gooch  DT Kentucky SEC
9 234 Denver Broncos Rusty Olsen  DE Washington Pac-10
9 235 Miami Dolphins Noonan, JohnJohn Noonan  WR Nebraska Big Eight
9 236 Seattle Seahawks Whatley, JimJim Whatley  WR Washington State Pac-10
from Minnesota
9 237 Kansas City Chiefs Vereen, TonyTony Vereen  DB Southeastern Louisiana Ind. (I-AA)
9 238 Detroit Lions Hugh Jernigan  DB Arkansas SWC
9 239 Pittsburgh Steelers James Hunter  OT USC Pac-10
9 240 Detroit Lions Dave Martin  CB Villanova Ind.
from New England
9 241 Buffalo Bills Robb Riddick  RB Millersville (PA) N/A
9 242 Los Angeles Rams Ron Seawell  LB Portland State Ind.
9 243 Houston Oilers Avon Riley  LB UCLA Pac-10
9 244 Cleveland Browns Randy Schleusener  OG Nebraska Big Eight
9 245 Atlanta Falcons Calvin Fance  RB Rice SWC
9 246 Dallas Cowboys Mike Wilson  WR Washington State Pac-10
9 247 Philadelphia Eagles Chuck Commiskey  C Ole Miss SEC
9 248 Oakland Raiders Curt Mohl  OT UCLA Pac-10
10 249 New Orleans Saints Hokie Gajan  RB LSU SEC
10 250 New York Giants Barber, MikeMike Barber  DT Grambling State SWAC
10 251 New York Jets Marty Wetzel  LB Tulane Ind. (I-A)
10 252 Seattle Seahawks Dawson, KenKen Dawson  RB Savannah State SIAC
10 253 St. Louis Cardinals Mallard, JamesJames Mallard  WR Alabama SEC
10 254 Tampa Bay Buccaneers McCune, KenKen McCune  DE Texas SWC
10 255 Green Bay Packers Nickie Hall  QB Tulane Ind. (I-A)
10 256 Baltimore Colts Gerken, GreggGregg Gerken  LB Northern Arizona Big Sky
10 257 Washington Redskins Kessel, PhilPhil Kessel  QB Northern Michigan AMCU
10 258 Cincinnati Bengals Simpson, HubertHubert Simpson  RB Tennessee SEC
10 259 Baltimore Colts Trent Bryant  DB Arkansas SWC
from San Francisco
10 260 Chicago Bears Tim Clifford  QB Indiana Big Ten
10 261 Miami Dolphins Steve Folsom  TE Utah WAC
10 262 Kansas City Chiefs Les Studdard  OG Texas SWC
10 263 St. Louis Cardinals Joiner, JimJim Joiner  WR Miami (FL) Ind. (I-A)
10 264 Detroit Lions Andy Cannavino  LB Michigan Big Ten
10 265 Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Mayock  S Boston College Ind. (I-A)
10 266 Minnesota Vikings James Murphy  WR Utah State Big West
10 267 Washington Redskins Allan Kennedy  T Washington State Pac-10
10 268 San Diego Chargers Parham, RobertRobert Parham  RB Grambling SWAC
10 269 Los Angeles Rams Robert Alexander  RB West Virginia Ind. (I-A)
10 270 Houston Oilers Jones, LarryLarry Jones  RB Colorado State WAC
10 271 Cleveland Browns Dean Prater  DE Oklahoma State Big Eight
10 272 Buffalo Bills Justin Cross  T Western State (CO) RMAC
10 273 Dallas Cowboys Graham, PatPat Graham  DT California Pac-10
10 274 Atlanta Falcons Murphy, RobertRobert Murphy  DB Ohio State Big Ten
10 275 Philadelphia Eagles Hubie Oliver  RB Arizona Pac-10
10 276 Oakland Raiders Frank Hawkins  RB Nevada Big Sky
11 277 New Orleans Saints Mickens, LesterLester Mickens  WR Kansas Big Eight
11 278 New York Jets Gall, EdEd Gall  DT Maryland ACC
11 279 Seattle Seahawks Olander, LanceLance Olander  RB Colorado Big Eight
11 280 San Diego Chargers Petrzelka, MattMatt Petrzelka  T Iowa Big Ten
11 281 St. Louis Cardinals Sherrod, MikeMike Sherrod  TE Illinois Big Ten
11 282 Green Bay Packers Valora, ForrestForrest Valora  LB Oklahoma Big Eight
11 283 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Smith, Johnny RayJohnny Ray Smith  DB Lamar Southland
11 284 Washington Redskins Hill, JerryJerry Hill  WR North Alabama Gulf South
11 285 Cincinnati Bengals Robert Jackson  DB Central Michigan MAC
11 286 San Francisco 49ers DeBose, RobRob DeBose  TE UCLA Pac-10
11 287 Chicago Bears Johnson, LonnieLonnie Johnson  RB Indiana Big Ten
11 288 Baltimore Colts Smith, HoldenHolden Smith  WR California Pac-10
11 289 Kansas City Chiefs Frank Case  DE Penn State Ind. (I-A)
11 290 Denver Broncos Walker, PatPat Walker  WR Miami (FL) Ind. (I-A)
11 291 Miami Dolphins Jim Jensen  QB Boston University Yankee
11 292 Pittsburgh Steelers Rick Trocano  QB Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
11 293 Minnesota Vikings Knourek, BrentBrent Knourek  FB Oregon State Pac-10
11 294 Detroit Lions Jackson, WillieWillie Jackson  DB Mississippi State SEC
11 295 New England Patriots Buckley, BrianBrian Buckley  QB Harvard Ivy
11 296 Los Angeles Rams Marcellus Greene  DB Arizona Pac-10
11 297 Houston Oilers Matthews, ClaudeClaude Matthews  OG Auburn SEC
11 298 Cleveland Browns Larry Friday  DB Mississippi State SEC
11 299 Buffalo Bills Buster Barnett  TE Jackson State SWAC
11 300 San Diego Chargers Carlos Bradley  LB Wake Forest ACC
11 301 Atlanta Falcons Chappelle, KeithKeith Chappelle  WR Iowa Big Ten
11 302 Dallas Cowboys Morrison, TimTim Morrison  OG Georgia SEC
11 303 Philadelphia Eagles Davis, GailGail Davis  DT Virginia Union CIAA
11 304 Oakland Raiders Chester Willis  RB Auburn SEC
12 305 New Orleans Saints Jim Wilks  DT San Deigo State WAC
12 306 Seattle Seahawks Bednarek, JeffJeff Bednarek  DT Pacific PCAA
12 307 New York Giants Maher, MikeMike Maher  TE Western Illinois MCAA
12 308 New York Jets Moeller, MikeMike Moeller  T Drake MVC
12 309 St. Louis Cardinals Adams, JoeJoe Adams  OG Nebraska Big Eight
12 310 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Brad White  DT Tennessee SEC
12 311 Green Bay Packers Cliff Lewis  LB Southern Miss Ind. (I-A)
12 312 Cincinnati Bengals O'Connell, MarkMark O'Connell  QB Ball State MAC
12 313 San Francisco 49ers Ogilvie, MajorMajor Ogilvie  RB Alabama SEC
12 314 Washington Redskins Clint Didier  TE Portland State Ind.
12 315 Baltimore Colts Eric Scoggins  LB USC Pac-10
12 316 Chicago Bears Shupryt, BobBob Shupryt  LB New Mexico WAC
12 317 Denver Broncos Hankerd, JohnJohn Hankerd  LB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
12 318 Miami Dolphins Alford, JohnJohn Alford  DT South Carolina State MEAC
12 319 Kansas City Chiefs Bob Gagliano  QB Utah State Big West
12 320 Minnesota Vikings Williams, BrianBrian Williams  TE Southern SWAC
12 321 Denver Broncos Robinson, MandelMandel Robinson  RB Wyoming WAC
12 322 San Francisco 49ers Joe Adams  QB Tennessee State Ind.
from Pittsburgh
12 323 New England Patriots Cris Crissy  DB Princeton Ivy
12 324 Houston Oilers Bill Capece  K Florida State Ind. (I-A)
12 325 Cleveland Browns McGill, KevinKevin McGill  T Oregon Pac-10
12 326 Buffalo Bills Clark, KeithKeith Clark  LB Memphis State Ind. (I-A)
12 327 San Diego Chargers Charles, StacyStacy Charles  WR Bethune–Cookman MEAC
12 328 Los Angeles Rams Jairo Penaranda  RB UCLA Pac-10
12 329 Dallas Cowboys Lundy, NateNate Lundy  WR Indiana Big Ten
12 330 Atlanta Falcons Mark McCants  DT Temple Ind. (I-A)
12 331 Philadelphia Eagles Ray Ellis  DB Ohio State Big Ten
12 332 Oakland Raiders Nelson, PhilPhil Nelson  TE Delaware Ind. (I-AA)

Supplemental draft

Rnd. Pick No. NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
1 New Orleans Saints Dave Wilson  QB Illinois Big Ten
11 New England Patriots Chy Davidson  WR Rhode Island Yankee

Hall of Famers

Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1998.[6]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1999.[6]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2000.[7]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2000.[7]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2010.[8]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2010.[8]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2017.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2022 (posthumous).

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler[3] = Hall of Famer
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Atlanta Falcons Jeff Brockhaus  K Missouri Big Eight
Atlanta Falcons Blane Gaison  DB Hawaii WAC
Atlanta Falcons Floyd Hodge  WR Utah WAC
Atlanta Falcons Mick Luckhurst  K California Pac-10
Atlanta Falcons Stan Talley  P TCU SWC
Baltimore Colts Dave Shula  WR Dartmouth Ivy
Buffalo Bills Joe Bock  C Virginia ACC
Buffalo Bills Mike Humiston  LB Weber State Big Sky
Buffalo Bills Mark Roopenian  DT Boston College Ind. (I-A)
Chicago Bears Leslie Frazier  CB Alcorn State SWAC
Chicago Bears Jay Hilgenberg  C Iowa Big Ten
Cleveland Browns Bill Hill  CB Rutgers Ind. (I-A)
Cleveland Browns Sam Mills LB Montclair State NJSAC
Dallas Cowboys Michael Downs  S Rice SWC
Dallas Cowboys Joey Hackett  TE Elon SAC
Dallas Cowboys Angelo King  LB South Carolina State MEAC
Dallas Cowboys Ron Spears  DE San Diego State WAC
Dallas Cowboys Everson Walls  CB Grambling State SWAC
Dallas Cowboys Steve Wright  OT Northern Iowa MCAA
Denver Broncos Steve Trimble  DB Maryland ACC
Green Bay Packers Rick Kehr  OG Carthage CCIW
Green Bay Packers Greg Knafelc  QB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
Green Bay Packers David Petway  S Northern Illinois MAC
Green Bay Packers Randy Scott  LB Alabama SEC
Houston Oilers Rich Karlis  K Cincinnati Ind. (I-A)
Kansas City Chiefs Deron Cherry  S Rutgers Ind. (I-A)
Los Angeles Rams Marcus Anderson  WR Tulane Ind. (I-A)
Los Angeles Rams Jeff Kemp  QB Dartmouth Ivy
Miami Dolphins Rodell Thomas  LB Alabama State Ind. (Div. II)
New England Patriots Rich Camarillo  P Washington Pac-10
New England Patriots Tim Ross  LB Bowling Green MAC
New England Patriots John Tautolo  OG UCLA Pac-10
New Orleans Saints Monte Bennett  DT Kansas State Big Eight
New Orleans Saints Victor Jackson  DB Bowie State CIAA
New Orleans Saints Steve Parker  DE Eastern Illinois MCAA
New Orleans Saints Frank Wattelet  S Kansas Big Eight
New York Giants Leon Bright  RB Florida State Ind. (I-A)
New York Giants Jim Burt  DT Miami Ind. (I-A)
Oakland Raiders Paul Davis  LB North Carolina ACC
Philadelphia Eagles Greg Brown  DT/DE Kansas State Big Eight
Philadelphia Eagles Frank Giddens  T New Mexico WAC
Philadelphia Eagles Chuck Pitcock  OG Tulane Ind. (I-A)
Philadelphia Eagles Jay Repko  TE Ursinus MAC
Pittsburgh Steelers David Trout  K Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
San Francisco 49ers Matt Bouza  WR California Pac-10
San Francisco 49ers Rick Gervais  S Stanford Pac-10
San Francisco 49ers Jim Looney  LB Purdue Big Ten
San Francisco 49ers Milt McColl  LB Stanford Pac-10
Seattle Seahawks Greg Gaines  LB Tennessee SEC
Seattle Seahawks Paul Johns  WR Tulsa MVC
Seattle Seahawks Gregg Johnson  DB Oklahoma State Big Eight
Seattle Seahawks Eugene Rowell  DT Dubuque IIAC
Seattle Seahawks Harry Sydney  RB Kansas Big Eight
Seattle Seahawks Mike Tice  TE Maryland ACC
Washington Redskins Mel Kaufman  LB Cal Poly CCAA
Washington Redskins Joe Jacoby  OT Louisville Ind. (I-A)
Washington Redskins Dave Smigelsky  P Virginia Tech Ind.
Washington Redskins Herb Spencer  LB Newberry SAC


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