1989 NCAA Division I
Baseball Tournament
Finals site
ChampionsWichita State (1st title)
Runner-upTexas (25th CWS Appearance)
Winning coachGene Stephenson (1st title)
MOPGreg Brummett (Wichita State)

The 1989 NCAA Division I Baseball Tournament was played at the end of the 1989 NCAA Division I baseball season to determine the national champion of college baseball. The tournament concluded with eight teams competing in the College World Series, a double-elimination tournament in its forty third year. Eight regional competitions were held to determine the participants in the final event. Each region was composed of six teams, resulting in 48 teams participating in the tournament at the conclusion of their regular season, and in some cases, after a conference tournament.[1] The forty-third tournament's champion was Wichita State, coached by Gene Stephenson. The Most Outstanding Player was Greg Brummett of Wichita State.


The opening rounds of the tournament were played across eight regional sites across the country, each consisting of a six-team field. Each regional tournament is double-elimination, however region brackets are variable depending on the number of teams remaining after each round. The winners of each regional advanced to the College World Series.

Bold indicates winner.

Atlantic Regional

at Tallahassee, FL[2][3]

Round 1Round 2QuarterfinalsSemifinalsFinal
Florida State13
Rider7Florida State8
South Florida1
Clemson6Florida State7
Clemson7Florida State8
South Florida3Clemson13Clemson11

South Regional

at Starkville, MS[1][4]

Round 1Round 2QuarterfinalsSemifinalsFinal
Mississippi State8
Western Carolina0Mississippi State11
Nicholls State2
Jacksonville3Mississippi State1
Indiana State2North Carolina2
Jacksonville3North Carolina07
North Carolina8Mississippi State61
North Carolina8Mississippi State11
Nicholls State4Jacksonville4Indiana State2
Western Carolina3Indiana State9
Indiana State10

Northeast Regional

at Waterbury, CT[1][5][6]

Round 1Round 2QuarterfinalsSemifinalsFinal
Le Moyne0
Le Moyne7Illinois2
George Washington2
Arizona State0
Arizona State5
George Washington0
Arizona State15Le Moyne5
Penn7Arizona State2
Illinois1Le Moyne4
Le Moyne18

Central Regional

at College Station, TX[1][7]

Round 1Round 2QuarterfinalsSemifinalsFinal
Texas A&M23
Jackson State3Texas A&M25
LSU12Texas A&M17
UNLV10South Alabama5
LSU4Texas A&M54*
South Alabama6LSU135*
South Alabama11*South Alabama5
Jackson State2UNLV8

West I Regional

at Tucson, AZ[1][8]

Round 1Round 2QuarterfinalsSemifinalsFinal
Eastern Kentucky6Arizona17
Loyola Marymount2Long Beach State10
Oklahoma4Long Beach State10
Long Beach State11Arizona3
Long Beach State14Arizona13
Hawaii7Oklahoma5*Loyola Marymount4
Eastern Kentucky3Loyola Marymount6*
Loyola Marymount9

West II Regional

at Fresno, CA[1][9]

Round 1Round 2QuarterfinalsSemifinalsFinal
Wichita State4
Portland0Wichita State12
Fresno State9Wichita State5
Notre Dame8Michigan14
Fresno State3Michigan25
Michigan5Wichita State39
Michigan4Wichita State6
Pepperdine3Fresno State11Fresno State4
Portland6*Notre Dame4
Notre Dame8*

Midwest Regional

at Austin, TX[1][10]

Round 1Round 2QuarterfinalsSemifinalsFinal
New Orleans0Texas11
Oklahoma State6Texas8
Sam Houston State5Oklahoma State7
Oklahoma State8*Texas9
Western Michigan3*New Orleans3
Western Michigan9Oklahoma State2
USC8Western Michigan5New Orleans3
Sam Houston State4New Orleans6
New Orleans8

East Regional

at Gainesville, FL[1][11]

Round 1Round 2QuarterfinalsSemifinalsFinal
Miami (FL)7
Georgia Tech9
Miami (FL)3Georgia Tech16*
East Carolina6
East Carolina6
Florida7Miami (FL)4
Georgia Tech4Miami (FL)10
Miami (FL)9

College World Series


Seeding School Conference Record (Conference) Head Coach CWS Appearances CWS Best Finish CWS Record
1 Florida State Metro 52–16 (14–4) Mike Martin 9
(last: 1987)
(1970, 1986)
2 Texas SWC 51–17 (14–7) Cliff Gustafson 24
(last: 1987)
(1949, 1950, 1975, 1983)
3 Miami (FL) n/a 48–16 (n/a) Ron Fraser 10
(last: 1988)
(1982, 1985)
4 Wichita State MVC 63–15 (13–5) Gene Stephenson 2
(last: 1988)
5 Arkansas SWC 50–14 (17–4) Norm DeBriyn 3
(last: 1987)
6 LSU SEC 53–15 (18–9) Skip Bertman 2
(last: 1987)
7 Long Beach State Big West 50–13 (17–4) Dave Snow 0
(last: none)
none 0–0
8 North Carolina ACC 41–16–1 (15–4) Mike Roberts 3
(last: 1978)


The teams in the CWS were divided into two pools of four, with each pool playing a double-elimination format. For the second time since the College World Series began in 1947, the series was not a true double elimination tournament. Instead, the winners of the two pools met in a single National Championship game. Texas came out of its pool with no losses. Wichita State came out of its pool with one loss. Wichita State defeated Texas in the Championship game. Because each team only had one loss, in the championships prior to 1988, the teams would have played a winner-take-all game for the championship. Therefore, when Texas lost the championship game, rather than play another game for the championship, Wichita State was crowned champion. This new format was adopted for television reasons for the final game. Later, the format was switched to a best of three series in 2003.


First round Second round Semifinals Finals
1 Florida State 4
8 North Carolina 2
1 Florida State 4
4 Wichita State 2
4 Wichita State 3
5 Arkansas 1
1 Florida State 4 9
4 Wichita State 7 12
8 North Carolina 3
5 Arkansas 7
5 Arkansas 4
4 Wichita State 8
4 Wichita State 5
2 Texas 3
2 Texas 7
7 Long Beach State 1
2 Texas 12
3 Miami (FL) 2
3 Miami (FL) 5
6 LSU 2
2 Texas 12
6 LSU 7
7 Long Beach State 5
6 LSU 8
6 LSU 6
3 Miami (FL) 3

Game results

Date Game Winner Score Loser Notes
June 2 Game 1 Florida State 4–2 North Carolina
Game 2 Wichita State 3–1 Arkansas
June 3 Game 3 Texas 7–1 Long Beach State
Game 4 Miami (FL) 5–2 LSU
June 4 Game 5 Arkansas 7–3 North Carolina North Carolina eliminated
Game 6 LSU 8–5 Long Beach State Long Beach State eliminated
June 5 Game 7 Florida State 4–2 Wichita State
Game 8 Texas 12–2 Miami (FL)
June 6 Game 9 Wichita State 8–4 Arkansas Arkansas eliminated
Game 10 LSU 6–3 Miami (FL) Miami eliminated
June 7 Game 11 Wichita State 7–4 Florida State
June 8 Game 12 Texas 12–7 LSU Louisiana State eliminated
June 9 Game 13 Wichita State 12–9 Florida State Florida State eliminated
June 10 Final Wichita State 5–3 Texas Wichita State wins CWS

All-Tournament Team

The following players were members of the All-Tournament Team.

Position Player School
P Greg Brummett (MOP) Wichita State
Jim Newlin Wichita State
C Eric Wedge Wichita State
1B David Lowery Texas
2B Rocky Rau Florida State
3B Craig Newkirk Texas
SS Pat Meares Wichita State
OF Jim Audley Wichita State
Arthur Butcher Texas
Todd Dreifort Wichita State
DH Scott Bryant Texas

Notable players


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