An independence referendum was held in Nagorno-Karabakh on 10 December 1991.[1] It was approved by 99.98% of voters.[1]

The referendum was conducted according to the “Temporary Regulation on the Conduct of a Referendum in the Nagorno Karabakh Republic” that came into force on November 27, 1991 during the session of the Nagorno Karabakh Council of People’s Deputies. Trilingual ballot papers were sent to all parts of Nagorno Karabakh, including the Azerbaijani-populated settlements, with a question: “Do you agree that the proclaimed Nagorno Karabakh Republic be a sovereign state, to independently determine the forms of cooperation with other states and communities?”. It would be considered a pass if at least the two-third of voters with a turnout of at least 50% voted for it. From 132.328 citizens eligible to vote, 108.736 citizens, or 82,2% of the registered voters took part in the Referendum, with 108.615 people (99,89 %) voting “for” the independence, 24 (0,02 %) voting “no” and 96 ballot papers considered invalid. The referendum was boycotted by the region's Azerbaijani population, which then constituted 20% of the entire population. A group of independent observers following the course of the Referendum presented their conclusion in the Act on the results of the Referendum. The voting process was covered by reporters from Russia and France, and a number of other periodicals and agencies, as well as TV channels of Russia, the US, and Bulgaria. On the day of the Referendum, Stepanakert, and other Armenian settlements, came under fire with 10 civilian deaths 11 wounded reported. [2]

Neither the 1991 referendum nor the one that followed in 2006 were recognised as legitimate abroad. Nagorno-Karabakh continued to be internationally considered as de jure part of Azerbaijan. [3]


Choice Votes %
For 108,615 99.98
Against 24 0.02
Invalid/blank votes 95
Total 108,736 100
Registered voters/turnout 132,328 82.17
Source: Direct Democracy

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