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XI Pan American Games
Host cityHavana, Cuba
Events329 in 33 sports
OpeningAugust 2
ClosingAugust 18
Opened by
StadiumEstadio Panamericano
1987 Indianapolis 1995 Mar del Plata

The 1991 Pan American Games were held in Havana, Cuba from August 2 to August 18, 1991. There were 4,519 athletes from 39 countries of the PASO community, with events in 33 different sports. The main stadium was the Estadio Panamericano, a multi-use stadium in Havana that holds 50,000 people.

Host city election

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Havana was the only non-withdrawn bid to host the 1991 Pan American Games. At the Pan American Games (ODEPA) Assembly, from November 12 to 14, 1986, in Bridgetown, Barbados, Mar del Plata withdrew its bid, leaving Havana as the winner to host the Games.[1] London, Ontario, Canada also submitted a bid, but withdrew from the bid process due to the federal government prohibiting all funding from any international multi-sport events (aside from the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics).[2]

Participating nations


Medal table

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1 Cuba (CUB)1406263265
2 United States (USA)13012597352
3 Canada (CAN)224659127
4 Brazil (BRA)21213779
5 Mexico (MEX)14233875
Totals (5 nations)327277294898


Topocan, the mascot of the games
Topocan, the mascot of the games

The 1991 Games' mascot named Tocopan, was a combination of the country's national bird "Tocororo" and the first three letters of Panamerican.


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