The 1992 AFL draft is the annual draft of talented players by Australian rules football teams that participate in the main competition of that sport, the Australian Football League. It consisted of the main national draft, the pre-season draft and the trade period.[1]

In 1992 there were 124 picks to be drafted between 15 teams in the main national draft.

1992 mid-season draft

There was a mid-year draft held during the 1992 season. Players recruited in this draft were able to take their places in their AFL clubs in the latter part of the 1992 season, although not all chose to do so.

Pick Player Recruited from New club
1 John Parker Frankston Bombers Brisbane Bears
2 Greg Doyle Dandenong Melbourne
3 Ian Herman Carlton Richmond
4 Tim Perkins North Adelaide North Melbourne
5 Dwaine Kretschmer Glenelg Sydney Swans
6 Jim West Sydney Swans Adelaide
7 Kane Batzloff Southern Stringrays Essendon
8 Greg Lochhead University Blues Hawthorn
9 David Johnston Essendon Fitzroy
10 Brent Heaver Epping Carlton
11 James McLure Geelong Collingwood
12 Garry Merritt Tatura St Kilda
13 Damian Hampson Carlton West Coast Eagles
14 Andrew MacNish Subiaco Geelong
15 Julian Shanks Williamstown Footscray
16 Brad Pearce South Launceston Brisbane Bears
17 Matthew Febey Rochester Melbourne
18 Andrew Tarpey Sandringham Richmond
19 Mark Attard Eastern Ranges North Melbourne
20 Peter Baldwin North Hobart Sydney Swans
21 Andrew Geddes Strathmerton Adelaide
22 John McNamara Geelong Essendon
23 Michael Blood Old Melburnians Hawthorn
24 Justin Clarkson Ormond Carlton
25 Ian McMullin Essendon Collingwood
26 Stephen Edgar Carlton St Kilda
27 Mark Ballan Western Jets Geelong
28 Brian McInnes Williamstown Footscray
29 Brian Stanislaus North Launceston Brisbane Bears
30 Tim Livingstone Box Hill Richmond
31 Paul McMaster Essendon Sydney Swans
32 Alan Schwartz Essendon Adelaide
33 Eric Lissenden North Melbourne Essendon
34 Kevin O'Donnell Springvale Hawthorn
35 David Glascott Carlton Carlton
36 Daniel Tramontana Northern Knights Collingwood
37 Darren King Southern Stringrays Geelong
38 Adam Aherne North Launceston Brisbane Bears
39 Daryn Cresswell North Hobart Sydney Swans
40 Daniel Winkel Southern Stringrays Essendon
41 Anthony McDonald Coburg Hawthorn
42 Darren Fraser Collingwood Collingwood
43 Brett Sherriff Devonport Brisbane Bears
44 Paul Atkins Burnie Hawks Sydney Swans
45 Mark Garthwaite Essendon Essendon
46 Travis St Clair Kangaroo Flat Hawthorn
47 Jon Hassall Collingwood Collingwood
48 Stephen Pears Perth Sydney Swans
49 Nick Probert Prahran Collingwood


Player Traded from Traded to
Dion Scott Sydney Brisbane
Paul Peos West Coast Brisbane
Paul Spargo North Melbourne Brisbane
Scott Watters West Coast Sydney
Jayson Daniels St Kilda Sydney
Ed Considine Essendon Sydney
Dean McRae North Melbourne Sydney
Richard Ambrose Essendon Sydney
Tony Begovich West Coast Sydney
Tony Malakellis Geelong Sydney
Michael Werner Essendon Sydney
John Blakey Fitzroy North Melbourne
Dean Laidley West Coast North Melbourne
Adrian Campbell Footscray Melbourne
Tim Powell Richmond Carlton
Darren Baxter Footscray Hawthorn
Tim Allen St Kilda Hawthorn
Dean Anderson Hawthorn St Kilda
Ian Aitken Carlton St Kilda
Chris Wittman Hawthorn St Kilda
Luke Beveridge Melbourne Footscray
Liam Pickering North Melbourne Geelong
Darren Steele North Melbourne Geelong
Leigh Tudor North Melbourne Geelong
Matthew Robran Hawthorn Adelaide
Stuart Wigney Sydney Adelaide
James Manson Collingwood Fitzroy
John McCarthy North Melbourne Fitzroy

1992 national draft

Draft tampering

The 1992 draft suffered from three high-profile cases of draft tampering involving highly rated South Australian players: No. 6 selection Robert Pyman, No. 10 selection Brett Chalmers, and No. 13 selection Andrew McKay. Prior to the draft, all three players contacted AFL clubs which they did not want to play for, and told those clubs that they would remain in South Australia if drafted by them; at the time, the players could still play a respectable career and earn reasonable money in the SANFL, and would be tied to the AFL club that drafted them for only three years (after which they could re-enter the draft and be selected by another club), so they held a bargaining position to make these demands. However, this action was contrary to the rules, as it circumvented the fairness of the draft.

The most serious offence was by Chalmers, who had contacted most clubs in an effort to ensure that only Collingwood would draft him. He was fined $30,000, and was made ineligible to play for Collingwood for three years;[2] he never played a senior game for Collingwood, but later played for Adelaide and Port Adelaide. McKay and Pyman, who had warned only the AFL's struggling clubs (Sydney, Brisbane Bears, Richmond and Fitzroy) against drafting them, but had not contrived to end up at a specific club, were fined only $10,000 and were permitted to continue playing for their new clubs.[3] Brisbane Bears zone selection Nathan Buckley and the North Melbourne Football Club were also forced to defend accusations that they had come to a draft-tampering agreement for Buckley to later be traded to North Melbourne, but after a long and costly legal battle both parties were found not guilty.[4]


Justin Leppitsch was drafted by the Brisbane Bears with the number four pick.
Justin Leppitsch was drafted by the Brisbane Bears with the number four pick.
Pick Player Recruited from New club
1 Drew Banfield Subiaco West Coast
2 Nathan Chapman Kangaroo Flat (VCFL) Brisbane
3 Michael Prior East Perth Essendon
4 Justin Leppitsch Southern (U18) Brisbane
5 Jason Spinks South Fremantle Sydney
6 Robert Pyman Woodville-West Torrens North Melbourne
7 Wayne Hernaman South Fremantle Richmond
8 Paul Symmons West Perth West Coast
9 Martin Pike Norwood Melbourne
10 Brett Chalmers Port Adelaide Collingwood
11 Jonathon Robran Norwood Hawthorn
12 Tony Delaney Claremont Essendon
13 Andrew McKay Glenelg Carlton
14 Nick Holland Nth Adelaide Hawthorn
15 Damian Houlihan Corowa (VCFL) Collingwood
16 Brodie Atkinson Nth Adelaide St Kilda
17 Kym Koster South Adelaide Footscray
18 Leigh Colbert South Bendigo (VCFL) Geelong
19 Lee Walker East Perth West Coast
20 Scott Cummings Swan Districts Essendon
21 Shane Bond Port Adelaide West Coast
22 Mark Jones Norwood Richmond
23 Warren Campbell South Fremantle North Melbourne
24 Brett Jeffrey Boort Melbourne
25 John Barker Northern (U18) Fitzroy
26 Martin McKinnon Central District Adelaide
27 Kieran Murrihy Geelong (U18) Essendon
28 Jamie Tape Woodville-West Torrens Richmond
29 Sam Phillipou Woodville-West Torrens Footscray
30 Paul Ridley Subiaco Collingwood
31 Shane Wakelin Port Adelaide St Kilda
32 Peter Quill East Fremantle Footscray
33 Corey Robertson Burnie Hawks Geelong
34 Travis Burton Subiaco West Coast
35 Scott Robinson Norwood Sydney
36 Tim Sherman Geelong (U18) Brisbane
37 Matthew Rogers South Adelaide Richmond
38 David Deighton Westbrook North Melbourne
39 Matthew Kluzek Woodville-West Torrens Melbourne
40 Michael Dunstan South Fremantle Fitzroy
41 Brook Fogden West Adelaide Adelaide
42 Che Cockatoo-Collins Port Adelaide Essendon
43 Adrian Whitehead Wodonga (VCFL) Carlton
44 Chris Gerreyn Claremont Hawthorn
45 Scott Thompson Subiaco Collingwood
46 Matthew Jackson Centrals Dragons St Kilda
47 Dillon Flavell South Bendigo (VCFL) Footscray
48 Andrew Osborn South Adelaide Geelong
49 Jarrad Schofield Subiaco West Coast
50 Andrew Donnelly Subiaco Sydney
51 Adam Williamson Centrals Dragons Brisbane
52 Paul Bulluss Woodville-West Torrens Richmond
53 Mathew Moon Centrals Dragons North Melbourne
54 Daniel Clark West Brisbane Melbourne
55 Matthew Capuano Geelong (U18) North Melbourne
56 Matthew Powell South Adelaide Adelaide
57 Russell Williams South Fremantle Essendon
58 Chris Peel Swan Districts Carlton
59 Scott Allen Portarlington Footscray
60 Tim Scott-Branagan Centrals Dragons) Collingwood
61 Luke Raynor Geelong (U18) Carlton
62 Damien Ryan Footscray Footscray
63 Mathew McMurray Perth Geelong
64 Tony Godden Subiaco West Coast
65 Gerard Power Northern (U18) Geelong
66 Aaron Lord Centrals Dragons Brisbane
67 Brady Leckie West Perth Richmond
68 Travis Miller Warragul Fitzroy
69 Scott Simister Springvale Melbourne
70 Danny Morton Nth Adelaide Fitzroy
71 Mathew Aston Geelong (U18) Sydney
72 Mathew Wadewitz South Adelaide Essendon
73 Tony Plym Golden Square Carlton
74 Tim Hargraeves Berrigan Hawthorn
75 Chris Batka Subiaco Collingwood
76 Hugh Reimers Central District St Kilda
77 Brad Copeland Western (U18) Footscray
78 Damien Crowe De La Salle Geelong
79 Brett Spinks South Fremantle West Coast
80 Stephen Newport Melbourne St Kilda
81 Michael Murphy Adelaide Brisbane
82 Robert Schaefer Sturt Richmond
83 Jeremy Silcock East Perth North Melbourne
84 Damien Gaspar South Fremantle Melbourne
85 Tristan Lynch Sale Collingwood
86 Sam Smart Norwood Adelaide
87 Damien Hardwick Springvale Essendon
88 Troy Bond Port Adelaide Carlton
89 Hamish Stewart Glenelg Hawthorn
90 Scott Burns Norwood Collingwood
91 Jeremy McVay Eastern (U18) St Kilda
92 Daniel Southern Claremont Footscray
93 Adam Shanahan South Bendigo Geelong
94 Rhys Croxford Claremont West Coast
95 Scott Direen New Norfolk Sydney
96 Trent Mills South Adelaide Brisbane
97 John Howat Melbourne Richmond
98 Adrian McAdam South Alice Springs North Melbourne
99 Jeff Hilton St Kilda Melbourne
100 Troy Davies Devonport Fitzroy
101 Troy Hull Port Adelaide Sydney
102 Jason Bell Red Cliffs Essendon
103 Ben Harrison Devonport Carlton
104 Andrew Kemp West Adelaide Hawthorn
105 Julian Waite Port Adelaide Collingwood
106 Craig Treleven East Fremantle St Kilda
107 Gary Barrow Footscray Footscray
108 Bryan Beinke Port Adelaide Geelong
109 David Muir Claremont West Coast
110 Jeff Chandler North Melbourne North Melbourne
111 Michael Gaffney Port Adelaide Sydney
112 Ben Careless Glenorchy Richmond
113 Damon Armstrong Moama North Melbourne
114 Richard Marr Central District Fitzroy
115 Paul Whelan Ainslie (ACT) Footscray
116 Michael Godden West Adelaide Adelaide
117 Vince Cappadona Geelong (U18) Essendon
118 Scott Spalding Perth Carlton
119 Scott Morrison St Kilda St Kilda
120 Troy Olsen Port Adelaide Collingwood
121 Ben Ellinghaus Melbourne Grammar Hawthorn
122 Damon Munt Norwood Melbourne
123 Marty Christensen North Melbourne North Melbourne
124 Brayden Lyle Port Adelaide West Coast

1993 pre-season draft

Pick Player Recruited from New club
1 Richard Osborne Fitzroy Sydney
2 Brendan McCormack Fitzroy Brisbane
3 Paul Bryce Melbourne Sydney
4 Adrian Fletcher St Kilda Brisbane
5 John Hutton Brisbane Sydney
6 Martin Heffernan Geelong Brisbane
7 Stuart Steele Hawthorn U19s Richmond
8 Greg Eppelstun Footscray North Melbourne
9 Glenn Freeborn Woodville-West Torrens Football Club Melbourne
10 Mark Zanotti Brisbane Fitzroy
11 Darryl Wakelin Port Adelaide Adelaide
12 Tim Watson West Coast Essendon
13 Andrew Leoncelli Old Xaverians Carlton
14 Robert Walker Richmond Hawthorn
15 Barry Mitchell Sydney Collingwood
16 Mark Arceri Carlton St Kilda
17 Anthony Darcy Geelong Footscray
18 Mathew McMartin Colac Geelong
19 Brendon Retzlaff Brisbane West Coast
20 Ben Doolan Sydney Essendon
21 Ryan Humphreys Subiaco Sydney
22 Craig McRae Glenelg Brisbane
23 Chris Bond Carlton Richmond
24 Paul Geister Central District North Melbourne
25 Ivan Bartul Sth Fremantle Melbourne
26 Adam Sheridan St Mary's (NT) Fitzroy
27 Josh Mail North Adelaide Adelaide
28 Lachlan Ross West Adelaide Essendon
29 Damien Sheehan Port Adelaide Carlton
30 Mark Bunn Fitzroy Hawthorn
31 Brett James Norwood Collingwood
32 Martin Heppell Carey Grammar St Kilda
33 Brad Nicholson Eastern (U18) Footscray
34 Shane Crothers Grovedale (VCFL) Geelong
35 Travis Edmonds Hawthorn West Coast
36 Darren Mead Port Adelaide Brisbane
37 Simon Verbeek Carlton Richmond
38 Brendan Bower Essendon North Melbourne
39 Mathew McKay Melbourne Melbourne
40 Brett Rowe Nth Brisbane Fitzroy
41 Nick Pesch Woodville West Torrens Eagles Adelaide
42 Brad Fox Essendon Essendon
43 Matthew Penny Box Hill (VFA) Carlton
44 Austin McCrabb Hawthorn Hawthorn
45 Kent Butcher Geelong Collingwood
46 Chris Hollow Dandenong (VFA) St Kilda
47 Craig Ellis Western (U18) Footscray
48 Mark Ballan Geelong Geelong
49 Brendon Green Claremont West Coast
50 Julien Waite Port Adelaide Brisbane
51 Simon Eishold Melbourne Richmond
52 Rodney McKay North Melbourne North Melbourne
53 Paul Prymke SA Eagles Melbourne
54 James Saywell Central District Fitzroy
55 Simon Pedler Port Adelaide Adelaide
56 Brendon Duncan Western (U18) Essendon
57 Chris O'Dwyer Sydney Carlton
58 Guy Rigoni Myrtleford (VCFL) Hawthorn
59 Jason Williams Williamstown (VFA) Collingwood
60 Darren Bourke Dandenong (VFA) St Kilda
61 Daniel Fletcher Geelong (U18) Geelong
62 John Klug Adelaide Brisbane
63 Tim Livingstone Box Hill Richmond
64 Darren Tarczon Carlton North Melbourne
65 Nick Mitchell St Bernards Fitzroy
66 Darren Bartsch West Adelaide Essendon
67 Kevin Holmes Claremont Carlton
68 Andrew Tranquilli Marcellin Collingwood
69 Leigh Capsalis Keysborough (VMFL) St Kilda
70 Shayne Breuer SA Eagles Geelong
71 Julian Burton Port Adelaide Brisbane
72 Adam Jones Richmond Richmond
73 Simon Farrer Stawell (VCFL) Fitzroy
74 Christian Davidson Old Collegians Carlton
75 Terry Board Brisbane Collingwood
76 Nick Hanson Sandringham (VFA) St Kilda
77 Damon Lukins Claremont Geelong
78 Danny Craven St Kilda Brisbane
79 Greg Wootton South Fremantle St Kilda
80 David Niemann Woodville-West Torrens Eagles St Kilda
81 Jason Mifsud Mortlake (VCFL) St Kilda


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